Happy Easter!


The boys had a great Easter. They kept telling me that night what a great day they had! That's definitely what it's all about for me.
Saturday the boys and I dyed eggs and cleaned up the house a bit so the bunny could arrive the next morning and not trip over all the toys scattered around the house.
I wasn't too thrilled with the kits that I bought, but they did the job regardless.
While we were dyeing eggs the boys told me that they thought the Easter bunny would steal the eggs we dyed out of the fridge and hide them around the house so Josh planned to wake up early and do just that.


Mr Bunny and I stayed up late that night to stuff eggs for the egg hunt and getting the boys baskets together. I tried to make a last minute trip to the Disney Store on Friday night so the bunny could bring Special Agent Oso and Wolfie instead of the traditional stuffed bunnies for their baskets, but they were sold out. I ended up getting the cutest Thumper stuffed animals that were on sale for $5 a piece. They're so soft and cuddly!

Sunday morning Josh woke me up with "the boys are downstairs!" He heard them talking about their movies in their baskets. I couldn't believe it! They never get up in the morning without waking us up, even on Christmas morning. Thankfully Josh is a light sleeper.
They were so excited. The holidays are so much more fun getting to watch their excitement and joy in their eyes. It makes all the stressing about getting everything together worth it.
I was able to distract them for a little bit so Josh could hide the dyed eggs like we had planned and then we set them loose. Somehow they were still a bit wet and left us all with blue fingers!






Unfortunately, we got a call early in the morning that I missed that my mom was going to have to cancel Easter at her house. We've had a ridiculous amount of rain here in Louisville lately and there is flooding everywhere. They had one of their sumps go out and flood their basement. They had been up all night trying to make sure they were turning on.
I started calling my sisters to figure out what we wanted to do. We ended up having everyone at our house for the day.
Cue me running around cleaning even more like a crazy person. Thankfully I had started some cleaning Saturday, but not what I deemed enough to have 15 people in my house! I started de-doghairing the couches, vacuuming, mopping and wiping everything down. Josh ran to Kroger to get a small turkey and some sodas and dinner rolls and started cooking when he got back.
He made the most amazing Horseradish mashed potatoes. YUM!



Bunny Ears!

Because of all the rain we ended up having to do the other egg hunt with the plastic eggs for the kids indoors. They really didn't seem to mind at all.




It turned out to be a really good day with the family. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

We actually got to get outside for a little bit before the rain started again.
Taylor got himself a good boo boo after running around. We think he slipped and then went head first into the side of my sister's car! I'm a mean mommy and couldn't help but laugh. Thankfully he wasn't hurt too bad, he just scuffed up his knee a bit. It was the beginning of him having a slight melt down. I think all the candy and not eating real food most of the day will do that to you.




Candy Overload!



Going ons.

I’ve definitely been neglecting my blog writings lately. With school and work, I don’t have much time to get online anymore.
Things are going really good. I aced my first quarter with a 4.0! It was a hard quarter, getting back into the swing of things and really studying my butt off.
I have been pretty much a hermit throughout the first quarter. There were many nights of frustration, second-guessing myself, and some tears. My “anatomy” class (that was actually called Integration of Human Sciences) was rough, even though it was an introduction and not full blown anatomy it was a LOT to learn.
I have a whole five day break until school starts back up Monday. This second quarter we have Fundamentals and we start our clinical rotation. I got my clinical assignment yesterday. I will be at a nursing home in Indiana every Wednesday night from 5-11. I have a feeling Wednesday nights I am going to pass out from exhaustion, since I fight with insomnia most nights, I can hope that’s the case.

The boys are doing great. Nana has been on a seven cruise to Belize, Honduras, Mexico and the Keys (that bitch! I’m a little jealous) this week so we’ve been adjusting to just being the four of us. She made them a calendar for each day of the week so they can cross off and know when she’s coming home. It also shows them where she is on that day, whether she’s on the ship or on a plane. It’s really cute. It’s been nice to just be the four of us. We’ve been sitting at the dining room table to eat dinner every night and the boys have really enjoyed that. I’ve loved being able to have that time with them, since I normally don’t get home until it’s almost bedtime.

They’ve been going back to their preschool this week half days. They’ve really enjoyed seeing all their old friends and the teachers. Since Josh was laid off they’ve been spending the days with Josh and Nana, so this was a nice change.
I was so hesitant about putting them in a chain daycare before they started going there, but the staff really makes the place. We’ve loved it for them.

 The boys have been working on word cards and are really getting great at recognizing most letters and can spell a couple of words. They can also read basic stories that Nana has written and practiced with them. It’s so amazing to watching them figuring this out.

Joshua and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this week! It’s gone by so fast it seems. We’ve had our fair sure of triumph and challenges and we’re still chugging along. He is such a great partner, husband, dad, and friend. I feel lucky everyday. He knows all of the bad and good things about me, loves me madly and has such patience.
We have our moments of course, not everything is sunshine and rainbows…but I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

Best time of my day
All my boys

Cuddletime watching Star Wars



Pre Derby Time

It's that time of year again here for us Louisvillians.
I can't say that I am all that ecstatic to deal with all the extra traffic and craziness around town, but the boys are old enough now to enjoy a lot of the pre Derby celebrations leading up to the big horse race.

Last night the grandmas took the boys to a pre Thunder kick off party that they were having at Bowman's Field. They had bounce houses, slides, firetrucks, giveaways and retailers peddling their brand. The theme this year has something to do with Superheroes, that's definitely up the boys alley.

They also had a lot of the planes used in the air show for Thunder. The boys had a blast. Mammaw got to tell them about their Grandpa John riding in some of those planes when he was in the air force and they thought that was super cool.

They brought home each a bag full of more junk toys to fill up their playroom that Aunt Ashley & I had just finished doing a sneak attack on while they were gone. I couldn't help but laugh.

Nana forgot to bring her camera but she took some pictures on her cell phone. She still has an old flip phone, but these came out pretty good considering.

The boys and grandmas @ Thunder kick off

Taylor serious fireman


Creepy Ronald
Creepy Ronald! I hate clowns anyway.....