Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was great. The food was phenomenal as always, the company was awesome.
I love being around my family during the holidays. I wish things didn't always have to be so hectic and everyone having other stops to make throughout the day.
I really do love getting to spend the time with everybody, laughing, talking and of course demolishing some amazing food.

It was a pretty cold day this year. My mom's streak of amazing weather for family functions didn't quite come through that day.

This would be what I look forward to every year! Floyd's amazing Sweet Potatoes.

Yum. I look forward to this every year 

My beautiful sister Ashley & Brother in law Matt

Matt & Ashley

Daddy & Taylor watching football


Callum is a big Turkey

Callum being crazy

Aunt Jan and her son in law Shane

Shane & Aunt Jan

The boys and their second cousin Cayden playing with toys in Pappaw's Superman room!



Yours truly

Rhiana Thanksgiving

That delicious bird!


My beautiful cousin Brionne & her husband Shane

Brionne & Shane


Taylor enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

Happy Halloween

The boys had a great Halloween! They have had their costumes picked out for over a month. Callum took a bit longer than Taylor to decide what he wanted to be.
He originally wanted to be Superman, Taylor of course wanted to be Batman all along.
He then chose to be Captain America and exclaimed that it made no sense to be Captain American if his brother was going to be Batman. He finally chose Robin.

We went Friday to Kristen's Trunk or Treat at her daycare out off Dixie Highway. She had a great turnout and the boys had a blast.
Callum was pretty skeptical about something called Trunk or Treat and wasn't happy to be trick or treating out in a parking lot.

Sunday we took the boys to my mom's house. This has become something of a tradition for us.
My mom goes all out for Halloween. She's definitely the best decorated house in her neighborhood.
She cooks a big pot of chili and we all meet up there to hang out and then take the boys trick or treating.
Typically we all dress up to take the boys around her neighborhood.
My sister Ashley & Brother in Law Matt both always dress up amazingly. It was also their 7th wedding anniversary this year.

It was pretty sad to see how many less kids there were out this year than their usually is. I don't know if this has something to do with it being on a Sunday or if the holiday just seems to be dwindling with all the Trunk or Treats, mall trick or treating and trick or treating at zoos.
Regardless the boys had such a great time. Their little legs only managed to hold up for about two blocks and they were ready to quit.
I think they were just too antsy to start eating what they had already collected.





Ashley & Matt as Henchmen

Group shot with my mom as Malificent


Shannon & Jason


Nana & Callum

Nana & Taylor



Anniversary Henchmen

Joshua Bandito

Taylor eating the bounty.