Pumpkin Patch Visit

Saturday we got up early and got dressed to take the boys to Huber's up in Starlight IN.
We had gone a few years back when they were really little and couldn't really appreciate it.
I figured it was time to go back now that they are all about anything Halloween.
We stopped on our way up at my sister's house since she's living up in that area now. She ended up squeezing between the boy's car seats and riding there with us.

I had really great ideas of awesome pictures in the pumpkin patch that of course went by the wayside once we entered the madness of the place.

We got there and immediately realized that they only took cash and had to seek out an ATM, thankfully they had one in their store. We scoped the place out and ended up wanting to take the boys to the kid friendly stuff before we attempted the long line to the actual pumpkin patch.
We took a ride on a tractor out to feed the "farm animals", this really consisted of all goats. We got to feed them corn from little containers.
The boys really thought that was cool.
We got to see bunnies, eat ice cream, go down a blow up slide and try to not get trampled by the thousands of people.
The line to get out to the pumpkin patch was so long the whole time we were there so we didn't end up going out to the actual pumpkin patch. Two four year olds way past nap time didn't seem like a good match for the long line in the sun.
The line inside of their little general store was crazy too, I didn't even get to buy a bunch of baked goods like I had planned on!
Either way....the boys had fun and enjoyed their pumpkin patch visit even without the actual pumpkin patch.

The boys and I on the ride out to the goats


Aunt Shannon & Callum feeding goats


Taylor and I feeding goats


The ride back


Ice Cream Time! The boys got Superman and I nom nomed some Pumpkin





Callum looked very excited but ended up coming back down. Taylor went down the slide with a little girl that helped him since he didn't want to go down alone after his brother backed out on him


Before we left we picked pumpkins at the general store and attempted some pictures. It was so bright and way past nap time.


Aunt Shannon & Taylor