Five Months Old

Five Months Old
January 29 2007

My sweet boys. You are five months old! Time is just whizzing past and I can't believe how fast you are both growing.
Taylor my cuddle bug, you have four teeth now! You are still just as talkative and such a happy baby. You smile all the time and you just recently figured out how to blow rasberries and just love it. You rolled over for the first time a couple days ago! I took a picture right afterwards. You and Callum were laying on the blanket on the floor with all your toys and you were reaching for something and you went right over. You did it again this week. Soon enough you're going to be rolling everywhere on your own! Although you don't like it when you roll to your tummy since you don't like tummy time very much! You'd rather be on your back getting at your feet! Your feet are almost always damp from you chewing on the feet of your pjs. For the most part you wake up a happy boy just smiling away.

Callum, you sweet boy. You have three of your front teeth and are still working on the fourth one. You both have been so miserable teething. Hopefully it will get better soon. You just love sitting with your daddy or I. You have been laughing so much lately. You find everything funny. You sleep in your swing mostly, with the teething it's what seems to soothe you so you can get some sleep. You are a champ at holding up your head and you love tummy time. You poor thing, you wake up like your mommy! It takes you a little while to wake up and get into a good mood.
You LOVE the jumperoo that grandma got you guys for Christmas. You just jump away in it. It looks like you're dancing. It just cracks daddy and I up.

Neither of you are sleeping through the night for the most part. Mommy is still sleeping in the living room with you both. Hopefully we can transition to the crib soon! I figure that once we start some solids that maybe you will sleep through the night and not wake up for a bottle at 3 in the morning.
Daddy is great and leaves his door open so he can get up to help if I can't get to someone fast enough. You both have quick tempers and aren't very happy when I can't get your bottles as fast as you'd like to have them!
We'll be having our first move with you guys real soon, but I'll be able to write about that more in your next letter.

You are both such a joy to Dad and I. We have adored watching you grow from such little newborns to such big aware babies. You are such gorgeous babies. Everyone just fawns over you when we take you anywhere. I can't blame them, I may be biased but you are both such handsome little boys. You melt my heart everyday. I love you both so very much. I am so excited to watch you two grow up.

my favorite pictures of the day.

Taylor rolled over for the first time today!!!

what a beautiful baby if i may say so myself.
Callum finally smiling and showing off his teeth!!

Taylor giving mommy big smiles and trying to grab the camera
My boys are growing so darn fast. I haven't taken pictures very much lately. I have a few on the camera that I need to take off.
Taylor was cranky yesterday, Nana told me when I got home that she thought his teeth were bothering him. So I checked in his mouth and sure enough his two top ones are coming in now! I can't believe that at not yet 5 months that he's going to have four teeth already!!!
Callum's second bottom tooth is still taking it's time breaking through, but it's just right there and his poor gums are so swollen.
I stopped on my way home from work yesterday and bought some Hyland's Teething tablets and some new teething rings for them to chew on. They loved the ones my mom bought to keep at her house.

We did so much running around last night. We went by Once Upon a Child to see if they had anything good....I didn't find anything I liked. Josh of course looked at all the baby costumes! haha. poor boys.
Then we went to Goodwill and donated four storage bins full of clothes and toys. It was mostly things that people gave to me, I picked through and these were all the things that we didn't want to keep....or things that the boys have grown out of that we didn't think Once Upon a Child would take. We went into Goodwill to look around and I found a tshirt and Josh found a couple books.

We cleaned the office and then went to the grocery store to get a couple things and baby formula.
We finally got back home around 9 and I played with Callum until we went to bed. I got to sleep the whole night!! I swear on the mornings after getting a full nights sleep I am extra tired.

My stomach has been really upset lately. I've felt bloated non stop and have had to pee a million times a day. If I wasn't on the Nuvaring I would be worried and take a pregnancy test........even with the Nuvaring I almost want to take one just in case.
A year ago today we found out I was pregnant.
It was a Sunday and Josh and I had spent the whole day together like we normally did on weekends. I can't remember what we did that day. We had spent Saturday night with my family and friends of the family for my mom's 50th birthday celebration. We had been spending about a month looking for an apartment so that we could finally start our lives living together. I was living with my parents from my move up from Florida and he was living with our friends Kristen and Jesse.
I had driven home after our day together and just felt real weird. I decided to stop by Walgreens and buy a pregnancy test. I had done this before usually with a negative to tell me that maybe I was just worn out and making things up in my head. This time it was different. I just had this feeling. I went back to my house and went in the bathroom with the test. Both lines came up. I started crying. I called in my little sister to look at the test because I just couldn't believe my eyes. She confirmed it for me. I cried and cried sitting on the lid of the toilet for quite some time. I couldn't believe it. We weren't even living together yet and I was living at home. I knew that we weren't ready for a child.
I drove from my house back to his house...with the test in a bag. I decided to leave the test in the car since that was kind of gross. But I knocked and tried to not show that I had been crying. I told him I had to talk to him alone. We went into his room and I just started to cry, he just looked at me and I finally just blurted "i'm pregnant"
He hugged me and told me that we would be ok and that he loved me. We sat and talked about what we were going to do. We knew we loved each other. I knew that no matter what I was having this baby. It was made from our love....there was no other option to me. I know that Josh was scared. He was finally getting his child support squared away for his son. He felt like there was no way he could take care of another child. We were both excited but real worried about how we would do this.
We sat there and just held each other for hours. I cried. I of course had to go home and just keep quiet. We figured we would wait until I moved out for us to tell everyone, even though that would be hard with me not lifting quite as much.
Neither of us could imagine what our first doctor visit would reveal! About a week later I had been feeling just awful and we decided to go to the doctor. I was so worried that something was wrong with our baby. Josh saw on the screen before I did. Finally the tech said it out loud. You're having twins!!!!!

I have found my purpose in life. These little boys are my purpose, they are my everything.
I'm so glad that I waited until this point in my life to have kids. They weren't planned but were definitely wanted. I wanted these boys with all of my heart. Joshua is my love and I am so happy that we get to share this. It came a lot faster than we had imagined.....I wanted to be married first. But things happen for a reason.
I couldn't imagine it going any other way.
I showed my mom this picture today to tell her how much I think the boys look like me in this picture.
She agreed and told me a bit about where it was taken and where they were in life at the time. I wanted to save it so I can remember.

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Mom: gawd i love that picture, it was taken at rainey lakes in canada
and i was so madly in love with your father then he was so gorgeous too, we took a vacation
we had just picked him up in KY at Jans house, visited with her and brionne was just a baby then went to MPLS and canada, he flew into louisville worked out well, it was may and i had also taken judy up to jans with dani as a little baby 3 months old maybe to live with jan for a while Judy was real sick after living with Radcliff and his drugs for so long it was around mothers day cuz i remember stopping along the way and calling my mom and wishing her a happy mothers day

(I don't get to hear a lot of stories like this since my parents divorced when I was 9 and I don't remember where pictures were taken or what was going on. It's nice to hear little snippets like this sometimes.)
The boys had their four month appointment today. They both had four shots a poor babies. The nurse was pleased with their development. She sorta dismissed me when I mentioned that they were teething until she did the check in the ears and then went to check their mouths and was like oh my weren't kidding. Apparently they have a lot of moms that think their babies are teething early.....
Taylor weighed in at 15lbs 14.2oz putting him in the 70th percentile. He measured 26 inches putting him in the 85th percentile.
Callum weighed in at 13lbs 11.6oz putting him in the 30th percentile. He measured at supposedly 24 inches (which i think she did wrong) putting him in the 20th percentile.
Both of their head measurements were right around 17 inches.

They are growing so fast. They just amaze me everyday. Taylor is sitting up on his own for short spurts. When he gets real mad he'll sit himself up as well which just cracks me up.
They are little snuggle bugs tonight after their shots.

They're starting to look more alike as they've grown.

Callum looks like a smaller Taylor
the boys are being wonderful. goodness i love those little guys.
i appreciate the days that Nana is there to help, but i feel like i don't get as much time with them. last night we switched off babies so i would have time with each of them.
i know they are going to grow so fast before our eyes and one day i'm going to realize i have kids going into kindergarten. it breaks me heart to even think it. i want to be able to snuggle and kiss my boys as long as they'll let me.
i know there will be a day when it's embarrassing to have mom loving on you like that.
until then i'll cover them with kisses every second i can.
i don't want to rush anything....but i can't wait til this summer so we can start taking them to the zoo.
The boys were so good yesterday. We had a nice evening all of us just kind of hanging out in the living room one boy on each of our laps. I love nights like that. We got a couple minutes to ourselves to cuddle before Josh was off to bed and I passed out like a light. I’ve been so tired lately.
Callum woke up to eat at 1:30am after going to bed around 8 and then he slept until 7 this morning. Taylor woke up around 3am and then woke up at 7:30 to eat. All in all I got some pretty good sleep. I’ve been bad about sticking to putting them to bed in their cosleeper…especially when they’ve just eaten because the reflux is still bothering them some. Looks like when we move them to the cribs we’ll have to prop the mattress some.
I have some more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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Hey you kind of look like me.
(Taylor has taken to staring at his brother. It’s adorable. “they” say that now is when they start to get interested in baby faces and to show them pictures of other babies with different expressions. How nice to have a built in other baby for them to stare at! Haha)