I'm a dork and I'm ok with that.

SWEATIN, originally uploaded by rhiana_leigh.

I totally want this!
I used to do the older tapes with my stepmom during the summer. I still think of the moves when I hear the songs off of them!

In this adorable picture of the boys sitting together on their chair in the playroom please notice that crazy boy Callum is wearing only one sock.
He only wanted one sock and earlier in the day only wanted to wear one shoe. He also likes to run around the house with only one glove on as well.
The boys can now sign and say peese! It's probably one of the cutest things ever.
Taylor signed "more" to me today for lunchtime and I told him ok honey just one minute. So he signed "more" "please", he was serious about lunch time.
It had me rolling.
We really need to sit down and figure out what words they know in sign and speaking...just for shits and giggles.
My mom is amazed every week she sees them they know something new.
In not so great toddler news their word of the week has been "no" and Taylor now knows how to say "mine".
He'll have to learn fast with a twin nothing is really "mine" at all. To the other one that item is "mine" too! haha.

It's been freaking cold. I didn't even want to leave the house this weekend.
We went out to dinner Friday night just us and the boys and we learned that Callum LOVES salsa. Of course it was just Tumbleweeds mild salsa which is more like ketchup. I would dip a chip for him and he would suck off all the salsa.
They had fun flirting with all the other tables and as we were leaving met the table across with us that had about 8 or 9 year old twin girls.
Like all other twin moms with older twins she told me "it will get better". I told her that I always seem to hear that.

I hope we get more snow. At least it will make the cold worth it. There is nothing like the silence that snow brings. It makes everything look beautiful.

Brother Kisses

Callum & Mommy


Happy New Year!




Angel Face


Who can nap during nap time when you have a baby angel face like this to stare at?!


Who can nap during nap time when you have a baby angel face like this to stare at?!

Help Me!

Callum has learned to ask for help. Usually when they whine for something or scream for help we'll say "mommy help me" or nana help me" and then help them.

Callum asked "help me" the other night to get him into a box (what can I say, my kids like to sit in boxes....all those toys and the boxes amuse them the most)

Yesterday he got put into "baby jail" which is their jumper for him (Taylor's is the play pen since he's too tall for the jumper) for biting Nana.

Callum stood in there and proceeded to yell "help me, help me, help me" over and over again!



We got snow yesterday...there is a little bit of accumulation....but not much.
I slid around a bit on the way to work.
I have my giant coffee and I'm ready to start the day.

Christmas in Photos


I didn’t take any pictures of the boys opening their presents, I just wanted to enjoy it and watch how excited they were and get to participate.
These are the aftermath.




Taylor and their new recorders

We all got cleaned up and headed to my mom’s (Mammaw & Pappaw’s house)


the boys checking out the tree at mom’s.
Her tree is usually all hand blown ornaments, so this year she put up half a tree so she didn’t have to stress about anything getting broken.



The boys got babydolls from Mammaw!
Yes, both Daddy and I were fine with that.

Aunt Shannon helping

The bow hawk

both boys didn’t want to nap since so much was going on. I finally gave Callum to his Aunt Shannon to lay on the couch with her.

not too long after they were both out!