list of things that made it a good weekend.

* putting up the christmas tree with the boys. They were so excited to have it up and to help decorate.
* getting a WII from my dad and watching the boys play. They were so funny to watch and they had a blast.
* snuggling in bed with the boys and Josh watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
* homemade pumpkin pie & my favorite sweet potatoes ever!
* not fighting any Black Friday crowds!
* spending time with my family.
* getting time to relax on Thanksgiving at Josh's Aunt Mary's while Nana played in the basement with the boys.

The sisters & I with Mom


My Papa & I (my stepdad Floyd)

Thanksgiving 09

The boys & I

Thanksgiving 099

Thanksgiving 0911

Taylor & Daddy


Hanging out watching football

Thanksgiving 096

The boys with my cousin's son Cayden

Thanksgiving 0910

Callum aka Mr Attitude


Potty Training!

We've started what we'd like to call "Potty Training Boot Camp" at our house.
Nana was watching our friend's daughter, now that she's in a daycare Nana is focusing on the boys potty training at home.
Last week was their first week of serious potty training.
We aren't using any diapers or pull ups throughout the day, only for nap and nighttime.
We've cleaned a lot of pee and poop off the floor in the last week.
Callum is really catching on and is doing so awesome! He goes when he has to and tells you when he has to go. He's woke up most mornings with a dry pull up.
Taylor is a little more slow going. He's definitely more stubborn than his brother.
When this began I thought for sure it would be Callum that was more slow going. He was after all the one that said he would rather wait for Santa to bring his Potty Present rather than have to work for it.
Both boys have decided that they'd rather go commando and just wear their pj pants and nothing else.
I've given in and figured at least it's a little less in laundry we'll have to do.
We have to stay on top of Taylor and really get him to sit on the potty often through out the day even if he says he doesn't have to.
Last night the golden quote after asking him to go potty was

"Taylor do you have to potty?"
"Then why are you playing with your penis?"
"Because it's mine!"

I didn't have much of an answer for that one but to tell him to sit on the potty and try to go.

Thoughts of the Future.

Josh graduates in a month! It's been a long road this past two years.
I'm so incredibly proud of him.
He's graduating with just under a 4.0 and with quite a few dean's list certificates under his belt.
I'm sure in a few years he'll want to go back again and possibly get an engineering degree as well.
Right now it's my turn to start investigating school for myself.
I have a meeting next week with an adviser at Galen Nursing School to start their application process.
Ultimately I'd like to get my RN but will start with the LPN process part time.
Their January start date is probably full already so most likely I'll be looking at starting in April.
I'm nervous and excited at the thought of going back to school.
It seems like it's been so long since I've been in school. Let's just hope I can keep up.
Part time LPN programs will take me about 21 months to complete and then another year or so to finish the LPN to RN bridge.
It's time.
I'm ready to have a career instead of just a job.
I love the job I'm at now and hope I can continue working here while I go through school.
I love the people and the environment but have to think about my and my family's future.

Take a Chance!!

I've been drooling over the Kindle! I get a chance to win if I tell you about it so go give it a shot! and maybe we can both win!! It's valued at $259 and if you don't want it, you're crazy!!


For those who may want to know.
The boys wishlist can still be found at Amazon.
I try to keep it current with things they're into right now and update what has been purchased.
I've added some things recently.

Callum & Taylor's Wishlist on Amazon

And, just in case you want to know mine!!

Rhiana's Wishlist

General Stuff

The boys are still dressing up daily.
Josh's Aunt Mary has added a crazy Rockabilly and Gorilla costume to the mix.

They're really into Scooby Doo right now.

Callum has to sleep with: Mickey, his Teddy Bear on specific sides of the bed, at the head of his bed it must be Black Cat, Black Dog, Bulldog, Snoopy & His Boo Boo Horsey (from his testicle surgery) Save us all of any of these can't be found because they have to play with them throughout the day and they always go missing.

Taylor has to sleep with: Mickey, Teddy Bear also on specific sides of the bed, at the head of his bed, Catty Moose (what he named his cat), Bulldog, mini Ming Ming, mini Tuck, mini Linny, Snoopy and sometimes Blue but he can be forgotten and no worries. Save us all if any of these go missing too.
Josh and I get to spend however amount of time to find the missing items or argue with them to go to sleep since they should have been left in their bed regardless.

They're always asking about people's mom's or dad's lately.
They made my mom cry asking about who her mom was.
They are trying to make the connections and understand who everyone's parents are.
They asked about Josh's Dad.
They know his name was Buddy and he isn't alive anymore. He got very sick and didn't get better.

They definitely know how to work me. They are always telling me how much they miss me during the day, or that they will miss me when I leave.
Rip my heart out why don't you! lol
They also know that I'm a sucker for cuddle time and will try to extend their bedtimes by telling me they didn't get any cuddle time.

Their vocabularies are unbelievable. They really shock me sometimes.

The memory on both of them is amazing as well. They can remember things from over a year ago in great detail.

I'm really having to push myself to try and not curse in front of them in any way shape or form.
Hearing them say "what the F" isn't so great either. Mother of the year over here.

Callum has been increasingly whiney lately. I just tell him I can't understand him unless he talks like a big boy and uses his normal talking voice.

They're SO stubborn about potty training. This has been so hard to do.
We have potty charts and rewards and nothing seems to motivate them.
Taylor did sit on the potty three times and got to fill his squares on the chart for some of today with stickers.
Callum just FLAT OUT refuses.
When Nana told them they could pick out a special toy for filling their charts they chose a Buzz for Taylor and Callum chose a Woody.
They told me tonight that they'd rather wait for Santa to bring them.

I'm really really trying to not raise my voice and stay cool and calm.
This is very difficult.
I hate how I sound and I really want to break the cycle.
I don't want them to grow up thinking that's the right way to communicate.
But fuck, sometimes getting heard over two three year olds needs a raised voice.

I really have a hard time feeling like I am molding my kids how I want them to be.
I am sick of people giving me shit or butting in about how things should be handled.

I need to just follow my heart and do what I feel is right.


My sisters, brother in law and husband and I all went to our friends' wedding last weekend.
It was a gorgeous wedding, and totally reflected the bride and grooms personalities.
They had a photo booth set up with props for the guests to take pictures.
It was a great idea and anyone with an upcoming wedding should definitely think about doing something like that!





Happy Halloween!

The boys had a great time on Halloween. We went to my mom's house, who always has her house decorated to the nines!
The boys love Mammaw's house around Halloween. They were excited all day to go to her Halloween Party.
My sisters were both dressed amazing.
Matt looked like a very sad Narwhal. Poor thing just had his gallbladder taken out Friday and was still pretty immobile.
Floyd finished the boys Fire Engine and it looked amazing!
The boys really weren't all that into Trick Or Treating this year and were ready to head back about three houses in.
Taking two three year olds around in costume to collect candy is like wrangling cats.
I won't lie, I was frustrated.
They were getting upset because they wanted in the wagon and didn't want to walk, or thought we were leaving people behind.
But, all in all they had a good time and that's what it's all about!


Hostest with the Mostest, my mom






Totally his father! lol


This was Callum's favorite decoration and he carried it around like a baby doll. It was hilarious. It would say "I can't feel my legs!" Callum of course would respond, "well you don't have any!"


I borrowed my mom's dead bride costume


Josh went as a Sparks lover


Ashley & Matt, the amazing Eskimo and Narwhal



Shannon and Josh were a very awesome Rocky & Bullwinkle.



I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Halloween!!