Bella's Birthday

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this!
Isabella had her 3rd birthday party at the Louisville Equestrian Center.
While their employees and policies definitely left something to be desired, the boys had a great time!
The kids all got a turn to ride on a horse.
They also did a strange game of putting candy in piles of hay for the kids to find, and they got to finger paint a horse and take a group picture. The boys of course wanted nothing to do with the finger painting, goodness forbid they get their hands dirty!

I was worried that my kids would be the ones to have total meltdowns and freak out once they got on the horse. They definitely surprised me. They both took it very serious and had a great time! I think that during the rules portion before we went out to the horses scared them. They explained, no screaming, no flashes or you can spook the horse and make them run or freak out.
 Callum loves horses and one of his favorite stuffed animals is his “boo-boo” horse.
Mammaw gave it to him years ago when he had to have surgery. He was excited that there was a horse that looked just like Boo-Boo.

The boys were so excited to be able to share in the day’s festivities for Noodle’s birthday.

Getting on their helmets and listening to the rules


Birthday girl & her mom Kristen

Waiting their turn


Getting Excited!


Callum on Spot


Taylor couldn’t remember his horse’s name


Callum and his half smile. They were too serious for smiles


Walking through the stables


Looking for candy in the hay


Callum and his loot (we won’t talk about the bad haircut)

Fingerpainted horse


No interest in the getting messy


Faceless blueberry horse cupcake!




Mothers Day

I hope all the moms out there had a great Mother’s Day!
I had a great day.
The sisters and I took my mom and my mother in law out to brunch…well we were going to do brunch. The place we wanted to go didn’t take reservations and when we got there it was an hour to two-hour wait. We decided to drive around and find another place to go.
We ended up going to a place called Mojito Tapas; I thought their food was amazing. I think we were all pretty happy with our change at the last minute.
After lunch we went back to my mom’s house and Josh brought the boys over. We spent the day lounging around in the sun and “swimming” with the boys in my mom and Floyd’s hot tub. Taylor had a blast! Callum isn’t much for swimming. He’s still pretty apprehensive. Taylor knows he can stand up in the middle and walk around so he was good to go. I spent a couple hours in there with him pulling him around and him jumping from the sides to me.
I got some reading in on the new Sookie book and finished it up that night.
It was a perfect day. Definitely what I needed for the weekend.

School has been going pretty good. I wasn’t too happy with my last test score, but that was definitely all my fault. I didn’t put in the time I should have with that test. I thought I was good, but apparently I was wrong!
I’m definitely buckling down more this week and making sure to do my regular studying routine for our test next week.
We’ve started our clinicals this quarter. I really like it. It’s a little nerve wracking jumping right in there, but I like having that hands on training. It helps to feel a little more comfortable with the things that we’re learning in the clinical lab on mannequins.

Today is the ceremony for the President’s Award for 4.0 grades from last quarter. I actually get one! I’m not going to the ceremony since I have to work during the day, but I was so excited to receive one. I worked my butt off for it.

Happy mothers day!! Me & my mom 1981 or so. She's the best
My momma & me around 1981