Piranha Baby

the boys 10-25-07 (5)

This is poor Callum's bite mark that his brother left on him last week.
Poor thing still has a bruise a week later.
Taylor really got him.
Pretty much everyday my MIL calls to tell me how their day is going or tell me a story about the boys from the day.
Today was hilarious.

The boys have been taking off their diapers pretty regularly. Sometimes we'll give them some nekkie time to run around.

Apparently, Callum took of his diaper today and peed on Taylor's back (they were both standing by the kitchen gate waiting for Nana to bring them a snack or something)
Taylor proceeded to freak out because he didn't know what the heck it was......he slipped in the pee and was screaming his little head off, Callum started screaming because Taylor scared him by falling and screaming.
oh lord.
We're in for some real fun.

Failed Pumpking Patch Attempt

We went to Huber’s Orchards on our Monday off with the purpose of me being able to get lots of pictures of the boys in the pumpkin patch.....but unfortunately we were rained out. The boys enjoyed the ride on the tractor out to the patch and being rained on! I did manage to get a few of them in their wagon on our way to the pumpkin patch before it started to rain.


Taylor was busy checking everything out. I think he was checking out the geese in the pond.


Callum was a lot more cooperative. They looked so cute in their skeleton hoodies.



Bring the laughs

10-14-07 (19)

I brighten your day with this.
My kids the pants head crazies.

They can't get enough of wearing their pants on their heads. They think it's just the funniest thing ever. If they take them off on accident they'll bring the pants back over to me to put back on.
Hey, at least I know they'll wear hats this winter.


I'm hoping we can get to Huber's sometime before Halloween. If only for the awesome pictures I could get of the boys in a pumpkin patch!

There is some sort of Fall Homecoming going on over in Indiana that I would like to go to. I surely don't want to just be in the house this weekend since it's supposed to be gorgeous. Plus, the boys can have a chance to wear hoodies!
I am totally too excited about hoodies.
That reminds me....I need to pull mine out of the bin in the basement.
I need to remember to get out hangers to get our room more organized as well.
I am hoping to get more shopping done this weekend for odds and ends that we need for the house....like CURTAINS. I've been getting dressed and undressed in our room since we moved in with nothing on the windows. Someone has been getting a show (or a horror show) that's for sure.
I hate that our walls are paper thin. Even the exterior walls seem to be.
I may have to kill a certain Jack Russell next door that won't ever shut the hell up.

I'm so glad that I'm working at CC today. Yay for getting off at 5pm! I usually work at the motorcycle shop Fridays and there I work until 6.
BOO. Having to cross the bridge back into Kentucky usually doesn't get me home until almost 7 some nights.

Josh is getting himself all squared away to start school back up in January. I'm so proud of him.
It's going to be a tough year or two though......he won't be home much. But, I know that this will be so great for our family in the long run. Plus, once he's done I can get my ass in gear and in school.......for something.

Poor Josh had an awful migraine this morning. He left work after his meds didn't seem to work and he puked at work.
He came home with his eyes all swollen and his blood vessels around his eyes all broken.
I'm hoping the Imitrex will work for him again since this new one hasn't.
Mr. Callum is dancing around the house with a yogurt cup on his foot and using it like a tap shoe.....all the while playing the kazoo.
They are really starting to crack me up. These kids are too cute.



this weather better stay this time damnit.
I’m almost proud of myself that I haven’t been using the internet at home at all.
I am usually addicted to checking my mail over and over or checking livejournal.
Lately I’ve just been trying to limit myself to checking it at work…or just checking my email real quick at home. I really got behind from the move.

I finally brought in my memory card to work today to upload pictures of the boys from this weekend.
The bath pictures really make me smile.
They had such a blast.
We were all soaked by the time they were done.

the boys 10-06-07 (7)

the boys 10-06-07 (5)

the boys 10-06-07 (13)

the boys 10-06-07 (12)

the boys 10-06-07 (11)

the boys 10-07-07 (5)
Taylor in big boy pjs. I can’t believe how grownup their pjs make them look!

the boys 10-07-07 (1)

the boys 10-07-07 (11)
Callum used to LOVE Minnie licking his face. He would put his face up to hers and just laugh.
He’s finally over it…like the rest of us! Haha. She licks so much. Now he is just grossed out.

Taylor tells her to GO when she tries to lick him.
I am so lucky to have the husband I have.
He is incredibly patient with me and my issues.
He is always tender with me and always shows his love for me.
He finished ALL of our mountains of laundry!!
I couldn't have wished on a star for a better husband!

Besides that mushyness....we had a pretty good weekend.
Got more done around the house. We went Sunday with Jesse, Kristen and of course the boys to the St James Art Fair. It was ridiculously hot and we just buzzed from shade to shade.
We were all pouring sweat.
Josh and I did our usual Sunday cleaning of the office and finally got some grocery shopping done.
The boys have been going to sleep SO much better lately. They really do wear themselves out during the day at the house.

I am totally DVR happy.
I have a couple of things to still catch up on....like Dexter....I'm two behind now!
I can't wait to go home and watch the Rock of Love Reunion show too....I'm totally lame! haha.

I'm finally learning new things at the motorcycle shop, that makes me incredibly happy. I love learning things other than answering phones.
Today I got to learn how to do all of our parts orders through our vendors.
Sort of tedious....but exciting since it's new to me.



This is me today at lunch.
I've been using this lip plumper that I got from Target. I don't think it really works, but I like the tingling in my lips from it and I think the color looks nice.

My rings in the picture are my wedding band..and lately I've been wearing my great grandmother's wedding rings with it.
I wish I remembered more about my Mammaw. She was a really tall strong lady.
She towered over my Daddaw (who had the most gorgeous green eyes).
I think all the girls in my family get their height from her.

New House

I actually have time to make a real post!!
The move went really well Saturday. We had so much stuff left to still pack. Thankfully we have amazing friends and family that helped SO much!
Kristen was awesome and really helped get everything cleared out.
I don’t know what we would do without her and Jesse.
My sister Ashley and Matt showed and helped! My sister Shannon came, and Evan stayed until we had everything over to the new house. One of Josh’s friends from growing up helped.
My Aunt Jan met me at my mom’s Saturday morning when I dropped the boys off and she came over with me early before everyone else got there. We got a ton of boxes moved just the two of us. Those damn stairs were killer, I’m so happy I don’t have to climb those a couple times a day anymore.
My Aunt and I got two full trips with both of our cars before noon. Then everyone showed up and the big moving started.
We were pretty much all moved over to the new house by 4 that afternoon!
All of the rooms still need a ton of organization, but that’s going to take a while.
I took some pictures of the house last night…but didn’t get any of the bedrooms or the bathroom.

new house 10-01-07 (6)

new house 10-01-07 (8)

new house 10-01-07

new house 10-01-07 (2)

new house 10-01-07 (15)

new house 10-01-07 (14)

So we definitely have tons left to do…but at least we’re in! It’s so nice having so much more room. We got a baby gate with a swinging door on it for the kitchen, and we close all the doors down the hall and the boys have a blast.
They’re definitely wearing themselves out running up and down that hallway and chasing each other.


10/01/07 mom & taylor

We're all moved in!!!!! There is still TONS to do, but it feels amazing. The boys have an awesome room. I love our living room and the boys love racing around and up and down the hallway.

I found an available free wireless network in our neighborhood but the connection has been really low so I can't get on