I am so incredibly tired but i can't sleep.
we actually got to hang out with everyone last night. that was really nice to see everybody.
we all met up the coffee shop and hung out out front and then moved on to the ice cream place and coffee shop where we could all sit and talk. i haven't seen some of the people since before i was pregnant...so that was trippy for them.
they were all surprised at how i'm not so much bigger with two.

we put together our swing last night...and checked out the co-sleeper to see how hard it will be to put together.
i ordered the sheets for it but they won't get here apparently til after the 21st. i ordered us a bottle sterilizer since our dishwasher sucks ass and doesn't have hot water running to it. we have scumlords apparently.

i got all of the boy's clothes that i have so far, recieving blankets, towels, sheets, burp rags, and wash rags cleaned today...they are all folded and put away. i put sheets on both the cribs and put the little baby's first pooh in each of the cribs. it felt good to get somethings ready.
i have a couple of things that i need to return to target and some that i may want to just exchange.
i want to go to babies r us and see if i can find some more outfits.....or something that i can bring the boys home in. we have SOOOO many 0-3 month onesies.
i want to see if i can find some cute little halloween costumes too.

i am SO tired.

my birthday is this week. i couldn't think of anything i wanted when josh asked. all i have on the brain is baby stuff.
i think i know what he got me though! hehe..

we had some awesome food today at my mom's. when we got there my mom warmed up some sausage gravy that floyd made earlier and made us biscuits...oh goodness they were good.
we stayed there all day with the dogs doing laundry and just hanging out and then stayed for dinner as well.
damn i miss floyd's cooking.

this show intervention makes me so sad.

damnit i need to sleep.