Christmas in Photos

The boys had a wonderful Christmas, dare I say we may have even overdone it a bit.
Every year I worry and stress about getting nearly everything they ask for...within reason of course.
I think next year my goal will be to cut back a little bit.

We had a very relaxing Christmas Eve, we baked cookies for Santa and finished up wrapping. The boys had a bath and got to open one of their gifts.

Cookies and snacks for the reindeer

The boys got to open a present from their Aunt Mary that night! We all had fun coloring it.

The boys got to eat their bumble gum guys Grandpa John & Grandma Lisa sent for them



Christmas Morning:

I woke up before anyone in the house, which is a miracle in itself!
I made coffee that was way too strong even for my mother in law....I definitely need to perfect my barista skills.

The boys woke up about 10 minutes after Joshua and myself.
I heard them calling from the stairs "Mommy, did he come?!"
I told them to come on down and check!
Taylor exclaimed that he heard Reindeer on the roof during the night while he was trying to sleep and he heard Santa's bells!!

This age is so much fun.

The haul pre kid attack

checking out their goodies

Trio Batman stuff was a big hit in our house this year, it has also caused a lot of headaches for the adults I must add.


Callum slightly overwhelmed


Daddy was thrilled about having to put together the Trio Batcave!

Stocking goodies.

Stocking aftermath

Callum's 1st wardrobe change of the day into new pjs from Santa, hanging his stocking ornament.


Ready to head to Mammaw's!


Buzz & Woody Dress Up, a big hit!

Callum & Mammaw

Pappaw tickling Taylor

Mommy & Daddy

Mr Spriggs a few White Russians into the evening.

Momma & Taylor

Momma & Callum

Ready to watch Daddy play Epic Mickey and in our new pjs!


Merry Christmas!!

spriggs 2010


Josh braved the crowds of the mall this close to Christmas to take the boys to see Santa today.
He said the line was incredibly long and the people were crazy there of course.
He messaged me that he had a headache and the people were all smelly and stupid!

The boys were so excited to see the big man.
Taylor talked and talked as he is prone to do to anyone that will listen.
Santa listened intently even with the long line.

We really like the Santa at this mall. He's been there ever since the boys first visit to Santa when they were four months old.
We did strayed once to the other mall because we were having portraits done and it was convenient but, I instantly regretted it as he was not a very personable Santa even though he was a very great looking Santa.
He didn't really talk to the boys much and the workers there were more about getting the snapshot than letting them enjoy the experience. I finally snapped at them to just let them enjoy it and I think that picture came out pretty good.

Between the two I will definitely pick the Oxmoor Santa as long as it's still the same guy.


09 Santa182


The boys with Santa 2006

Christmas Secrets


I decided to try and take the boys to shop for each other this year. They've never really cared any other year but showed a bit of interest this year to buy something special for their "bubby"
Taylor was overwhelmed and had a hard time because being the perfectionist he is, he wanted to pick out the most perfect present that his brother would love and play with every day.
He had a couple of melt downs in Target and then finally settled on some Galactic Heroes.
After the near failure of the first shopping trip it took me about a week to take Callum to shop for his brother.
Callum was a bit better. I knew better than walking up and down all the toy aisles. I steered him into the direction of the action figures since Taylor had a request for a certain item.
Callum decided against the item Taylor had requested and found a Batman figure he thought his brother would like and another that had Nightwing, Batgirl and the Penguin. Both excellent choices, I know Taylor would be very happy with them.
As soon as we got home Callum and Taylor snuck off to their Nana's bedroom and Callum whispered to him that he got him Batman, the pack with Nightwing and the other Galactic Hero he had chosen against.
I hear Taylor exclaim "you got me everything I ever wanted bubby! You're such a great bubby!"
Josh whispers to me that he hears Callum spilling the beans.
"Callum, are you telling your brother what you got?" "No mommy!"
I couldn't help but laugh. We can't expect four year olds to keep secrets from each other, especially two little boys that are this close.
The only problem with this, is Callum told his brother something that he didn't end up getting him! Taylor is definitely going to be disappointed and I can't decide if I should run out and get it and make it a stocking stuffer since it is a small item.
The other option would be to let him learn the disappointment of not always getting what you ask for.
I explained that I didn't think Callum got all those things, he just wouldn't have it.
If Callum said so his word was gold....even against mommy's.

A Boy and His Dogs

Our dogs have never really been too keen on hanging around anywhere that the boys are.
I can't say that I blame them. Trying to keep up with baby, toddler and now "big boy" twins can be rough.
The dogs pretty much steered clear of anywhere that they were.
Just recently they've started to hang out with the family more often and even trusting the boys.
They've really warmed up to Taylor. He's definitely the calmer of our boys and likes to have them snuggle up every great once in a while.
I think like everyone else in the house, he has a severe preference for Olivia aka Pig.
She's just a lot more relaxed and not so IN YOUR FACE at all times like Minnie can be.



Messages from Santa!

These are so awesome. The boys were SO excited.
They brought tears to my eyes watching them watch their videos!

Taylor's Video from Santa

Callum's Video from Santa

I highly recommend going to their website and doing one or lots of them!

It's Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas!

Our tree is up and we've had our first fire ever in the new house!
The boys loved the fire and sat in front of the fireplace for a long time last night.
We got to top the night off with watching "How the Grunch Stole Christmas", which is what the boys call it.
They're so excited for Christmas. I have a feeling this will be a long month of asking when Christmas will be.