I am so bored.
i couldn't sleep until about 1 last night. still got up a million times.
josh had to get up at his regular 5am to go to work and take a welding test and he got home at noon. i was up at 9am and hung with the dogs, ate a bunch, watched tv and then showered and had every intention of going out. fell asleep on the couch in my towels after the shower and then finally got up and got dressed. when josh got home we both fell asleep again until about 5:30 on the couch and then went and got some food at the irish pub molly malone's. the fish and chips were delicious and i sniffed his guiness.
i could barely walk back the car...the pressure of the boys was killing me.
so.......we came home....i took off my makeup i put on that lasted all of like an hour or so, put on my pjs and josh went and got me a drumstick from the gas station. we watched bullshit on tv and i got upset and cried in the bathroom because i am so bored....but too tired and sore to do a goddamn thing anyway.
i need to go and buy all the stuff to stock my diaper bag with.
i am still having that feeling of being so unprepared.
the boy's room is still in complete disarray.
more laundry to do. blah blah blah.
hopefully tomorrow is more productive.