so a slight panic has set in.
i went to the doctor and the ultrasound went well.
both babies passed with flying colors, they were happy with everything they were checking on. they wanted to see certain movements and see them practicing breathing....that all went well.
we have Taylor weighing in at around 5lbs 3oz and Callum weighing somewhere around 4lbs 12oz. Callum's weight could be off because they couldn't get very good shots of his head or femur bones.
He was hiding behind Taylor but is above him...they are all twisted up in there.
So since we still have one breech and the other not.......we scheduled the c-section. this is where the panic sets in! oh my goodness. now if everything continues as it is right now i know my boy's birthday will be August 29th!
the doctor asked me if i was still working and was surprised that i said yes. she asked if i wanted a note for her to limit my hours or take me out totally. i told her not really....since i am doing alright...just sort of exhausted. but i need the money for now. so, at least i know i have the option to ask next week if i am dying.
my cervix is still closed up tight.
holy crap i am carrying around 10 pounds of baby!
i'm so excited and nervous at the same time!
looks like we're having little virgos.