3009 Arjay

My husband and I have taken one of the largest steps, (besides having the boys of course) of our relationship!
We are now homeowners!
The process went much faster than we had anticipated.
The first house we saw was "the one".
We went and looked at a few others, not feeling comfortable to just go with the very first house we saw.
As soon as we looked at a few others, we knew that it was the one for us.
I'm so excited!
We've been talking to the boys about each night, trying to get them used to the idea.
They've asked a million questions about each thing in the house that they want to know if it is coming to the new house.
We keep telling them EVERYTHING, but they ask about each item.
It's pretty cute.
We've asked them what color they want their new room. Taylor wanted blue, Callum responded first with black. It was hilarious, Josh quoted Beetlejuice of course. "my life is one big black darkroom".
I don't think I feel comfortable with painting a three year old's room black just yet.
Callum now says he wants yellow.
They change their minds each time we ask them.
The seller has to stay in the house until the 15th, she's waiting to close on her new place.
She'll be paying us a prorated amount for each day she's there.

Now on to packing and moving!


On a lighter note, we got the boys first ever school pictures.
They were so cute.
They even took one of the two of them together.
I really didn't expect them to do that, it came out pretty cute.

Preschool 2010

Taylor, our ham bone.
Taylor 2010 2

Taylor 2010

Callum with his hair all in his face.

Callum 2010 2


Memorial Fund


I've set up a way to donate to help my cousin Danielle and her husband Matthew with the costs of the memorial for their precious angel Keilyn.

If you would like to donate, anything, even a small amount will help.
He owns his own lawn company and she is a third grade teacher.

Thank you for all the love you've sent my and my family's way.
It's been greatly appreciated.


No family should ever have to endure this.

My cousin gave birth to a beautiful daughter Sunday morning. Keilyn Alannah was born at 10:23 am weighing over 8 pounds.
She born a healthy little girl.
The picture below was taken the day she was born.


I received a call this morning that she has passed away last night.

My pain for Danielle is just breaking my heart.

My heart is aching for them.

She would have been a great mom to baby Keilyn.
Life is unfair.


The boys informed me a while back that they have a girlfriend.
Not one of them has a girlfriend, and the other has a different girl.
NO. She is THEIR girlfriend.
Her name is Alexis.
They always talk about Alexis, what Alexis did that day, if Alexis was in school or not, how she shares and how much they like her.
While the boys were sick for two weeks this month when I called in the codirector Theresa told me that Alexis's mom took her home that day.
Because when they showed up and Alexis saw her boyfriends weren't in school she refused to stay! ha.
Dayum boys.
Alexis's birthday was yesterday. I couldn't take the boys to her party since it was during work hours, but Nana took them to her birthday party at a park.
I've finally gotten to see a picture of my future only daughter in law, cause apparently they are both marrying her.
Alexis's parents are from Germany and both speak German. She is also bilingual which is pretty awesome.
My mother in law said it was the best kids party she's been too, and being an early childhood educator for many years, she's been to a fair share.
She said it was pretty laid back and the kids had a great time.
They brought home little penny banks that they painted and lots of little toys in their goody bags.
They also came home talking ALL about Alexis of course!
Nana said the whole time Alexis kept calling for the boys "where are my twins?" "my twins, lets go play!"

This is so adorable. I am sure when we have real first girlfriends I may not think it's so cute!


Taylor left refusing to look at the camera, Alexis and Callum


Going through old photos while I was waiting for flickr to upload I came across this video from when the boys were first born.
When were my almost four year old crazy little boys this TEENY!

Getting to know YOU

I just decided to start participating in this. I have seen it on quite a few blogs and decided it would be something fun and new to do over here.

The questions..

1. Mens chests..hairy or hairless?
2. How often do you run red lights?
3. If you could raid any celebrity's closet..whose would you raid?
4. Would you rather have more followers/friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog?
5. What makes you feel sexy?
6. I get excited when...........?
7. Are you the "outdoorsy" type or more "indoorsy"?
8. Would you rather have your dream home or a million dollars?

My answers:
1. Hairy or hairless? Gonna have to go with hairy. My husband has some fur, nothing crazy...but a little bit of hair is nice.
2. Red light running? Can I plead the fifth? In my defense, I swear they were yellow!
3. Celebrity closet raid? This is a really hard one. I have a slight crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt, and really all of her clothes are usually timeless and very classy but comfortable looking....so I'll go with her.
4. I would say on my blog. Twitter is so impersonal really. Facebook I do use daily and I already have plenty of friends on there from high school, family and old friends.
5. My husband is pretty good at making me feel sexy. I think feeling confident in myself and having a good day really help as well.
6. I get excited when ... my kids are excited, my tattoo artist comes to town, good things happen to the people I love.
7. I am a bit of both. I am not much a rugged outdoorsy type of girl, but I do like to camp now and then.
8. I'd definitely take the cash! I can build or buy our dream home for much less than a million!!


I apologize for all of the pictures being unavailable.
I have received some emails from someone on Flickr about people using the boys pictures without my permission.
This really creeped me out and has me changing all of their picture to "friends only" or private on flickr.
This is something that has bothered me from the beginning with sharing things about my family on public forums.
For now all of the pictures will be unavailable unless we are friends on flickr then you should be able to click on them to go to the flickr account.
This will have to stay like this until I figure out a solution I am more comfortable with.
Thank you


We had a great Easter.
The boys were very excited for the Easter festivities to begin and were so excited to see their baskets in the living room when they woke up.
Taylor exclaimed that once the Easter Bunny delivered their baskets he had to hop back to the mall so he could be there for other children.
We woke early for the baskets and so Josh could make his mash potatoes that have become a staple at our family functions.
He does make the best mashed ever.
I love the family functions with my family. They are usually very laid back and we all can just sit around and laugh and talk and enjoy each other's company.
Unfortunately my mom wasn't feeling very well and had to go up and take a nap half through the day, but she didn't miss the boys egg hunt.


Egg Dyeing

The boys didn't remember dyeing eggs last year.
Taylor was very into it, Callum was so so about the whole thing this year.
Taylor orchestrated and directed where he wanted everyone's eggs to be and appointed himself in charge of when they needed to come out and where to place to dry.
They had a lot of fun doing them and would have kept going had we boiled more than a dozen.
Taylor did NOT want to eat his egg that had his name and threw a fit when Nana wanted to crack it for him. He decided he was just going to hang on to it for a while.