State Fair

We took the boys again to the KY State Fair.
I've been pumping them up for it for a week or so.
I love going to the fair.
I love all the exhibits, animals, food, and people watching.
As I've gotten older I'm not much for the fair rides, but the Kentucky State Fair is held right next to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and they open that park as an extension of the Midway which is pretty cool.

We've taken the boys the last two years, and went to only enjoy most of the indoor exhibits and animals. When they were babies they barked at the cows thinking they were overgrown dogs. This year they would only look at the cows from the safety of their strollers...they were a little too big from them up close.
This year they are finally old enough to want to brave some rides.

We set off that morning with Ashley, Matt, Shannon, Josh, the boys, my Joshua, our friend Becky and her son and myself.
We got to see a good bit of the animals indoors, and a few of the FFA exhibits.
We finally set off to the Midway after some corndogs and a bunch of potty stops.

We put the boys in their first ride that they decide they would like to attempt. It was a little train that just went around the tracks.
Once they were in and buckled and we gave the attendant our tickets the boys started screaming and unbuckled themselves and started to climb out.
We collected our tickets back and headed on to find something else to ride.
It started pouring! We went for cover in the West Wing where the bunnies were and then went to find Becky and her son since we had been seperated in the Midway.
We finally decided to just head over to Kentucky Kingdom side and see if they had some rides the boys could enjoy.
They finally had a blast!
I was worried we would be left with over 20 tickets after our visit and nothing ridden.

Ashley checking out a mule that we were sure would bite her face off.


Callum pet some goats.


Enjoying corn dogs!



Not sure about this train


We want OFF!


Next we tried the merry go round on the Kingdom side with Mom and they loved it



After the merry go round they were ready to try another ride on their own



Then we tried on silly hats




Our last stop was a play area that had foam balls you could shoot out of guns, slides and climbing areas. We spent over an hour playing in here!





We had a great day! The boys were exhausted by the end of the day.
The Fair was a success!
The boys birthday is coming up and I know some people may be wondering what we want the boys to have, what size they are or what they're into right now.

I actually have an amazon wishlist for the boys that we've had for quite some time.
I started it mostly to keep track of things I thought they would think were cool, but it can make things easier for others as well.


Right now they're very into Superheros.
Mommy & Daddy ordered them capes they can wear all the time, since they're Batman and Superman pjs just weren't enough capetime for them.
We've been making capes from blankets mostly.

They're wearing 3T and could always use clothes & pjs.
I believe they're in 9 toddler shoes.

They're pretty much into most things little boys are into.
They've always loved cars, are getting more into movie watching lately.
They're not much for things that growl which kind of bums me cause they have the coolest giant Dinosaur at Target right now that I want! haha


The cribs we got when the boys were born have definitely served their purpose.
The boys have never gotten hurt while sleeping in them, we've transitioned them to toddler beds within the last year.
They've gone through a few recalls but never for our particular model.
I was reading online and saw that Simplicity had another recall on their cribs and this time it included our model.
We've decided to take them apart tonight and bring them back to Target for a refund or for a store credit.
I would be fine with keeping them since we've gone this far and the recall really doesn't affect us anymore.
But, with that said. We'll never be able to use them again, I definitely wouldn't chance it with the recall and I'm sure that we wouldn't be able to sell them used or even give them to Goodwill and feel good about it.
So, we're taking the opportunity to buy the boys real toddler beds instead of the conversion and upgrading their room to a more "big boy" room.
I've been looking at a bedding set for the boys that has superheros since that's what they're all about right now.
I think this will give them a lot more room and function in their bedroom. The cribs do still take up a ton of room even converted.

For more information on the recall go to

Crazy House

I tried again with near fail to get a good picture of the boys together.
It's so hard to get these kids to sit still!
It's pretty much impossible, I managed to get a few between them tackling each other.
They were off the wall last night.
Callum didn't have a nap either and he was just crazy.
The energy level in our house is definitely at a HIGH.






Light years

I can't believe in 11 days we will have three year olds.
It's been such an amazing journey so far.
It's so exciting to watch them blossom everyday.
Some days I swear they are too smart for their own good.
It seems like yesterday when we were bringing them home, but we're light years away from that now.
We have two little people. They're so independent and bright.

Callum is his own little person. He's always done things on his own time, what we call "Callum time". He can't be forced to do anything until he's good and ready to do it.
He plays so well on his own and likes to do things alone. He's only a snuggler when he comes into our bed late at night. Usually he's too busy doing things to come and hug on his momma. He's pretty stingy with his hugs and kisses.
He loves to sing and you can usually catch him singing his own songs while he plays. We're pretty sure that he's going to be a sound effects man. He's always making up new sounds and always making noise.
You can look at him and just know that he has some sort of plot going on in that head of his. Our little thinker.
He's so easy going, usually he gets worked up only if his brother does. If Taylor wants something he has, he gladly gives it over and finds something else to play with. He loves doing flips off the couch and always asks me if it makes me very happy to watch him flip.
He's not easily photographed lately, since he's always so "busy" and won't stop to look at you if you want him to. He only will if it suits him.

Taylor is such a lover. He's a momma's boy and loves snuggling. He's very bossy which works with his brother's laid back attitude.
He wants everything just so. Everything has it's place and he is very particular about things being put away in the right place.
He gets upset when his brother doesn't want to play with him.
He loves getting his picture taken and has perfected his fake smile for the camera.
He's not as much of a daredevil as his brother. He's definitely the more cautious of the two. He wants to make sure it's safe before he tries it.
He's such a helper. He's always willing to help clean or cook and loves telling you if you've done something that he think is the wrong way.
He's always talking and making up stories. His memory is amazing.
He's non stop from when his eyes open until they close.

They amaze me everyday. Their excitement for life really bring so much joy to our lives.
We're so proud of them.

Newborn Photo (four days later)

Birthday Horror....eeep I'm 31!

They weren't very amused by the nearly 20 people singing me Happy Birthday.
Callum was singing at first but as soon as his brother started screaming he chimed in.
I can't help but laugh hysterically at these.




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I've had an obsession with the boys feet since they were born, or actually before that.
Seeing those little feet in the early sonograms definitely inspired wonderment.
We could tell from very early on that they had their dad's feet.
I would laugh and tell Josh, no need for a DNA test, just check out those feet!

I think that the biggest amazement about their feet is that one day I'll look and they'll be huge MEN feet!

They're definitely destined to have big feet.
They have their mom and dad's sides to thank for most likely growing up tall and big footed.

It amazes me looking at my husband and thinking about how his mom probably looked at him like this when he was young and now he's a man.
It boggles my mind that probably sooner than I will ever like I'll be looking into the face of two men instead of my little boys.

It's definitely been the most fascinating thing to witness, watching their marvel with all new things around them and how much they soak in on a daily basis.
One of the things I love about living in our town is the number have parks we have to choose form to go to on a daily basis.
We can almost go somewhere new every weekend.
This weekend we decided to go out Sunday to a park somewhere that had water features for the boys to run through.
They have quite a few around town.
We set out on our way before naptime Sunday and figured we would at least drive by the river front park and see how bad it was.
That place is usually packed on the weekends, especially how gorgeous it was out early Sunday.
We got there and there wasn't even a dozen kids there, there was even parking which was a sign that all was good.
The boys had so much fun.
I'm so glad that they aren't so scared of water now.
Hopefully we can renew our zoo membership and we can hit their water park this year before it gets cold again.
We played for a few hours in the water area and some of the playground and decided to go to the Tumbleweed on the river so we could sit outside and watch the river and let the boys watch the boats go by.
Our service was absolutely horrible.
The server spilled our drinks on Josh and Nana and proceeded to mop up the floor before even offering them napkins to dry off their legs that she had soaked.
Instead of having someone help her and either mop it up or get our drinks she did both and took forever. We had to ask for napkins to dry off with.
Josh had to go to the bar to get his Coke refilled and she disappeared basically the whole time we were there.
It was awful.
Josh didn't want to go to Tumbleweed anyway since he doesn't like their food much, that just solidified that we probably won't be patronizing another one anytime soon.