The first day of the rest of their academic lives.

The day has finally come!
I can't believe that I am a mother to two school aged kids.
The boys did great this morning. We've been talking about "big boy" school all summer and getting them ramped up. Last night they told me they were a little nervous and we talked about how most of the kids will probably be nervous and even mommy was nervous on her first day back to school, it's normal to feel that way but they were going to have a great day and will love going.

We went to their orientation last Friday and met their teachers, toured the school again and got a bunch of paper work to fill out. They got to find their desks and see where they're sitting and explore the classroom. They're in the same class but sitting pretty far away from each other, so that will be good to have them together but get the chance to make friends on their own with the kids around them.
We got their two four digit numbers, one each for their lunch number and the other is their car rider number for them to memorize. The lunch number they'll use basically for the rest of the JCPS school career and the other will be called aloud when someone shows up to pick them up at the end of the day.

We had a storm blow through here Saturday and they pushed back the first day until Wednesday from Monday so we were glad to have the extra time to help them memorize their numbers and do our parent homework filling out all the papers.

The boys woke up right when my alarm went off at 7 and jumped into gear getting themselves changed and ready for school. They both told me they weren't nervous anymore and were SO excited to go to school.
Josh and I drove them in and we got to see how they'll start their days. They sit in the cafeteria in designated tables for different teachers and wait for their teacher to come take them to their class.
We took the boys through the lunch line and had them buy juice and tell the lady their numbers for practice and I dropped off a check to put money in their lunch accounts.
Once we got back to the table again they asked us "why are you still here?"
I have to admit I did start to get a little teary eyed seeing them ready to be so independent.
Ms. Davidson came and lined the kids up to head to their room. They got everyone situated and started circle to read a book to the parents called "Kissing Hand" about a mom having a hard time letting her baby raccoon go off to school. It was so cute.
Josh and I gave them hugs and kisses and left our babies to enjoy their first day.
There were no tears on their part and only a couple on mine.
I'm so proud of them and I know they'll do great.
I can't wait to come home from school myself tonight and hear all about their first day.

they were both picked out their own outfits.

I'm ashamed to say I did the lick and swipe. Didn't want to send him off covered in toothpaste on his face.

going through the lunch line

waiting for our teacher.

reading the Kissing hand. some of the kids look so big!!!

Taylor at his desk

Callum at his desk