Twisted article


Taylor and I made it into an article about our friend's tattoo shop at their new location.
We went for their grand opening.
Check us out in the bottom right hand corner!


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Just looking through old flickr entries I came across this picture from my brother's wedding in Cali.
It was one of the best vacations I've ever been on.
I had a great time with my sister Ashley and met Matt for the first time.
They really helped me make up my mind to move to Kentucky.
I was so happy on this trip.

In this picture I was also very drunk off of the best wine every (that I can't find) and started spilling it on myself as we can all see.
I was super tan too, and blonde.
So weird.


This is just waking up on Saturday morning in our house.
Callum found a random cheese cracker to nibble on and they watched Sesame Street while mom made scrambled eggs.


Our beautiful new drapes!! We have one panel up on the smaller window as well.
They definitely make the room seem so much more grown up or something.
That lion on the wall is a drawing that one of my mom's very good friends drew for her before I was born. Mom gave it to me since she's trying to get rid of clutter.
The boys like to sign "lion" and growl at it.

Snow from last week

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I got to leave work early since we have an ice advisory. No need to be driving home after all the sleet and freezing rain and slip all over the bridges.
I'm freezing in our basement being quiet since the boys are napping.

mommy reading pups numbers for the millionth time

mommy reading pups numbers for the millionth time

one of the blurriest, but one of my favorite pictures.

02/11/08 drive home

02/11/08 drive home

It took me over an hour to get home Monday night with all the snow. I was going 5 miles an hour on the freeway. There were accidents all over the city and people spinning out for seemingly no reason.
I definitely was happy to have that wine when I got home.
I think it's weird / funny that whenever my mom tells older ladies or older people in general that my boys can sign and understand sign they ask if they are hearing impared.

I guess I didn't realize that some people still don't understand the benefits of this.

I am so glad that my boys are able to communicate and seemingly are less frustrated that they can't get their point across.

Since Gina teaches them sign, sometimes they sign me things that I didn't even know they knew!
They are learning a lot of animals now and just started doing "lion" but also growling along.

Pretty much any red fruit or vegetable is an apple and they're pretty good at orange.

Please is also used a lot and they are starting to use "eat" rather than just "more"


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I am more than ridiculously excited to see this woman in a month!!! It will have been almost a year, which feels like an eternity.
I can't wait!

Getting woken up around 12:30am by the loudest tornado siren in existence sucks.
We got the boys up and brought them downstairs to sleep with Nana in the basement, then we stayed up and watched the news. We finally went to bed after the worst of the storm passed us by.
The winds were pretty strong. I'm so glad again that our recyclables weren't blown all over the neighborhood.
There were a lot of people without power this morning, and some that had been killed in Western Kentucky.
I've been through lots of storms living in South Florida, but something about tornado sirens makes me feel panicked.

omgzz glasses!

omgzz glasses!

I finally went and got my glasses fixed last night.
wow I can see! It's a miracle! haha.
It feels really weird to wear them again.