can't sleep, what's new?
my feet feel like they are going to explode. all i wanted was a foot rub and i couldn't even get one. josh tried and i felt like my foot was going to pop. it hurt too much.
all i can keep thinking is 12 days to go. and i'm getting real nervous.
i mean this is surgery, but i will have something wonderful at the end of it. but, i'm still scared.
i've started having nightmares about it.
i am still tired of working and still sticking it out.
i need to go and renew my tags tomorrow at the county clerk. since i only have these 12 days of being mobile. it needs to be done before the end of the month.

watched our usual supernova, josh went to bed, i watched project runway......some animal cops. they found this stray cat and tracked the microchip, the cat belonged to a lady in florida...they found the cat in san francisco! the cat had been missing from its home in florida for SEVEN years. the owner and her daughter flew to cali to get the cat. there are some great people out there. i would have passed out if i got that call i think! for seven years they had no clue what happened to their pet and then all of a sudden a call out of nowhere.

anywho...back to watching sex and the city reruns.