I look god awful in this I think, I didn't do my hair and was still feeling like total crap.
This was at my mom's Sunday while we were doing laundry.
i swear some clothes make me look really pregnant and others i just look fat!
so here I am Sunday, two days shy of 24 weeks. I actually look pretty pregnant in this!

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24 weeks

So I had my appointment this afternoon. We got another ultrasound. They both look great!
They are weighing a bit different now, that is something that they want to monitor. Callum is weighing 1lb2oz and Taylor is weighing 1lb7oz.
I was just relieved to see that they are both alive and growing and doing well.
I've now lost seven pounds total since last Monday. I wasn't too happy about that. But, they told me to just keep up my fluid intake and the babies are fine.
I was actually able to eat some ritz crackers this afternoon.
The doctor measured my tummy and I am at 24 weeks but measuring at 32 weeks! WOW. So I am measuring like if I had a singleton I would almost be done!
They gave us another CD full of pictures. I asked the tech to check and make sure that they are still boys! haha. You never know, they could have made a mistake. There was no mistaking it this time!
They are definitley boys! They were laying right on top of each other this time. It was so cute. Taylor was basically using Callum's face as a pillow!
You could see that their ribs are starting to grow in strong and is starting to shade the heart.
They were crazy active like usual and it took her a while to get all the measurements that they wanted.
My cervix is measuring at 5cm and they were pleased with that.
The doc checked out my throat again and said it doesn't look abcessed and that the antibiotics are doing their job and I am just going to have to wait it out while it runs its course.

Ok, On to some sonogram pictures!

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a beautiful profile

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a baby foot

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two baby feet! they look just like their daddy's feet

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someone laying on someone's face

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an arm

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well even though my doctor's note had excuse from work from the 15th to the 22nd i had every intention of going in today.
then i woke up and started the day with trying to clear my throat and throwing up.
my throat is still swollen, today is the last day of my Z pack.
i still can't eat any solid foods and if i do throw caution and eat it anyway i throw it back up in the matter of about 10 to 20 minutes.
so, here's to another day of sitting here at the house. thankfully i don't have a fever.
i have an ultrasound appointment at 230 and then an appt to see my OB at 3.
i'm hoping that they don't find me too dehydrated or anything. i have been trying to keep up on my water and eating tons of popscicles. those are my only two saving graces.
anything else that goes in the tummy is rejected.
yesterday i was totally brazen as we did laundry and i tried to drink a diet coke, i have no clue what i was thinking. i think i just hoped that some small amount of caffeine would cure me. that of course didn't stay in for very long either.
thankfully the boys have been active, or at least one of them have so i haven't worried too badly about how they are doing in there. i just can't wait to see for myself this afternoon.
the joy of strep throat in pregnancy, what fun it has been.
i wonder how much more weight i've lost this past week, from monday to thursday morning it had been four pounds. my mom said my face looks noticebly skinnier.

i just hope that they haven't forgotten about me at work.
no one has called to check on me at all, or seemed to care that whenever i do try to check in all i get is their voicemails.
i went back to the doctor this morning, she changed my meds and hopefully that will clear things up. i told her i haven't gone to work and if she could write me a note that would be great.
she said good and she doesn't want me at work right now anyway.
so i am out from work til monday at least, doctor's strict orders.
they didn't tell me, but i noticed that from my visit monday i lost four pounds.
she said to keep drinking tons of water and keep myself hydrated and eat popscicles.
i told her that i can't eat anything else.
she used the doppler and found both boy's heartbeats, i was really happy to hear that.
she said she could tell one was faster than the other but they were both so active and kicking the doppler and not staying still. so thankfully they are doing just fine!
i went by walgreens to drop off my prescription and picked up some gatorade and ensure.
i really would love a big mac but i know that it would be so hard to eat and probably would make me just cry. so, i'll stick to the liquids and maybe eat a couple pieces of cheese.
my temp was normal so that was good, i told her about it spiking and she said as long as it doesn't stay high long and goes down then it's nothing to worry about.
so that was good to hear.
i just want to be able to eat real food and enjoy it.
but, as long as the boys are getting what they need i'm happy.
and yay i get to see oprah's episode today about your husband sleeping with your best friend. haha
ok this is funny, family feud is twin's week.
ok gotta love daytime tv.
my fever has been below 100 so far today. so that's good. i was at 99.8 last night when i checked before bed and it said 98 something this morning.
i just tried to do the salt water gargle to help the swelling of my lymph nodes. needless to say i ended up puking in the sink. it was awful and now my throat really burns something awful.
this is my third day missing work. i guess they expect it because of the pregnancy, i hate missing this much time and i am almost out of paid time off. i have to be safe for the babies sake and be able to monitor my temp and just relax and try to get better.
joshua went and got me a slushee last night before dinner. i couldn't drink much of it and i felt bad. he had to drive to timbucktwo to find the thing and i couldn't even finish it!
i ate a small bowl of mac & cheese and one bite of chicken. i haven't attempted to eat anything this morning yet and after that puking session i may wait a bit.
i have these wonderful dark circles under my eyes and i must look like a vision of beauty.
my ears are in so much pain today, even though the doc said it was just radiating from my throat and i don't actually have an ear infection, although she didn't really look in my ears.

being pregnant with twins is just so taxing on your body, being pregnant with twins and having a fever and being sick is just a whole other ballgame. it's so exhausting.
i've never been so miserable when i was sick in my whole life.


23 weeks

i would kill for someone to get me a power punch plus smoothie.
i can't swallow regular food.
i ate some kix this morning after letting them sog and other than that i've been surviving on popscicles.
my fever keeps spiking and i'm so dizzy i'm afraid to take a shower.
i haven't been able to get on the computer most of the day because i just don't have the energy to read.
i feel pathetic.

in other news today is 23 weeks, one week from six months!
feel like total crap.
i haven't been able to swallow because my lymph nodes are all swollen. turns out i have strep throat and a fever.
it hurts to eat or drink.

i finally got a pb&j down and now the boys aren't too happy.
i feel sick to my stomach, either from the antibiotics and tylenol or just that the only thing i can eat is pb&j.

i have to remember to keep drinking water or gatorade even though it hurts like hell to swallow.

the boys are moving like crazy today.
next monday i have another ultrasound and appointment to check on the boys.
i have to go back to the doctor thursday for them to check out my throat again.
i have the worst heartburn.
what i have eaten today.......
a sesame bagel w/ cream cheese at 8am
1 lemon mini muffin (and i mean really really mini)at around 10am
small lunch size of blueberry yogurt around 1:00pm
small lunch size fruitcup around 1:15pm

but...i did have a small cup of coffee this morning....and i have been sucking back tons of water.
they just hate me.
i can't eat anything.

i told josh they were kicking me in the ribs this morning and making me cry.
he said they wanted a big mac.
i told him that even if i ate one to appease them it would just make me want to puke for the rest of the day.
i have the worst sour throat feeling.

they have been kicking like crazy lately!
josh felt them kicking his hand the other night. that was so amazing.
they were kicking my hand last night while i had it resting on my belly. either they don't like us blocking "the view" or they are like....hey we're cramped enough!! move it!
Dear Boys,

Please stop kicking your mommy in the ribs. It makes me feel nauseous and double over in pain. I am so happy to be able to feel you two moving around and being so active today! But, if you could please just kick a little lower...that would be great!


22 weeks

i'm so exhausted today. i stayed home yesterday because i felt like i had a bladder problem coming on. it ended up being nothing, i drank a ton of water and felt fine.
i stayed home and slept some and then watched tv. it is really not a good idea to watch a baby story or bringing home baby while pregnant. i used to love those shows before....but now i think it just overwhelms me or scares me.
i am feeling totally gross lately. i need to dye my hair tonight and try and get a haircut SOON. my hair is out of control. i am getting bigger in the tummy area...but still not very big. everyone is surprised when i say i am over five months with twins.
uh...i dunno....they keep saying i look fine...so i guess i'll just keep taking the docs word on it. i don't have another appointment until the 22nd.
i've been feeling a ton more movement. i can feel kicks most of the day now. josh thinks he felt a kick outside of my belly last night! how exciting is that?!
it hurts to bend over to much now...they don't like me bending forward and squishing them.

this day cannot be over quick enough.

we went and stalked out the barnstable brown party friday night. we got to see Ludacris going into our local gas station K's...that was really cool. Kristen was like sup Luda....he just nodded and said sup. hehe.
Jerry O'Connell is really short in person. He was the only nice celebrity that actually walked along all the "little" people and gave hugs and took pictures...that was really awesome of him.
i got jermaine dupri to say hi to me...that was neat. we saw a ton of people again this year....but they had it set up totally different so it was harder to see them...and they weren't as close as they were last year.
it was fun to hang out with everyone and have some laughs.
let's not even discuss how awful my ankles looked by the end of the evening.....i think i scared my sister....she was like put up your feet....drink some water, as soon as we got back.
it was cute. i haven't stayed up that late in forever. we didn't get home until almost 2am....that is just unheard of for me anymore.

21 weeks 1 day

Ok, now if you know Joshua and I, you know that we aren't exactly typical soccer parents.
I am sure once I look more pregnant we will get plenty more stares. Myself with tattoos and the septum piercing, my love with all his tattoos, stretched ears, facial piercings. I can only imagine what people think as far as what type of parents we'll be. I have read things and heard people's ignorance already. They assume that we will pierce our children young...or allow them to just run around like crazy kids. We had already discussed if we were having girls that we wouldn't pierce their ears until they requested it....even with Joshua being a piercer. That is something that is someone's personal choice...and I would NEVER allow my kids to get their ears pierced by some teeny bopper in a Claires that has had 30 minutes of training with a filthy ear gun. My mom waited until all of us ASKED for our ears to be pierced.

With all that being said....we will of course dress them in things that are cutesy baby stuff...and things that are more "us" so to speak. At least until they get older and can start picking out their own clothes!
So, Joshua has already bought two little onesies with Future Jedi Master on the front since he LOVES Star Wars. They really are cute.

But....the BEST BABY ONESIES EVER are the ones that my love and great friend made for us!
She posted pictures of them this morning and I just love them to pieces!!

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They are the cutest ever!!!!!!!! Notice how one has a nose and one doesn't?!
I love them! Nothing like baby clothes that are punk rock and just plain adorable....and made with lots of love from their Tia Kerry!

21 weeks

I am always on here but for some reason I don't do very many updates.
I had my appointment last week. I was just pissed at the whole experience.
I got there for my appointment early like you are supposed to....I waited about 40 minutes until they brought me back to check my BP, take urine and check my weight. They then brought me to the room to wait another 10 or 15 minutes for the doctor. I had never seen this particular doctor before...apparently my doctors that I have seen before were all either on vacation or busy that day so they put me with this lady. She was like oh twins, were they planned? I was like no just my luck of the draw. Then she was like...so why are you here today? They must be hyper about your cervix. I was like...I guess so...they want me to come pretty regularly to check it since I am having twins. She only brought in the doppler to try and hear heartbeats...which of course doesn't really work to find two heartbeats. So then she was like lets see if we can hear this baby? I was like? babies? Then she corrected herself....my cervix was fine...she said I would probably have an U/S for them to check it...I told her they already had. She asked if I had surgery on my cervix before? uhhh...no.
So that was about it. I asked and expressed my concern about my ankles being so swollen...she said they weren't concerned because my BP has been just fine and for me to continue drinking water.

All that waiting and I got a doctor who didn't even look at my chart before I got there.
She had no idea why I was there....and acted like my doctors were hyper to be checking my cervix so regularly. Needless to say I was agitated.

Anywho.....so for this past weekend. We had a nice weekend. We had the Cherokee Triangle art fair that was going on just one street over from us. Josh got up early Saturday and walked to the bookstore and got a new book. I slept in until about 11 and then got up and got dressed and we walked around the art fair for a while. We then walked back up to the bookstore so I could look around and then we walked to Dairy Queen. It was a real nice day. My mom ended up having spare time so we went that day and picked up our cribs and mattresses. We got them all on sale so we still have some money left over from what my Pappaw sent for cribs.
I sent him an email thanking him, told him that we got a deal and had money left over and that mom could send him a check for the remaining amount...he of course said he was sure there were more things we could find that the twins need.

We went Sunday and picked up the grill at Sears that Josh has had his eye on. It was on sale for about $60 cheaper so he had to have it. We also went and got our closet organizer for our room so we could move all of our miscellaneous crap out of what will be the babies room.
So Sunday evening he got to put together the closet organizer and the grill.
We haven't put the cribs together yet. I think he may do that while he is off today.

I have been feeling pretty good. I was real tired this morning and I really wanted to just stay in bed.
My sciatic nerve was acting up yesterday and it really hurt to walk on my right leg.
I am craving caramel popcorn.
I still really need to find some more maternity clothes. I am having a much harder time wearing my bigger tshirts...they are starting to get to small on me. We went and checked out Old Navy's maternity section this weekend and I wasn't impressed at all....they hardly had anything that I liked.