My vampire son just bit me so hard I bled. Callum tried to kiss my boo boo and got blood on his face. :( It hurts to sit now! He bit me on the thigh...little monster.

Two Year Portraits

We went to the Picture People today and got the boys two year portraits done.
They had a ton that were cute. But since we were trying to be frugal we picked just three similar to the ones we got from their one year portraits.


Callum, he was such a ham and had so many good shots to choose from.

Taylor actually almost smiling!!

The boys together! Probably the last time they'll fit in that box together.

compared to last year!



1 year old!!
So much changes in a year.

Taylor on an adventure

P1000997, originally uploaded by rhiana_leigh.

Ashley made the boys "hobo" bags yesterday!
They had their juice and their "bed roll" and a map and were on their way.
This picture cracks me up.

First Haircut

We finally took the boys to their first haircut last Saturday at Cookie Cutters.
Neither of them were particularly happy about getting sprayed with water. But they both got a bit better about it towards the end. Taylor sat in a red fire truck looking car and Callum sat in a pink jeep for their haircuts.
Callum still has a little more hair than Taylor. I think because he was much more squirmy during it all.

I have to admit I miss the curls.
This was last week during the power outage.

Taylor put Elmo in time out for biting me.

Taylor ended up getting his hair cut in the little red car, Callum sat in the pink jeep! lol

Taylor getting his hair cut by the no personality lady.




Callum was less than pleased to be squirted with water.

we spent a lot of time blowing bubbles and trying to divert his attention.



Once we were done they both got TWO balloons and even though we didn't buy their "first haircut" package they still put some culrs in little baggies for us and wrote their names on them.

They didn't want to leave the place since they had a playground, but after they were done we went to Denny's and they got to load up on fruit, chicken nuggets and apple juice.

Callum once we got home.

Taylor being a puppy dog.

Taylor's what the heck are you doing look?

Even though the lady that cut Callum's hair had personality she didn't do a great job...he's got little flippies and longer pieces all over.
Mammaw will probably bring her shears by to fix it at some point.

Junk Pick up Day

IMG_6121, originally uploaded by rhiana_leigh.

My totally awesome find on junk pick up day yesterday!

The lady across the street was getting rid of it.
She's raising her grandkids and they've outgrown it, plus she said she could never get it together right.

Well after many attempts last night neither could Josh and I. I even googled directions.

We called his cousin who happens to apparently be the toy guru. Everyone calls him after Christmas to put stuff together and he had it all put together by himself in no time!!

2nd Birthday Party

Our house is still a mess today! We've all been exhausted after yesterday.
It was a long day but so much fun.
The boys had such a great time and got so many new things.
My mom had the boys inside and they started ripping things open and I told her just to take I don't know who a lot of the stuff was from which is sad.
We had so many people here at one point it was just too much to even try to sit in our living room.
It was pretty hot outside but not too terrible. There was a breeze every now and then.
The boys were still eaten alive by mosquitos even though I totally doused them in the baby bug stuff before we went out.
I had a ton of bites as well.


Fresh out of the bath and ready to party

Watching Elmo in Grouchland

Birthday balloons

Isabella so cute in her party outfit

Isabella in her pretty party outfit

Noodle, her mommy and Grandma


Callum & Mommy

Mommy & Callum

Mommy & Callum


Callum & Pappaw

Callum & Pappaw

My mom, Tony (aunt Jan's boyfriend) & Taylor

Tony Jyl Taylor



My cousin Brionne & Aunt Jan

Bri Jan 3

Party People


Floyd, Josh & my BIL Matt


Amy's son Alan


Miss Parker and her cupcake face


no nap lots of presents. Poor Callum.

no nap and lots of presents



Daniel and one of their twin girls


Holly and the other twin girl (they're Sadie & Olivia)


the boys have been playing "shopping" non stop


Uncle Jesse and Baby Mom (Kristen :P) got the boys wife beaters too! I HAD to put them on them straight away. Taylor really loved his

Taylor loves his baby wife beater


the boys and their smash cupcake cakes. I really don't know why they did clowns. whatevs.





Alan thought this dinosaur was awesome, the boys wanted nothing to do with it went home with Alan

Alan loved the dinosaur

Shannon and her boobs

when the party really wound down the boys finally wanted in the bounce house. They had a ton of fun in there.




Taylor and his Bob the Builder tool belt