So far so good on our first day with Nana on vacation.
She made them little calendars to mark off each day while she's gone.
Today is their first day going to a full day of school.

The boys both have a cough and haven't been feeling too well so we didn't do much this weekend.
We did go Friday with my sister to the park with her dogs and the boys had fun on the swings.
I took a few pictures that I really liked.



Last Weekend

We were so lucky to have some great weather last weekend.
I made sure that we got out of the house most of the weekend and enjoyed it!
One thing I've loved about Louisville since I've moved here is watching the city come to life every year once Spring comes.
Everyone is out and about walking, playing with their kids or dogs. It just gives me a happy feeling every year.

The boys were so excited to get to go outside and play in the sun.