Build A Bear

The boys decided as their gift to each other that they wanted to go to Build a Bear Workshop.
Taylor really wanted a spider, which of course they didn't have. He ended up picking a bunny, which seemed like a total opposite of what he originally wanted. He named his Bunny "Rover".
I knew Callum would pick a monkey, for some reason he's been wanting a monkey stuffed animal. Callum wanted to name his Monkey "Monkey Doo Doo Head" which I immedately nixed, so he was like fine, his name is "Fluffy". haha.
We went and they immediately plugged their ears from all the screeching little girls that were in there, it was pretty hysterical.
We didn't take any pictures during the process.
They each picked two outfits for their "stuffies" as they call them.
Callum picked a Darth Vader outfit and a Star Wars pj set.
Taylor picked a Batman outift and the Star Wars pj set as well.
Most kids just like to sleep with their stuffed animals but the boys love playing with theirs. I've never seen kids play with their stuffed animals like they do.

On to Fluffy & Rover






We had a great Christmas.
Christmas Eve was pretty quiet, we got our last minute wrapping done and just hung out around the house.
The Tiptons came over that night with the Noodle to exchange the kids gifts.
They loved what they got! They both got tool sets that are awesome and had so many tools.
Josh and I were up until after 1 getting Santa stuff out and set up.

The boys didn't wake up until almost 9 Christmas morning. They weren't really crazy and took their time investigating everything they got.
They were very excited about their Phineus, Ferb and Perry dolls and said their favorite thing was their Dragon Castle.
We opened gifts from under the tree to each other and from my Dad and Lisa.
The boys loved everything they got!

We headed to my mom's around 1 and spent time with them until around 5 or so when we headed to Josh's Aunt Mary's house.
The boys were so overwhelmed at my mom's and hardly opened a single present.
It was definitely overstimulation and they started getting whiney and weird.
It could have also been that they had no nap that day as well.
The boys got the kids rough and tough cameras from my mom and Floyd and they LOVED them. They've taken so many pictures and are finally figuring out how to really use them.
We got so many great presents and had a really great day.
Floyd made an awesome lasagna and I ate SO much food!

Everyone was gone from his Aunt's house so it was relaxing going over there, we just hung out, ate more food and watched some tv.

I got most of the living room cleaned up that evening but our kitchen is still a disaster.
The day after Christmas I got the boys pictures from their cameras uploaded and programmed their Tag readers they got from Grandpa John and Grandma Lisa. They've been a big hit.


The boys getting their toolbelts on with Kristen




The boys put out their cookies they made with Nana and "reindeer food" We didn't have carrots, so it entailed oats, granola and raisins.


After Santa came


Waking up and checking out the loot






At Mammaw's




Ashley & Matt


Josh & I


Mom & Floyd


Shannon & Josh


Mom & the boys


Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

spriggs holiday 09 final for printing

Christmas Fun

We've been trying to do some fun things leading up to Christmas.
Lately we've been taking the long way places, or home so the boys can enjoy all the Christmas lights.
They LOVE it.
It's sort of a competition between them because they boast who has what out of "their" window.

Yesterday we went and bought stuff for a Gingerbread House, I will admit I cheated.
I bought a Gingerbread kit instead of having to bake it, put it together and decorate it.
The kit came already assembled and had all the goodies to decorate.
I was looking forward to doing it with the boys, but they were way to excited to wait for me to come home from work to do.
I told Nana if it became an issue for her to do it since either way it was for them, even if I didn't get to witness it.

We also bought all of the stuff to make holiday cookies.
I've never been much of a cook, and not a baker either. I put the full amount of butter in which made it a bit difficult and sticky to use the cookie cutters with.
I did another "cheat" and once they came out of the oven looking nothing like what they went in as, I cut them with the cookie cutter again!
It worked perfectly.
The boys had a blast decorating them and couldn't wait to devour all of them.
I of course told them they could only pick ONE tonight. We had enough icing licks to keep them up all night.


Don't worry, we didn't let the excess go to waste.






Taylor with his chosen cookie


Callum with his chosen cookie


Fun with Markers

Want to know what happens in the three minutes it takes for you to go to the kitchen and get the phone?



In our defense. This is our first Marker offense.

Santa Claus

Nana and I took the boys shopping at the Disney Store yesterday for her to get them their big potty training toy since they've been doing so great.
They've wanted a Buzz & Woody all along and I figured that Nana wouldn't be able to get it anytime soon, so I had of course put them on layaway for Santa presents.
Guess what they picked?! I'm not surprised, they've been asking for them for months.
They're in love with Woody moreso than Buzz, but Woody is definitely more cuddly.
While we were at the mall we walked past Santa and there was NO line!
They asked to go in and see him and I of course bought pictures.
This Santa was their very first Santa from when they were infants, so that was really cool. I was looking through our pictures to do a Santa timeline and realized that we missed a year and didn't see Santa.

Santa @ 4 months old 2006

The boys with Santa 2006

Santa @ 2 years old 2008


Santa @ 3 years old 2009

09 Santa

He was in the middle of talking to the boys so he looks kinda angry, but the lady just told me to pretend he was ho ho hoing. So that's what I'll think!

The boys adored him and Callum talked his head off to him about all the he wants for Christmas, and talked for his brother since Taylor usually clams up when it's talking to strangers.
At home he's never quiet!

Feeling Like Christmas!

The boys are getting SO excited for Christmas.
It's adorable.
They have certain ornaments that they know they're allowed to play with on the tree, so they like to take them off and put them back on.
Last night Callum sang "Santa's Coming to Town" while he put them back on and changed "Santa" to "Snowman" or "Stocking" depending on the ornament he was hanging.
It was hysterical.
This is going to be such a fun Christmas with them this year.
We haven't made it to see a Santa just yet. They caught a glimpse of him in the mall a few weeks ago, but that's been it so far.
We're going to the Bass Pro Shop near where I work since their set up looks so awesome, definitely more magical than the mall Santa.

My dad and Lisa sent us a Wii for Christmas, and we definitely couldn't wait to open it!
The boys have mastered it pretty much and have been having so much fun.