We went Saturday and had our pictures taken. They came out really great. I loved our family picture. I'm still debating what to show everyone since I may use them as our Christmas cards :)
I figured we only used the boys last year....so this time we can use a family picture.
I can't believe how fast our long weekend went. It was so great to spend so much time with the boys.
Josh went out Saturday night and the boys and I watched Happy Feet and danced together and had a good time. (besides them biting me) Taylor is such a momma's boy right now. He would get so mad if I just danced with Callum. I had to hold a hand of each of theirs. Callum was perfectly fine if I just danced with Taylor and he would dance along side of us and laugh....but Taylor would just scream and throw a fit! lol
I can't believe how big the boys were compared to their second cousins. Seeing them all together on Thanksgiving was a hoot. We definitely have some little linebackers.
Josh's cousin swore we must be feeding them steroids.

Thanksgiving 2007

November 22 2007 013

We had a really good day all around. The boys were pretty awesome all day. They ate a ton of food. We went to Josh's Aunt Mary's and the boys got to play with their second cousins that are twins also. They are about a month older than the boys but SO much smaller.

We ate a ton at his Aunts and the boys got to play and then we headed to my mom's. We got there before my sister and brother in law. My mom tried to "help" my stepdad with the turkey so we ate about an hour later than they had planned. But, it was really nice to just hang out and relax.
The food was awesome and it was really good to spend time with the family.
The boys loved playing with Aunt Ashley.
We found out that we have little olive addicts on our hands. They ate a ton of black olives.
Taylor was calling Grandma "Mammaw" when I would tell him we were going to grandma's.
Callum also pointed out her Mammaw and called her Mammaw and pointed out my Pappaw and called him Pappaw off my mom's wall of pictures. That was really strange.
The boys totally LOVE their Pappaw. Floyd was so great with them. They had such a good time.
My mom cried when Callum went up and gave Floyd a big ole kiss. It was so cute.

We haven't done a darn thing today but hang around the house. It's been nice to just relax.
We sent Josh's mom with some money and instructions to get us an external drive that was on sale at Target....but they were already sold out when they got there at 5am!
I finally got around to getting pictures off the camera again.
Darn this job and them keeping me so busy! lol

Taylor and Mommy are silly

Taylor being all angelic

Callum watching Daddy play

Cheesin for Mommy

I swear these kids curl their lashes when I’m not looking

my favorite face that Taylor makes right now

Callum mad that his football was under the table
No matter how awful of sleepers my boys are. (kickers, smackers and squealers all through the night) I just love waking up to see those cute faces next to me.
Yesterday morning right when Taylor woke up he gave me a kiss. This morning Callum was in bed with me and he got up and moved closer and cuddled with me for a little while.
It's funny. If one of them is in my room and the other is out in the living room with Nana, once they are both awake they babble really loudly to each other like to let each other know they're awake. They seem to know what they're talking about even if it's just jibber jabber to me. It's so fun to watch that communication between them.


If you ask Taylor what a cow says he can moo!! He also knows to say moo if he sees the cow in his book.
like this


Taylor saying bye

Callum playing in leaves on Halloween

Halloween 2007

the boys 10-31-07 (6)

the boys 10-31-07 (44)

the boys 10-31-07 (28)
Nana and the boys