37 weeks 2 days

needless to say i'm at work again today.
i called my doctor's office yesterday to send over something saying i would be out starting today...and they never called me back....my boss was in and out all day and the accounting lady left early and i have some things i have to go over with her before i go.
so TODAY is my last day. no matter what.
my feet really do feel like they're broken. not the bottoms of them, the tops of my feet feel like they're broken. it hurts if water sprays on them in the shower and it kills to wear shoes.
i have pig feet. they're huge.
we went to my mom's last night and did laundry and i hung out in mom's hottub. it was lovely. she lowered the temp for me starting the night before so it was about 91 in there. i've taken hotter baths...but the jets on my back and my feet were amazing. it was nice to feel weightless.
josh hung out with floyd in the garage for most of our time and played with floyd's new welder he bought so they can do some body work on his classic car he has in the garage.
only FIVE more days to go! oh my goodness!
i haven't started having dreams about yet.....i had dreams about other people having surgery...so that's weird.
i actually slept really good last night. i went to bed with josh when we got home around 10:30 or so and it was great to sleep until almost 3 or so before i got up to pee.
doc appointment tomorrow for another and last ultrasound and visit with the doc.