Our Beautiful Boys are Two!

Two years ago today two of the most important men in my life arrived.
I can't imagine our lives without them.
It's been the most stressful and rewarding two years of my life.
I am so proud of them everyday, and everyday my life is more enriched because they're in it.
I know that I am a better person because of these boys.
Everytime I hear the word Mommy cross their lips I realize that I was nothing until I had them.
I am most proud of being their mom.

Proud momma

sweet babies.


Taylor being weighed


Callum on the scale again

1 year old!!


These little boys are so hilarious, they make me laugh everyday.
I love when they come up to me wrap their arms around my neck and go "oooh mommy".
Taylor is such a good brother. He's our little helper and will do anything to make his bubby happy.
Callum is our little ham.
He loves to flirt with the ladies.
He's always saying hi to everyone he comes across and giving that million watt smile.

I can't wait to keep watching them grow.
I wish them everything in the world.

Miss Isabella Noodle!

P1000816, originally uploaded by rhiana_leigh.

I can't believe how much of a big girl she's starting to look like.

The Boy's First Two Years

Callum's First Two Years Taylor's First Two Years

IMG_5350, originally uploaded by rhiana_leigh.

Taylor's fake cry can always get me to laugh.
He looks so cute doing it.


IMG_5205, originally uploaded by rhiana_leigh.

My boys wear big boy underwears on the outside of their diapers! lol