Callum's Surgery

Looking at Callum today you would have NO clue that he's had surgery a day ago. He's back to his normal self and we're having a hard time slowing him down.
Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and concern. It really went well. Even though I was still a crazed ball of nerves

Everything went well yesterday. We got to Kosair's relatively early since we had to baby snatch Callum out of the house so Taylor wouldn't see.
It just so happened that the appointment before us canceled last minute so they pushed everything through really fast. We met with the OR nurse, the anesthesiologists and then the surgeon.
He was very no nonsense and didn't seem to appreciate us cracking jokes to keep ourselves sane.

Callum was extremely pissed when they were taking his blood pressure and checking him out. He got all worked up before they even did anything to him. My mom read him Go Dog Go! to calm him down and then the nurse sprayed meds up his nose to really calm him down. He ended up falling asleep on me while we finished talking to everyone and then they came back to get him. They took him fully clothed since he was so freaked out and let him go back with his Batman socks on....which he still hasn't taken off today. They were his strength yesterday, he kept yelling at them to put them back on after they checked his oxygen and stuff by his toes.
The very nice male anesthesiologist came and asked Callum if he would go and help him blow up balloons. Callum said YES! and went right into the guys arms and walked off without even looking back. I couldn't believe how good he did. I nearly broke down going down in the elevator to get some coffee and chain smoke while they did his surgery.

Mom bought us breakfast at the MCDs downstairs and got me a huge coffee. We went back upstairs and waited about 45 minutes and they called us to go and talk to the surgeon. He said that it went very well and that he was in recovery...they were able to retract his other testicle and stitch it into place so it doesn't try to go anywhere. He told us where his incisions were and how to take care of them and warned us that the one on his sac was a little puckered. I had to crack a wrinkly ball joke and he actually cracked a smile. He told us that his right testicle will always be somewhat smaller than the other, but it will continue to grow with him.
We went back to waiting for another 30 minutes or so while he woke up in recovery. The recovery nurse was really sweet and said how beautiful he was and what a good little patient he was. He didn't wake up crying or anything, just asked for his mommy.

They gave him basically a spinal after they knocked him out with gas so he wouldn't be able to walk for a few hours without falling. He slept the whole time we waited for his release on his mommy. My butt was numb.
We finally got the go ahead to take him home, so we packed up and drove home...not before stopping by Walgreens to fill his Tylenol with codeine.
He slept on and off the whole day yesterday but when he was up he was his usual sweetheart self. Not at all the after anesthesia monster they pictured.
He finally got up and started playing at about 7 last night and was walking very slowly and careful to bend down and pick things up.
Today he's basically back in full swing and we have to calm him down and keep him from doing things he shouldn't.

We were scared of him not pooping because of the pain it may cause in his groin but he went this morning, thank goodness and didn't seem to have any trouble.
He's got a cut across his pubic area that's pretty small and a small incision in his testicle. Neither of them have stitches on the outside, so no worry about going to get them removed. They have him closed up with "glue" basically.
We have to keep him out of the bath the next two days and away from straddle toys for two weeks. They told us to keep him from rough housing....that will be a real feat in this house.

Before we left the hospital I noticed this dry erase board and it had all the kids names on it that had surgery that day.
His name is right by the pumpkins! so cute.
Everyone at Kosair was awesome. They were really great to us and so good with Callum.


We have Callum's surgery tomorrow at Kosair Children's Hospital. Daddy & I are pretty nervous. Any kind of surgery is nerve wracking.
This is for his testicle that still hasn't decended. It is in his pubic area so hopefully with just the one surgery they'll be able to retract it.
It's an hour procedure. He's third in line tomorrow morning. We have to be there at 8:30am and his surgery is at 10.
The nurse said they'll likely put him under with gas and then put in his IV once he's out.
We're both off tomorrow and my mom is going to meet us up there as well.
I hope that it all goes perfectly and he has a quick recovery.
We have to go home and hide the rocking toys for him to straddle for a while.
Be thinking of us tomorrow.

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