37 weeks 5 days

Only a couple more days to go! eeeep.
I couldn't sleep last night so I stayed up on the bathtub til around 1am or so. I brought the book about twin pregnancy and the first year of twins. I was reading through what you look like this week and this week....and it stopped at 34-36 weeks and jumped right to post partum and delivery.
So apparently according to even this book I should be done by now!!
I got the transfer cable from my mom's tonight......so I have pictures of the naked belly for everyone's viewing *pleasure* ?
So warning.....pregnany stretch marked belly ahoy.
I tried to crop out my gross looking mirror in most of the pictures.
Man I need to windex.

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another sort of front on picture. the babies haven't "dropped" really so the bottom of my belly is sort of saggy which is really weird.

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the other side view

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sideview kinda up close.

these stretch marks are driving me insane. they ITCH so BAAAAAAAAD.

so there we have it.