hey everyone, this is Kerry with an update on rhiana and the boys! i got to talk to her yesterday and she sounded great [but tired!] and everything with her c-section went well- no complications, aside from the fact that it took them an hour to get her spinal in. she said that was the worst! she is in love with her boys and is so glad to finally have them here! here are some more pictures!

the proud momma with callum on the left and taylor on the right

taylor with his grandpa

taylor metz

callum lee

callum lookin' at us! ;)

They're Here!

hi everyone! this is Kerry and rhiana asked me to update here for her, to share the good news with you all!

she gave birth to her two lovely boys this morning- callum and taylor are finally here!! in all the excitement i totally forgot to ask her what time they were born and who came first, but here are some pictures she sent me from her cell phone, that she wanted me to share with you guys!

i'm sure i'll make another update for her when i talk to her again and get some more pictures from her, but in the meantime, she wanted everyone to see her beautiful boys!

The night before!

eeeee, ok so in 45 minutes i can't eat or drink anything.
this time tomorrow i will have met my little guys!
i'm nervous and excited.
oh my goodness oh my goodness.

well this will be my last post for a bit!
my friend will post with details when i get them to her.
i have my bag mostly packed. i have a list on the dry erase board of other things to finish up packing in the morning.
i am trying to just pretend like it's any other night but i'm having a hard time doing that.
nervous nervous nervous.
not nervous to meet my guys....but nervous for the while csection part.
i know it will all be good. it'll be fine.
talk to you all in a few days!

my first babies.

i'm sorry.
i can't sleep and i have nervous energy but don't feel like packing....then i'd have to think about being in the hospital.

so i will bring you....pictures of my puppies.

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Piglet & Minnie

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Minnie on our ugly couch.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My little Piggy also known by her given name Olivia

I worry about them. I hope that they adjust ok.
I know Pig really will care less about the babies because she is just so laid back and ok with just doing her own thing....as long as she can lay under the blankets somewhere.
Minnie on the other hand was a rescue and requires a lot of attention. I hope that we can still give her enough attention that she doesn't feel slighted.
it's getting ready to storm.
lots of flash flood warnings across the screen for other counties.

we went and saw talladega nights today. it was pretty funny...and probably the last time we'll get out to a movie for a little while.

i'm nervous.
josh started making his list of to do while i'm in the hopsital since he said he's sure he won't be able to sleep.

i found our duffle bag and have some things to pack, like a robe, slippers, camera, brush, toothbrush, cell phone charger....uhhhh i dunno.
i know i asked this before.
but i totally forgot....and i don't really want to overpack.
of course a to wear home outfit.
i guess i don't care if i end up wearing a hospital gown the whole time i'm there....i can bleed and mess up their sheets and pjs.
i am still debating whether or not to pack specific baby coming home outfits or not.
i guess i can always make josh bring something to the hospital if i change my mind.

i do HAVE to go and wash sheets and blankets tomorrow at the laundry mat.
i just realized that if i do pump and use the bottles we have i should sterilize those....and then realized that we have nowhere to store said bottles.

we totally need more shelving...for our kitchen...and for our bathroom.
we need so much more storage.

i am just freaking out and feeling really overwhelmed.

i'm scared for tuesday too.
not too bad.....but a bit nervous.

37 weeks 5 days

Only a couple more days to go! eeeep.
I couldn't sleep last night so I stayed up on the bathtub til around 1am or so. I brought the book about twin pregnancy and the first year of twins. I was reading through what you look like this week and this week....and it stopped at 34-36 weeks and jumped right to post partum and delivery.
So apparently according to even this book I should be done by now!!
I got the transfer cable from my mom's tonight......so I have pictures of the naked belly for everyone's viewing *pleasure* ?
So warning.....pregnany stretch marked belly ahoy.
I tried to crop out my gross looking mirror in most of the pictures.
Man I need to windex.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
another sort of front on picture. the babies haven't "dropped" really so the bottom of my belly is sort of saggy which is really weird.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the other side view

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
sideview kinda up close.

these stretch marks are driving me insane. they ITCH so BAAAAAAAAD.

so there we have it.
went to my mom's today. picked up all the baby stuff i had left over there the other night that i didn't get a chance to wash. she was lovely and washed every bit of it. she also bought me a robe to wear in the hospital to cover my butt and washed that too.
got to see my aunt and cousin while i was there. i picked up the camera that i am borrowing from my sister.....but of course my mom didn't know where the transfer cable was....so for now i have a camera, and a way to charge it but no way to get the pictures off.
my mom and i went and returned some outfits to the children's store that i didn't like very much....wow that place is pricey. i got two little hoodies in different colors, two sleepers and two little hats and spent all of the money put back on the gift card. then, mom decided we would go to lunch at the cheesecake factory at the mall. it was fabulous! she also decided that i shouldn't walk far and had the car valeted when we got to the mall to begin with. she really knows how to spoil me these last few days!
we shared chicken pot stickers for appetizers and i got the lunch portion of the cobb salad which was SOOO good. i love their cobb salad. mom got the thai chicken and that was delicious as well. we both got cheesecake to go.
i just finished mine up. yummy banana creme cheesecake....i always get that when i get the chance to go there. it's my favorite.

i still have all our blankets and sheets to launder......maybe tomorrow or monday i suppose.

josh and i are going to see talladega nights tomorrow for a matinee while we still have the chance to get out just the two of us for a movie (without needing to get a sitter)

i really woke up on the wrong side of the bed today but my mom really helped change that.
she is so excited to be a grandma soon. it's so cute. it really has given me a whole new respect for her and for floyd and all that they did for us as kids.

I can NOT stop scratching my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!
it's driving me insane.
i have lubed it up a million times today.
my stretch marks are so red and raised it's ridiculous.
i am going to rip off my skin i swear.
I had my last doctor's appointment today.
They did another ultrasound to check their scores, no weights or anything.
They passed with flying colors and said that Callum still does look smaller than Taylor. The tech said that Taylor looks like he has tons of hair!
So we're all set for Tuesday. I'm getting more and more anxious and nervous.
I'll just keep not thinking about it til the ride to the hospital Tuesday morning.
I still have cleaning and arranging to do at home of course. I am just too tired to bother right now.
My stretch marks are all raised and itching like hell today.
I need a nap.

37 weeks 2 days

needless to say i'm at work again today.
i called my doctor's office yesterday to send over something saying i would be out starting today...and they never called me back....my boss was in and out all day and the accounting lady left early and i have some things i have to go over with her before i go.
so TODAY is my last day. no matter what.
my feet really do feel like they're broken. not the bottoms of them, the tops of my feet feel like they're broken. it hurts if water sprays on them in the shower and it kills to wear shoes.
i have pig feet. they're huge.
we went to my mom's last night and did laundry and i hung out in mom's hottub. it was lovely. she lowered the temp for me starting the night before so it was about 91 in there. i've taken hotter baths...but the jets on my back and my feet were amazing. it was nice to feel weightless.
josh hung out with floyd in the garage for most of our time and played with floyd's new welder he bought so they can do some body work on his classic car he has in the garage.
only FIVE more days to go! oh my goodness!
i haven't started having dreams about yet.....i had dreams about other people having surgery...so that's weird.
i actually slept really good last night. i went to bed with josh when we got home around 10:30 or so and it was great to sleep until almost 3 or so before i got up to pee.
doc appointment tomorrow for another and last ultrasound and visit with the doc.

37 weeks!

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this time next week i will have two babies! i'll be in the hospital hopefully out of the recovery room and in my own post room.
i can't believe it.

i totally overdid it last night. we went grocery shopping to superwalmart and by the end of the walking all i could do was cry. everything was sore and i felt like my tail bone was breaking.
that was no fun.
poor josh had to bring up all the groceries by himself and put them all away. i was ordered to go lay on the couch, which for once i listened and layed down and cried.
i can't wait for this pain to be done and to move on to other things!

so here i am at work today...trying to figure out what i want to eat for lunch...and if i want to go and look around a store for baby stuff....since i am obsessed...that and i know i won't be getting out much after next week....for a while anyway.
i'm still upset i can't go to the fair :( and going to walmart last night totally put that into concrete.
i have far too much pride to use an electric cart.
i'm stubborn as hell.

i still have a shit ton of laundry to do. weeee.
and i need to bathe the dogs so they aren't staying at my mom's smelling like they do.

this is it...we're in the home stretch. and probably will be the longest 7 days of my life.
I feel like i am sleeping completely awake.
i cannot wake up today.
i am not looking forward to grocery shopping...except for the fact that i will have an unlimited supply of my very own drumsticks in the freezer....instead of walking to the corner store to buy them.

i walked up to the corner store last night to buy the said giant drumstick and it was an amazingly beautiful night. i wish it didn't hurt so much to walk.
the cicadas were loud as hell...but it was breezy and beautiful. the sunday concert in the park by our apartment was going on, so walking down the street to the store i heard the cicadas and some sort of jazzy rock music and with the wind blowing through my hair...it was just an amazing walk.
nights like that remind me why i LOVE living here and don't miss florida weather for one second.

i still can't get over the fact that in EIGHT days i will have two sons. not just a baby. but TWO sons. two little guys.
i can't believe it. it's just amazing. terrifying and amazing.
I am so bored.
i couldn't sleep until about 1 last night. still got up a million times.
josh had to get up at his regular 5am to go to work and take a welding test and he got home at noon. i was up at 9am and hung with the dogs, ate a bunch, watched tv and then showered and had every intention of going out. fell asleep on the couch in my towels after the shower and then finally got up and got dressed. when josh got home we both fell asleep again until about 5:30 on the couch and then went and got some food at the irish pub molly malone's. the fish and chips were delicious and i sniffed his guiness.
i could barely walk back the car...the pressure of the boys was killing me.
so.......we came home....i took off my makeup i put on that lasted all of like an hour or so, put on my pjs and josh went and got me a drumstick from the gas station. we watched bullshit on tv and i got upset and cried in the bathroom because i am so bored....but too tired and sore to do a goddamn thing anyway.
i need to go and buy all the stuff to stock my diaper bag with.
i am still having that feeling of being so unprepared.
the boy's room is still in complete disarray.
more laundry to do. blah blah blah.
hopefully tomorrow is more productive.
The appointment went well. Callum is still behind on his measurements. They didnt' seem too concerned about it. I think because he is still behind Taylor they aren't getting "proper" measurements anyway. Callum's approximate weight was 5lbs 9oz and Taylor's was 6lbs 3oz. Either way I am happy that they are both way over 5 and doing great. They both got 8 out of 8 on their scoring. Which I am guessing means that they are moving and breathing and doing everything that they expect them to be doing. I forgot to remember what their heartbeats were...but they were in normal range as well. My ultrasound took all of about 15 minutes and then I got to hang out in the waiting room for nearly an hour and a half to see the doctor...and another about 20 minutes in the room waiting for the doctor to see me. Needless to say I was pretty pissed by the time I got out of there today. My feet were huge from sitting without them up and I could barely get my shoes on when I went to leave the room from seeing the doctor. She said I still look good and they are happy with my blood pressure and everything else. yay for 11 days to go. I can't take much longer.

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Taylor's Profile

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Callum's Profile
can't sleep, what's new?
my feet feel like they are going to explode. all i wanted was a foot rub and i couldn't even get one. josh tried and i felt like my foot was going to pop. it hurt too much.
all i can keep thinking is 12 days to go. and i'm getting real nervous.
i mean this is surgery, but i will have something wonderful at the end of it. but, i'm still scared.
i've started having nightmares about it.
i am still tired of working and still sticking it out.
i need to go and renew my tags tomorrow at the county clerk. since i only have these 12 days of being mobile. it needs to be done before the end of the month.

watched our usual supernova, josh went to bed, i watched project runway......some animal cops. they found this stray cat and tracked the microchip, the cat belonged to a lady in florida...they found the cat in san francisco! the cat had been missing from its home in florida for SEVEN years. the owner and her daughter flew to cali to get the cat. there are some great people out there. i would have passed out if i got that call i think! for seven years they had no clue what happened to their pet and then all of a sudden a call out of nowhere.

anywho...back to watching sex and the city reruns.

36 weeks!

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Here's where we are today!
I can't believe I'm at 36 weeks.
I'm totally exhausted. I refused to do laundry yesterday and scrounged for an outfit for work today and brought our clothes to the laundry mat and dropped them off, $20 for the 20 something pounds of clothes....but well worth me not having to bend over and do any of it myself. The boy's room is still in total disarray. I have so many things to go through in there. The futon is covered in clothes that I need to go through and put in bags and bring to goodwill.
Two more weeks exactly. On August 29th I'll be in the OR right now getting sliced....or getting sewn back up rather.

my feet hurt and I've lost my sense of humor

we had a good weekend. got a lot of things done. got the stroller and bouncy seats put together. we did a lot of rearranging (we meaning josh moved everything i apologized for not being to help). we got our little library nook all set up. i love it.
the house is semi uncluttered and it makes me feel much better. we got the other window unit from my mom's saturday and got that put in yesterday (you like how i use this we so freely) haha.
i still have things to return to target....and more things to buy. i still feel unprepared. tomorrow will be exactly two weeks to go! holy!

i got some birthday money in the mail....so that was pretty awesome. we hung out with kristen & jesse on saturday and that was fun. i totally overdid it and we walked a lot on saturday....needless to say my legs feel like hell now. it hurts a ton to walk.
we went to st. joe's church picnic.....it's this orphanage that's been having picnics for like 150 years to raise money for the orphans.....basically it's a lot of food, gambling and drinking. so we walked around....played some dime and quarter games and people watched. goodness do they all come out of the woodwork in kentucky for things like that. it was really amusing! haha.

we of course have tons of laundry to do.........which i SO don't want to deal with.
last time we dropped our clothes off at the laundry and paid them per pound to do it all. maybe we'll do that again. but, we have sheets and blankets and stuff to wash this time too.
i just hate sitting at the laundry mat....and i hate folding.
so maybe if i can scrounge a work outfit together for tomorrow we'll make them wash our clothes anyway.
ok...i'm rambling now.
i want to go home and sleep.
this is me officially pouting that i can't go to the kentucky state fair :(
it starts on the 17th i think....and goes to the end of the month. too bad it hurts for me to even walk around a store now.
i won't get to go and see all the animals.
although.....josh did bring up a good point...that at least next year we will have almost one year olds to bring to see all the pigs, chickens, llamas, cows and such.

i never ride on fair rides....because as i've gotten older i've gotten paranoid....and just more aware at how unstable those things are.
but....i do wish i could at least go and get a GIANT corndog! and maybe a fried snickers.

ok i guess i'm done pouting.

i went at lunch to try and find some slip on sandals that would fit my big fat feet.
i didn't find anything.

i did walk around all the baby stuff at marshalls....didn't find anything there either.
although a boppy was only $15 there....i may go back and get one and then get a cover that i like.
I had a good doctor visit.
The ultrasound lady gave the boys 8 out of 8. They are doing everything that they should be.
They had heartbeats of 130 and 140. I still have one breech. The appointment on the 29th is still a go.
I paid $30 for a stupid FMLA form to be filled out. I was pissed when I saw it was just basic information I could have filled out and had them sign. Grrrrrrr.
Oh well.
We didn't get measurements today. So, I'm not sure what their estimated weights are this week. But, of course I have another appointment scheduled for next Friday for more sonograms and another doc visit.
I am meeting now solely with the doctor that will be doing my c-section. I like her.
I asked her questions about breastfeed and meeting with a lactation consultant. She said each room is equipped with a pump so I will be able to use it while I am in the hospital and they will direct me where I can go to rent a pump until I am able to get to WIC. I already talked to the WIC lady and she seemed really helpful. She told me to make sure to tell them that I had twins..which they should know....but that I am going to need the hospital grade one to keep up my supply.
I asked the doc about their procedures on circumcision and whether or not they give a local. My mom really wanted to make sure that they would be given something. I feel bad for not having thought of that sooner.
They are happy with my weight gain...which is now only about 28 pounds total. She was really happy with my blood pressure and my protein levels. She said that I am making this look too easy! haha.
I told her I could complain more if she wanted.
I asked her about my feet since they have been SO awfully swollen. She said that since my BP is fine and my protein is as well...it's just normal swelling...no pre-eclampsia.
So that's that!!
I do have some sonogram pictures to share! Taylor was the only one cooperative this time and she got tons of great pictures of his face. We only got one of Callum and that is of his hand. He wasn’t up for picture taking today!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Taylor’s cutie face!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
More of Taylor

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The one of Callum’s fist!
well it seems that i may be able to breastfeed after all.
my boobs leaked last night and left lovely stains on my nightgown. the lady from WIC breastfeeding said that you don't start leaking colostrum until after you give birth because that's when you release the hormones that tell your body it's good to go.

so here is where my sort of dilemna sets in i guess. with twins i will probably need to pump at some point, because of lack in supply or whatever else can happen. i can't afford one of those fancy pumps because they are over $200 and really.......i just don't have that to throw around. so. i guess i'll get a hand pump for the beginning. but, i wonder what they'll have me do at the hospital. should i take out my nipple piercings before i go in for my c-section so that they can try and latch while i'm in the hospital. i just don't know what to do about it. i figured if i was just pumping that i could keep them in. i know the doctors will tell me to take them out, well because of course i should do whatever i need to do for the boys.

i need to find someone who has piercings and breastfed as well.

sorry, i'm just thinking out loud i guess.

i have an appointment today at 12:30 for ultrasound and a visit with the doc.

i wish i could be taken out of work. i am sooooo tired and it hurts to walk anymore.
i'm really trying to hang in there though. 19 more days til my scheduled date!

my birthday

Today is my 28th birthday.
I have to admit that it feels so different.
I have to ask my mom if this is how birthdays feel once you are or are going to be a mom.
Things just feel different. I don't have that selfish feeling wondering what I am getting or what we're doing. My focus has totally shifted.
Joshua woke me this morning with a kiss and hug and a Happy Birthday before he left for work. I love that man. I am really emotional today. Just thinking about how happy I am to be where I am on this birthday makes me cry.
I got a package in the mail from Kerry today with clothes for the boys that are just adorable...and the card and my birthday card made me cry. I am just so thankful for where I am. I don't have the time to selfishly pout about what is going to happen on my birthday this year. I am too busy being so thankful.

I went out to my car this morning and sitting in my passenger seat was a living dead doll. I love those dolls....and the Apple dolls. I have two Apple dolls that Josh has gotten me. And he put my new doll to wait in the car for me and wish me happy birthday. She has a birthday song on the outside of her box. I gotta love a man that is secure enough to buy me dolls that he knows will be displayed in our house.

35 weeks!!

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Here's where we are today!

I am hoping for some baby droppage soon. They are so *up* in my ribs it's become so uncomfortable.

I stayed up last night until after midnight watching too much tv. I love Gene Simmons and his family.
His son is ridiculously tall...and I can't believe his daughter is only 13...thank goodness I'm not having girls.

We went shopping for groceries at Super Walmart last night. Needless to say my left ankle is so damn swollen...I have never seen it so fat. It actually hurt to walk because of how fat it was. The klutz that I am dropped a can of juice on my toe...on that foot and cut my toe open...that was fun.
The bottoms of my feet hurt from walking. I am just exhausted.
Josh thinks it's absolutely adorable that I am totally waddling now.
I told him to shut it.
I am so incredibly tired but i can't sleep.
we actually got to hang out with everyone last night. that was really nice to see everybody.
we all met up the coffee shop and hung out out front and then moved on to the ice cream place and coffee shop where we could all sit and talk. i haven't seen some of the people since before i was pregnant...so that was trippy for them.
they were all surprised at how i'm not so much bigger with two.

we put together our swing last night...and checked out the co-sleeper to see how hard it will be to put together.
i ordered the sheets for it but they won't get here apparently til after the 21st. i ordered us a bottle sterilizer since our dishwasher sucks ass and doesn't have hot water running to it. we have scumlords apparently.

i got all of the boy's clothes that i have so far, recieving blankets, towels, sheets, burp rags, and wash rags cleaned today...they are all folded and put away. i put sheets on both the cribs and put the little baby's first pooh in each of the cribs. it felt good to get somethings ready.
i have a couple of things that i need to return to target and some that i may want to just exchange.
i want to go to babies r us and see if i can find some more outfits.....or something that i can bring the boys home in. we have SOOOO many 0-3 month onesies.
i want to see if i can find some cute little halloween costumes too.

i am SO tired.

my birthday is this week. i couldn't think of anything i wanted when josh asked. all i have on the brain is baby stuff.
i think i know what he got me though! hehe..

we had some awesome food today at my mom's. when we got there my mom warmed up some sausage gravy that floyd made earlier and made us biscuits...oh goodness they were good.
we stayed there all day with the dogs doing laundry and just hanging out and then stayed for dinner as well.
damn i miss floyd's cooking.

this show intervention makes me so sad.

damnit i need to sleep.
so not fun to spend the evening in L&D. i had to get another shot of brethine. i had contractions coming every five minutes. the nurse checked my cervix, which by the way was fucking awful....she says i was just a fingertip dilated. the babies were great on the monitors. their heartbeats were great. callum continued to kick at the monitors the entire time. he hates those things.
now i feel like i am on speed again and i am clenching my jaw something awful.
i'm not sure if i'm gonna go into to work tomorrow. i don't see sleep in my future right now.
poor josh had a migraine of course while we went to l&d he got to deal with that.
what fun.
what a great night.
so a slight panic has set in.
i went to the doctor and the ultrasound went well.
both babies passed with flying colors, they were happy with everything they were checking on. they wanted to see certain movements and see them practicing breathing....that all went well.
we have Taylor weighing in at around 5lbs 3oz and Callum weighing somewhere around 4lbs 12oz. Callum's weight could be off because they couldn't get very good shots of his head or femur bones.
He was hiding behind Taylor but is above him...they are all twisted up in there.
So since we still have one breech and the other not.......we scheduled the c-section. this is where the panic sets in! oh my goodness. now if everything continues as it is right now i know my boy's birthday will be August 29th!
the doctor asked me if i was still working and was surprised that i said yes. she asked if i wanted a note for her to limit my hours or take me out totally. i told her not really....since i am doing alright...just sort of exhausted. but i need the money for now. so, at least i know i have the option to ask next week if i am dying.
my cervix is still closed up tight.
holy crap i am carrying around 10 pounds of baby!
i'm so excited and nervous at the same time!
looks like we're having little virgos.

34 weeks

Here is where we are today!!!!

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My mom sent me a few of the shower on Saturday.
So here we are, three pictures from Saturday.
Good lord I am looking huge!!!
And, nevermind my silly faces in two of them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Good old sideways view!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Standing next to the food table. I have a weird crooked smile going on.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
From Left to Right. My sister Ashley, Me, my sister Shannon, and my Mommy!

34 weeks

Taylor decides that we start every morning with hiccups! haha.
Today they are really strong ones....poor little guy!
Not only does he have to be squashed under his brother....but he always gets the hiccups...and squashed when i lean forward.
Those french toast sticks were delicious though.
Appointment at 12:30 today!
I can't believe I'm at 34 weeks already! It seems like time just flew. Not that I wasn't counting the weeks down, which sometimes made it feel so slow. But, wow!
I tried to put together the organizer thing we bought at Target last night. Needless to say I ended up throwing a fit and Josh came in to finish it and realized that I had put some of the parts together wrong. No wonder why I was having such a hard time with the damn thing.
I woke up literally EVERY hour and a half from when I went to bed until I woke up this morning.
Apparently my body is getting me ready.