this is me officially pouting that i can't go to the kentucky state fair :(
it starts on the 17th i think....and goes to the end of the month. too bad it hurts for me to even walk around a store now.
i won't get to go and see all the animals.
although.....josh did bring up a good point...that at least next year we will have almost one year olds to bring to see all the pigs, chickens, llamas, cows and such.

i never ride on fair rides....because as i've gotten older i've gotten paranoid....and just more aware at how unstable those things are.
but....i do wish i could at least go and get a GIANT corndog! and maybe a fried snickers.

ok i guess i'm done pouting.

i went at lunch to try and find some slip on sandals that would fit my big fat feet.
i didn't find anything.

i did walk around all the baby stuff at marshalls....didn't find anything there either.
although a boppy was only $15 there....i may go back and get one and then get a cover that i like.