We got to enjoy the summer day yesterday.
My mother in law usually goes to Josh's aunt's house every weekend so she can get away and have some time to relax.
This weekend his aunt was going away so we went over to enjoy her pool.
The boys had a great time. It was much needed relaxation time.
I got some sun which always makes me feel better.
Josh got to get a lot of rest which he really needs.
He's still in quite a bit of pain. He joined us for some swimming but his head started throbbing so he enjoyed the AC and their recliner inside.

Taylor and Daddy.

the boys with Daddy & their Nana

Taylor was pool patrol

Callum liked to be in his "boat"

Callum macking and relaxing.

Mama & Taylor



The boys in their Aussie towels from Grandpa John, we had to cut the neckline since my children have huge heads and couldn't fit them through the hole!

It was a beautiful day. The only thing that would have made it the perfect day is if Josh had been feeling better and could enjoy it with us.

Little Male Pigs?

I don’t know if this is just ingrained in boys DNA or what. Lately the boys have been talking a lot about what girls can or can’t do.
I can’t figure out where they’re learning this.
For Father’s Day my husband got a carving set from his mom. The boys promptly informed me that I can’t use knives because I’m not a grown up, I’m a girl!
Josh went through a list of all the people we know and the only people that could use a knife because they were “grown ups” were the men in their lives.
My mother in law called me at work today to tell me that we have little male chauvinists on our hands.
There was a show on the Disney channel this morning that was about tools.
They turned to their Nana and told her that she can’t watch it since she can’t use tools because she’s a girl and girls can’t use tools!
She told them that girls can use tools and she indeed does use tools and owns some of her own that were downstairs in our basement.
They told her that the tools downstairs were all Daddies’ tools.
Where do they learn this stuff?!
I know that we aren’t teaching them these things.
We’ve reiterated numerous times that girls can do things that boys can do AND vice versa.
I know that my mother in law wouldn’t teach them these things.
Is it Handy Manny’s fault?
Is it our fault that they don’t see me fixing things around the house?
Apparently we need to hire a handywoman.


My husband was in a pretty bad accident yesterday.
He was at a stop light behind a ford explorer, or some other kind of SUV and looked behind him and saw a lady flying at him and not slowing down.
He said to himself "this bitch isn't going to stop".
She didn't.
She had some sort diabetic shock and passed out behind the wheel.
The EMS and police on the scene said that she had juice and cookies in her car like she had just gone to the grocery store knowing her sugar was low.
There were no skid marks so her brake wasn't applied at ALL.
She was going about 45+ miles per hour.
My husband had to be cut out of his car with the jaws of life.
If I had just seen his car before talking to him I would have lost my shit.
The car looks so terrible.
It's unbelievable to see it and think anyone could have survived it.
Josh says that he saw her coming and then the next he remembered was wondering where his rear view mirror went and why his steering wheel was bent.
An onlooker called me as he was able to remember my name, his name and my phone number.
His phone flew under a seat so he couldn't find it at first.
He called me a few times after that and forgot later that he had even called or spoken to me.
That really scared me.
They took him and the lady in an ambulance to University of Louisville hospital downtown since that is the trauma center here.
All of his scans came back great and the tests they did were all negative for whatever they were looking for.
He had some lacerations on his face and had to be stitched up.
He's allergic to one of the numbing agents and they didn't have anything else so he was stitched without any local or numbing.
The doctor that stitched him up told us that he's only done TWO people without any numbing and the other was a green beret!
He has a splint on his left arm because it's swollen and sprained or severely contused.
He has a concussion and is still feeling confused.
That hospital was a total cluster fuck.
They apparently had a lot of trauma visits yesterday so he was left sitting unattended for quite some time.
We finally left about 9pm and they let him go with blood still crusted all down his face.

I can't even begin to think about what would have happened if he had been severely injured.
The whole drive to the scene I just kept saying outloud "he HAS to be OK, he has to be OK" I tried to keep it together so I could drive but couldn't stop shaking violently.
I got to the scene and took pictures and was able to find out where they had taken him and see everything for myself.
It was unbelievable.
His car is totalled for sure. It's now a convertible.

I am so incredibly grateful that he is alive and ok all things considered.
I couldn't help but look at him all last night and want to cry.
I just don't know what I would have done if he'd been injured or worse.
I am SO thankful for the lady Heather that called me to let me know what was going on and made sure to stay until the emergency vehicles got there. I made sure to call her last night since she told me that she wouldn't be able to sleep not knowing if he was ok.
She said she would just want someone to do the same for her if it was her husband.
I'm so glad she did that for me.

Today I've been contacting all the insurance companies and contacted AFLAC and all that stuff.
I'm trying to not even think about what we're going to do for another vehicle just yet.

accident062309 (11)

Happy Father's Day!

I tend to get pretty mushy when I think about my husband.
I really didn't think anyone like him existed for me.
It was pure luck that we found each other, and even more when we had our boys.
They are the light of our lives and I couldn't think of anyone better to take this "trip" with.
He's an amazing father, a provider, friend, husband.
We're not perfect but we're on this road together. We learn from each other and we're a unit.
Neither of us have the patience of saints but we try to help each other out and step in when the other needs the help.
The boys adore their daddy.
They couldn't keep quiet about making a card just for him for Father's Day, so they've been telling him about it for a week now.
When they got up they ran to him and exclaimed HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!
After all of that it was back to the daily routine, asking daddy what he was going to make them for breakfast and wanting to have their pictures back that they made him.
I'm clinging on to our little boys right now knowing that they're still momma's boys but soon everything will be about daddy.
It may make me a little sad, but I'll stand back and watch with a huge smile on my face.


Our First ER Trip

We had our first Emergency Room visit for one of the boys.
Taylor turned to Nana while they were laying in my room reading books last Thursday and told her he swallowed a penny.
She said that he had a look of panic in his eyes like he was going to choke.
So, she called me at work and I called our doctor to see what they thought we should do.
They said to take him to the hospital so they could make sure that it was passing through his system like it should.

I ran out of work and got home, all four of us (Callum Taylor Nana and I) went to the ER and waited almost two and a half hours before someone came out calling his name.
They took us back right away to have his xrays done.
They did one of him laying down from neck area to groin and then did another of a side view of his throat and chest.
They tech immediately said that she didn't see anything on either of the xrays but we would have to wait for the doctor to be sure.
We got a room after that, after some confusion in the waiting room because of the twins.
They thought they had forgotten about us and that Callum was Taylor and still waiting.

Taylor sat in the room and watched Curious George and Callum set off with Nana to find Taylor something to cheer him up.
He was very concerned for his brothers well being.
I think because of his last hospital trip he was really worried about Taylor.
It was cute and sad at the same time.

The doctor finally came in and listenend to Taylor's lungs, they sounded great and he pushed on his belly to make sure he wasn't bloated or distended and gassy...all fine.
He left to look at the xrays and then finally came back and said there were "no foreign bodies found".
The nurse we had was awful and came in and scorned Taylor about eating money, which we had already had a talk about the TWO and a half hours we waited.
They gave us our discharge papers and we were on our way.

It was a nice to get to spend the day with the boys, but not exactly how I would have liked to spend it. They were both awesome during all of the waiting.
At one point we thought about making them cause a scene so we wouldn't have to wait that long....
It was also Nana's birthday that day! Happy Birthday!

Our first ER visit could have been a lot I'm thankful it was that easy.

When we got home Taylor brought me something in his hand and called it a was a sequin that they use with Nana for I think all that time was spent for actually a little plastic sequin and not a penny after all.

I haven't seen anything "come out" either.

Here are some pictures while waiting.....

watching Curious George


trying to look pathetic


Callum waiting patiently and eating his dum dum



I am always worrying and planning and budgeting and trying to make sure that the boys are taken care of, that the house is being taken care of and our bills are being taken care of.

I got to thinking. I worry so much about the future of our boys that I don’t really think much about my own health and having myself in their future.

It isn’t usually until I see a recent picture of myself that I start to worry about that and promise myself to do things differently.

They seem to always end up being empty promises to myself.

I can’t get motivated or I find a reason why it won’t work.

I’m not a morning person, so getting up before everyone else to do workouts or a jog are usually out of the question.

But, when I do get up early and get things done I feel great about the day. I need to find a way to start doing things for myself that don’t take out of the work day, and take away from my time at home.

I really need to worry about this, not only for my own health but I want to be around for the boys as they get older. I don’t like being the mom that can’t run with them or play with them in the yard because I get winded.

I need to quit smoking, another promise I make to myself and as the current pack starts to dwindle my strength in that decision declines and I give in and buy another.

Not only am I throwing money away, I’m doing it for something that is a bad decision for my health.

I have to find a way to motivate myself.

I’d like to think that my children are a good enough reason.

But, I think that I really need to find a reason good enough for ME.

I need to remember that I’m worth it.

I should be able to feel good about myself in clothes and not get anxiety attacks before I go out because I always feel less than it what I’m wearing.

There has to be someway to light that fire under my butt.

Time Capsule

A Year Ago Today!!





I can't believe how fast the boys are growing.
Soon enough we'll have three year olds!
They are so unbelievably smart.
They remember EVERYTHING, and will repeat anything and everything said.
They've been talking a lot about their birthday party ever since Noodle's party.
I can't wait.

They're such great helpers and love to talk about everything.
They've begun the stage of asking a million questions.
I try to be patient and answer every single one with a real actual answer instead of because I said so.