37 weeks!

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this time next week i will have two babies! i'll be in the hospital hopefully out of the recovery room and in my own post room.
i can't believe it.

i totally overdid it last night. we went grocery shopping to superwalmart and by the end of the walking all i could do was cry. everything was sore and i felt like my tail bone was breaking.
that was no fun.
poor josh had to bring up all the groceries by himself and put them all away. i was ordered to go lay on the couch, which for once i listened and layed down and cried.
i can't wait for this pain to be done and to move on to other things!

so here i am at work today...trying to figure out what i want to eat for lunch...and if i want to go and look around a store for baby stuff....since i am obsessed...that and i know i won't be getting out much after next week....for a while anyway.
i'm still upset i can't go to the fair :( and going to walmart last night totally put that into concrete.
i have far too much pride to use an electric cart.
i'm stubborn as hell.

i still have a shit ton of laundry to do. weeee.
and i need to bathe the dogs so they aren't staying at my mom's smelling like they do.

this is it...we're in the home stretch. and probably will be the longest 7 days of my life.