my birthday

Today is my 28th birthday.
I have to admit that it feels so different.
I have to ask my mom if this is how birthdays feel once you are or are going to be a mom.
Things just feel different. I don't have that selfish feeling wondering what I am getting or what we're doing. My focus has totally shifted.
Joshua woke me this morning with a kiss and hug and a Happy Birthday before he left for work. I love that man. I am really emotional today. Just thinking about how happy I am to be where I am on this birthday makes me cry.
I got a package in the mail from Kerry today with clothes for the boys that are just adorable...and the card and my birthday card made me cry. I am just so thankful for where I am. I don't have the time to selfishly pout about what is going to happen on my birthday this year. I am too busy being so thankful.

I went out to my car this morning and sitting in my passenger seat was a living dead doll. I love those dolls....and the Apple dolls. I have two Apple dolls that Josh has gotten me. And he put my new doll to wait in the car for me and wish me happy birthday. She has a birthday song on the outside of her box. I gotta love a man that is secure enough to buy me dolls that he knows will be displayed in our house.