3 Month letter to the boys

My little boys. You are three months old now. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were driving to the hospital to have you. I knew as soon as I had you that you were the babies that I had always dreamed of having. It was like I always knew you and I always knew your faces.
You have both grown so much. You spend Monday through Friday with your Aunt Ashley while mommy and daddy are at work. You have both really taken to her. She likes to make faces at you and and be silly and you both just laugh and laugh at her.
Thursday and Friday you spend with Nana and you love that. Nana sings you songs and plays with you all day. She always has one of you in her arms.

You both have such different personalities. You are each your own little person. You're both such good babies. Neither of you are ever fussy for no reason. You're content sitting in your bouncy seats, in the swing or in someone's arms.
I could spend all day staring at your beautiful little faces.

Taylor, you are always squealing and babbling. You are just so happy all the time. You wake up happy, smiling at everything. You have just realized that you can grab things and you have been grabbing at your Mr. Bee and crinkling his wings, you grab mommy's hair by the handfuls. You are doing so good holding your head up. You are only a little wobbly still. You have headbutted me a few times, but you are really getting the hang of it. You're almost sleeping through the night now.

Callum, you are such a sly little guy. You love giving big smiles, but only on your time and at your pace. You get this little look on your face like you know that we want you to give us a smile and you just give a little grin. You are starting to catch up with your brother. You are actually wearing 3-6 month sleepers now! You love to squeal and babble too. But, the same as the smiling you do it on your time. You love staring at the t.v., especially at Grandma Jill and Grandpa Floyd's house. We've tried to tell them that you want a 50 inch t.v. for Christmas! I don't think they're going for it. You're getting so much better at holding your head up too! You have headbutted me pretty hard a few times, but you just keep trying and in no time you'll be in control of that head looking all around.

You had your first Thanksgiving last week. You're still young to eat real food. So you got to feast on your bottles. We made three stops for Thanksgiving. We went and visited your Great Aunt Mary and you got your pictures taken with your second cousins Krissa and Jonathan. They're a month older than you, but you all look about the same size. You were both passed around and everybody said how cute you both are. After Aunt Mary's we went to Grandma Jill's & Grandpa Floyd's house. You got to see your Aunt Shannon, Aunt Ashley & Uncle Matt, your Great Aunt Jan and her boyfriend Tony. Later on you got to see my cousin Brionne and her husband Shane, my cousin Justyn and his girlfriend Heather and your second cousin Cayden that is three months older than you. He loved staring at both of you. Then we left and went to visit your Great Aunt Bernadine, by that time you were both exhausted and ready to go home. It had been such a busy day.
This year will be your first Christmas and even though you won't know what's going on I know that you will love the lights on your Grandma's tree. We're going to take you to see Santa next week and get your pictures taken!

Your dad and I love you two so much. You amaze us everyday.
Being your mommy has made me a better person. I can't imagine not having either of you in our lives.

Little Men

Another lazy day today as well. But, we did get dressed today. I used our coffee pot finally this morning. We got the boys dressed and went to Target and grocery shopping.
They slept almost the whole time and of course were the center of attention.
Here are some pictures of them in their outfits today.

Callum on the left Taylor on the right

Callum always looks so serious

Callum talking to Mommy

They wanted to know if we were going shopping or what?!

Thanksgiving Pictures. multiple sets of multiples

Callum & Taylor on the left, the little girl Krissa I think and her brother Jonathan. They're a month older than the boys and were born at 32 weeks. so had we gone full term they would have been born around the same time

Here are a few of the boys napping at Aunt Kristen & Uncle Jesse's.
We went over there house yesterday, ate left overs and Kristen and I managed to hit one store on black Friday.
We were banned from going to stores! haha

Taylor says, I'm done napping now mom

Pictures of him sleeping melt my heart to pieces.


We had a fairly exhausting Thanksgiving. We got up that morning and had breakfast. Waited around to actually get hot water and bathe the boys so they would smell all baby good for the day.
We packed up two diaper bags, the boys carriers, their car seats, bouncy seats and ourselves and drove to the west end to get Josh's mom. Then we drove out to prp to Josh's aunt Mary’s house. The boys got to meet their second cousins Joe Joe, Jonathan and Krista (their fraternal twins born a month before the boys).
We took pictures of the two sets of twins, which I’ll post later. We only got a few and our camera died even though Josh had it plugged in all night.
We hung out with his family for a bit and had some food. His Aunt made the greatest ham in existence. It was so delicious. Then we drove back across town and Josh popped in our house to get the peanut butter fudge and hummus he made and we went to my Mom's. They had already sat down and ate so we made our plates and had some more food. We had a good time. We got to see my cousin and her husband; she hasn't seen the boys since they were born.

By this time it was about 6:30 and we again packed up the car and headed back to the west end to his aunt Bernadine’s. Everyone had just left from her house so we got to sit and talk to her and her husband and that was nice.
We had some dessert and then finally came home. It was only 8:30 but I felt like we had been out all day and it had to be at least midnight. I was exhausted. The boys were super cranky that night and really showed the wear of driving all around town and having a million people hold them.

Needless to say we won't be doing that for Christmas.
It was really nice to see so much family for the holiday though, and I’m really happy that we got to spend time with Josh’s side of the family as well.

The boys and I had a good day yesterday. We played on their mat, had some tummy time and just layed around and enjoyed the day relaxing.
We went to my mom's last night so they could say goodbye to my aunt and uncle who are driving back to Jacksonville this morning.
My Aunt Pam had lots of nice things to say and kept telling me what a wonderful mother I am and what a great family we have. That's such a sweet thing to say and makes me feel good.

Now on to some cute pictures of my sweethearts!

Taylor on the left and Callum on the right. Their hair looks red almost....I think the flash must do it.

Callum giving mommy big smiles

Taylor on his mat, he loves kicking the ball on there. we call it his soccer time.

blurry, but Callum smiling at his fishies.

Taylor checking out his fish suspiciously

They both love to eat thier hands. Here's Callum having a taste of his.
Taylor has been drinking 6 ounces lately. He slept last night after the six ounces from about 11 to around 6 this morning. When he woke up he only drank two ounces and just now drank another 6. He hasn't even been spitting any up, which is just amazing. I figured he wanted more because he's been really upset after he finished his four ounces and I took the bottle out of his mouth. Callum drank his 4 ounces last night and slept from about 11 until 5 this morning.
Yay for some sleep!
Taylor is babbling and squealing so much. They both make me smile non stop.
I was hoping we could do something as a family today. anything. Josh got offered to work today, so he accepted. Which is a good thing since the overtime will be extremely helpful.
It would have been nice to have a whole weekend together. But we have the holiday next week and I think he has off both days as well.
I got the boys dressed in their somewhat matching outfits (one says Mommy Forever and the other says Daddy Forever) the other night to take them to Grandma’s to do laundry. I was going to take pictures of them together once we got there. Well, Callum decided he would throw up all over his and he wasn’t in the mood for pictures.
So here are a few I got of them in their car seats getting ready to go.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Callum says I’m not in the mood for pictures.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I’m serious lady. Get your camera out of my face.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Taylor says I’ll cooperate today (cutest smile ever, too bad it’s so dark)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
No wait wait I’m embarrassed.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ok Now I’m totally serious.


i just thought of something that made me smile.
i made sure to spend a ton of time last night playing with the boys. we had tummy time, played on our fish mat, they sat in my lap and with dad. i sang to them and made the noises that they both love. they love when i move my finger back and forth on their lips and make rasberry noises....they both squeal when i do it. they aren't laughing just yet....but those squeals are sure close to it.
:) what a great sound.
they were both so talkative last night. chattering up a storm.
i may hate leaving them during the day....but it makes the time when i get home from work that much more precious.
Callum slept through the night last night. I think our last feeding was at 10:30 and he didn't get up to eat again until 6am!
But, of course his brother was up all hours. If only they would synchronize their sleeping through the night.
I had to get up and make sure Callum was breathing and all because that was his first time sleeping that long and it freaked me out.

We have about five months until we get married and we have no idea what we want to do.
Possibly an actual wedding.....if so Josh wants to wear a kilt! Who knows. If we do an actual wedding I want a red dress.
I don't know if we can afford an actual wedding.
I may pass out if I have to get up in front of people and say vows and stuff.
I guess we'll see.
I still wish we could go to Vegas....but we definitely couldn't afford that.

Lost and Found

I'm so excited.
I had lost my engagement ring probably right after I had the boys. I have some pictures of me holding them with it on....but it went missing and I couldn't find it anywhere.
Just now I was blowing my nose and blew out my septum retainer as I do a lot. It fell into a basket in the bathroom next to the sink with miscellaneous bathroom stuff.
I go through it to find the retainer and what do I find?!
My RING!!!!
I was feeling so awful that I had lost it and couldn't find it.
It isn't a diamond or anything like that. It's a titanium band with alwaysandforever inscribed on the inside.
It's not much to most people....but it's the ring that Josh asked me to marry him with. It's means a ton to me. We talked about replacing it with an actual "engagement" ring someday when we can afford it. But, this one holds the meaning.
I kept hoping it would turn up....and there it was!
So, here I am....first day back to work.
It's weird. I sort of like it....but I miss my boys terribly.
I already called to check on them and Aunt Ashley says they are doing wonderful. They both woke up in a good mood and have been quiet so far this morning.
I printed out some pictures when I got to work so I have their pictures to look at.
It's nice to know that I am making money today...so that's always good.
When I get home I am going to smother the boys with tons of kisses and hugs.
It's amazing how attached you are to little people after only knowing them for the 9 months in the womb and then 9 weeks after.
I love those little boys more than anything.
We had the boy's doctor appointment today.
They had four shots a piece. I didn't cry, but I wouldn't watch her give them their shots. I always watch when I get shots myself.....or have blood taken, but I just couldn't see theirs given.
So instead I held Taylor's hands and talked to him and kissed his forhead as she stuck two in each of his thighs....poor baby. Ashley held Callum's hands while she did his.
They both screamed like crazy but calmed down pretty quickly and slept for a long time. They are both still sleeping on and off and crying out loud now and again.
My poor boys :(
They both grew a bunch from the last appointment three weeks ago. They are both 22 3/4 inches. Taylor weighs 12lbs 3.5oz and Callum is up to 10lbs 8oz!
They both gained about two pounds since last time.
The doctor talked to me about trying to prop them up a little and get them off of their right side so much. Both of them prefer that side to lay on and they both are a little flat on the head on that side.
So I have to prop them so they lay on their left a little and even it out. I do not want my kids to have to wear corrective helmets......but, boys do show if their heads are misshapen a little more than if they were girls.....since girls usually have long hair to hide anything.

Here are two pictures for viewing pleasure! I finally caught a smile from Callum on camera.
Oh yeah...tomorrow is my first day back to work. I am really sad about it. :(

They are going to stay here at the house and my sister and their Nana are going to watch them on alternating days. At least I know who they will be with.

Taylor in orange and Callum in the little monster

Smiles from my little boy. Their hair sure is lightening up.

Smiles from almost both of them at once.