Wordless Wednesday



Happy Home and Full Hearts

Its funny how things work themselves out sometimes.
I wont lie and say that the road behind us hasn’t been hard. It’s definitely had its challenges.
But thankfully things really do seem to just work out. I’m definitely a worrier by nature.
I worry about everything. I’ve tried to not “sweat the small stuff”, but somehow I still seem to even when I’m consciously trying to do just that.
We’ve had a bit of a rough year.
But it’s also been peppered with lots of good things as well. These are what I need to remember when I start having a melt down.
We have a roof over our heads, even if the rent is behind. We have electricity, even if we have to go without to make sure that bill is paid.
We may not have a million dollar home, but what we do have is HOME.
It’s filled with love and family. It may be a total nuthouse from time to time, but it’s our nuthouse.
We both are hard working people, we both work full time and hold down the same job for the past number of years. Josh goes to school full time, which he will be graduating from in December!
We’re so proud of him. As of his last quarter that had just ended he’s received a 4.0 6 out of the 7 quarters that he’s been in school.
I have to remember to think of all of the things I am incredibly lucky to have.
Things aren’t perfect, they never really are. But, my heart is full and that always puts me at ease.

Single Weekend

I've been putting off getting my only two wisdom teeth removed for years.
I've finally been in enough pain to just get it over with.
I also had the boys all by myself this weekend.
Joshua had a bachelor party weekend for just the guys at a lakehouse.
It was definitely a hard weekend. I can't say that I ever look forward to being a single parent.
I have the utmost respect for women who do it.
I really can't imagine having to do it all by myself.
The boys were actually really good for me, but being the only person for them to call on made for a very tired mommy at the end of the day.
I tried to keep our weekend fun instead of just staying around the house.
We went to my sister and brother in law's house on Friday night.
Their Aunt Ashley hangs the moon to them.
They got to listen to some good music from "They Might Be Giants" They have some great songs for kids, a lot about science and they have awesome animated videos that the boys really enjoyed. They also got to play video games for the first time ever.
Ashley let them play her XBox and they had a blast playing a Spiderman game.
They don't quite get the whole hand eye coordination, but they really tried and had so much fun running around and shooting webs.
Saturday we went to Chic Fil A for dinner so they could run around the play area. It's a great space for kids to play in, but it smells like dirty socks and is in a sound proof box, so the noise is deafening for the parents sitting inside watching the kids.
We opted to go to Cherokee Park instead and play outside for a while before heading home.
We're spending our Sunday at my parents house and playing their Wii. We skipped nap today and the decision for Taylor has meant lots of break downs today.
Callum is his usual happy go lucky self. He's such an easy kid for the most part.

My mouth is still very sore from having my teeth removed and that's made for a difficult weekend as well. I'm definitely not my usual self.
I went Tuesday and still feel like I've been beaten about the face with a baseball bat.
I ended up not going to sleep for the procedure to save $300 that our insurance doesn't cover for putting you under.
I'm so glad that they're gone, but not real happy dealing with the after effects. I just have to remain positive and know that as soon as I heal hopefully the headaches they've caused with subside.

A look back at Birthdays!

I can't believe how fast it's gone!


little bow mouths

1st Birthday

boys 1st bday 08-26-07 (216)

2nd Birthday


3rd Birthday


Fashion Lady



Taylor has started playing what he calls "fashion lady".
He likes to wear my heels, have on something else pretty, jewelry or a scarf will do. He then needs his cell phone and a "fashion magazine".
I think it's adorable and hysterical!
He also found me "fashion shoes" and made me dress up with him.
He then just parades around the house on the cell phone.

I had to add a little more commentary to this post because of conversations I've had with some friends about gender specific play.

Josh and I decided early on that we weren't going to be "those" parents that freak out about boys always acting like boys, or if we had girls the same with them.
I didn't want to have all gender specific baby clothes when the boys were little either.
I never want our boys to feel like we are trying to put them into a specific category.
I want them to be comfortable with whoever they are and know that they will always have our support and love no matter what.

Our boys love Tinkerbell and we're ok with that, they love the movie and they have fleece blankets of Tinkerbell under their DC Superhero bedding!
They wanted baby dolls when they were little and they have baby dolls.
They wanted a kitchen and they have a kitchen!
They're kids. They should be allowed to explore all things and all imaginative play without us trying to stifle them.

Caped Crusaders!




I took some video of the boys thanking their Aunt Judy for their first card that came in the mail with their very own money!
They were very excited to have their own that wasn't just quarters that I let them put in their pockets.

This is of the boys thanking Grandpa John and Grandma Lisa for their AWESOME new chairs! They were definitely a big hit for their birthday.

Aunt Jan & Tony got the boys an ESPN batter machine that is so cool. Callum still doesn't quite get the concept and that he needs to step back a bit and really hit at it.
Taylor had it perfected by the end of the evening after practicing a bit.
We also realized that he mostly bats left handed.



I've realized that I don't much like my voice recorded! I sound so strange, my friend told me I just sound like a Mom! lol

3 year old Birthday Boys!!!!

The boys had a pretty great birthday party.
They had requested to have it at Pump It Up. We had gone there a month or so ago for one of their second cousin's birthday parties and they had a blast.
It's an indoor party place with a room you get to yourself and your guests with a bunch of jump houses and a big inflatable slide.
The kids ran and played for over an hour, then we moved into the party room.
Taylor and Callum were SO looking forward to sitting in the giant blow up throne to open their presents.
Taylor had been calling it the King chair.
I had baked five cakes that week and my sister and I were going to make their cake ourselves. We made a two level, five tier cake and used about 4.5 pounds of frosting! I bought the huge tub at Hobby Lobby.
Ashley & I were up until about 1:30am Friday night decorating the cake.
I was mostly just the helper since she's the talented superstar out of the two of us.
It came out AMAZING!
When I came home Friday night from work my dad had sent the boys each a neat chair from Pottery Barn kids, one that had Superman embroidered and the other had Batman. They've been lounging in their chairs ever since.
We had them open our presents in the morning before their party. They got guitars (real ones like Daddy's), some books, a Batman and a Superman cape I got from Etsy, backpacks, pjs and two movies...The Great Mouse Detective and Sword in the Stone.
They got so many awesome gifts from everyone at their party.


Callum going down the slide.

happybirthdaycallum&taylor (24)

Taylor playing bouncy basketball


Mommy & Taylor sliding

happybirthdaycallum&taylor (44)

Mom & Dad got in on the race action. We lost.


Shannon carried Callum up like a Spider Monkey

3rd Birthday taken by Josh Dorenkamp11

Taylor owned at air hockey

3rd Birthday taken by Josh Dorenkamp3

The adults milling around




Callum was done playing and wanted cake.


Taylor steering himself

3rd Birthday taken by Josh Dorenkamp8

Josh & Isabella (the noodle)


kiddos eating


Callum says bling bling!

happybirthdaycallum&taylor (95)


happybirthdaycallum&taylor (80)



happybirthdaycallum&taylor (85)


Taylor eating his cupcake in the King Chair


Present Opening!




Pump it Up was pretty great.
They were pretty organized. We didn't have to do anything.
We went and played and they set up the whole room, made sure all the presents were set out on a table.
Taylor loved having a lady that did his bidding! haha.
They even keep a log of gifts for your thank yous.
I think everyone had a great time, and mostly we didn't have to clean up!