Dress Up/ What a Difference a Year Makes!

The boys have been dressing up for about a solid week. It's kept the whining that Halloween would never come to a minimum. We got out last years costumes and I bought them some props from the Dollar Store for them to play with.
They've had such a blast and have asked to dress up every day.

This year.


Last Year

Captain Hook & Peter Pan

Halloween Try On

I heard Callum crying in his bed the other night.
I went in his room and sat next to his bed to ask him what was wrong. At first his response was "Nothing Mommy, I don't know" I told him he can talk to me about anything. He then told me "Halloween is NEVER going to come!"
I told him that we had a little over a week still, but we would try on their Halloween costumes the next day when I got home from work.
He was very excited and was able to calm down and go to sleep.

Last night they tried on their costumes. They were both THRILLED with them.
Taylor ran around "saving people" and Callum crawled around, barked and tried to lick people.




My Top Five

The Boppy! This thing was a life saver. When the boys were still little I could put them both on each side, for breastfeeding in the beginning or later for bottle feeding. We still use it around the house! Only now that the boys are three they love to use it as a pillow for around their neck!

A swing, now I would say two swings! The boys had reflux and spent many a night being switched back and forth from swing to mommy. But, not just ANY swing. The boys had to have THEIR swing. They knew if they were in a swing at Mammaw's and her swing just wouldn't do. When we finally blew the motor in our swing we had to go shopping at the thrift stores for the very same swing or life would have been over! Thankfully we found it Once Upon a Child and just put our bucket on it.


Bouncy Seats. We had two thankfully. The reflux made these an absolute must have. They boys slept in them more than I'd like to admit. We called ours the sensory overload bouncy seats. The boys didn't like them to vibrate, and never really played with much on them but the mirror. Blog

The limo stroller. We had the double snap and go. While it was difficult to fit into other people's cars besides our van, this was so great to have. We didn't have to switch the boys from carrier to stroller. My only problem with it now is that we outgrew it much too fast.


Sleeping when the babies slept. This was an absolute must. With Joshua working so early in the morning and the boys sleeping in their bouncy seats, our permanent home was the living room. The boys and I spent months sleeping in the living room.

Louisville Science Center

The boys had a blast at the Kids Zone in the Science Center.
I'm glad we have a pass now, it should come to great use in winter when we don't have much else to do outside.

driving the ambulance


Dr Taylor


taking care of their patient


Callum driving the bus


T driving the bus



the construction zone




getting soaked in the water play area




I am so unbelievably lucky to have the family I do.
When I was younger I wouldn't necessarily have thought so.
They could be embarrassing with how open they were about everything.
I am incredibly grateful to have all of them in my life.
I know if we're having hard times I can turn to anyone in my family for some sort of help.
They're always there with open arms willing to give advice, hugs or monetary help.
I've always been a proud person and will accept help but hate asking for it.
Thank you to all of my family who always help and never make me feel bad for asking.
I am grateful everyday to know that I have such great people in my life.


Taylor loves when I take his picture or record him, Callum usually runs the other way.
Taylor and I did a little series of "interviews".
It was so cute.

Singing Twinkle Twinkle little star

What's your name?

Nose Picker

In the Mystery Machine