well it seems that i may be able to breastfeed after all.
my boobs leaked last night and left lovely stains on my nightgown. the lady from WIC breastfeeding said that you don't start leaking colostrum until after you give birth because that's when you release the hormones that tell your body it's good to go.

so here is where my sort of dilemna sets in i guess. with twins i will probably need to pump at some point, because of lack in supply or whatever else can happen. i can't afford one of those fancy pumps because they are over $200 and really.......i just don't have that to throw around. so. i guess i'll get a hand pump for the beginning. but, i wonder what they'll have me do at the hospital. should i take out my nipple piercings before i go in for my c-section so that they can try and latch while i'm in the hospital. i just don't know what to do about it. i figured if i was just pumping that i could keep them in. i know the doctors will tell me to take them out, well because of course i should do whatever i need to do for the boys.

i need to find someone who has piercings and breastfed as well.

sorry, i'm just thinking out loud i guess.

i have an appointment today at 12:30 for ultrasound and a visit with the doc.

i wish i could be taken out of work. i am sooooo tired and it hurts to walk anymore.
i'm really trying to hang in there though. 19 more days til my scheduled date!