this day couldn't possibly go by any slower.

the more i think about it the more excited i get to meet my little boys.
i will wait til they grow more so they are big and strong.....but i get so excited thinking about being able to see their little faces soon!
i can't wait to see who they look like and what their personalities will be.

my ankles have been swollen every night this week. josh has been working sooo many hours and goes to bed so early every night and is out the door at 4:30am!

i woke up last night to some horrific lightning storm and was worried that minnie would be scared and hiding under our bed. i think she slept through it.

i wake up a lot more in the night now. i finally brought an extra pillow in our room to put between my legs or behind my back.
i am so uncomfortable feet hurt.

i went to payless today at lunch to find some comfy sandals to wear to luck....such ugly shoes.
i am sick of these slip on loafers...they are so awful and i am sick of having to wear socks or knee highs with them.

i can't believe i'll have eight month old boys when i get married. that's so crazy.
it's even crazier to think that i am going to be a mom of two! that! i can't wait.
it's unreal how your priorities shift so quickly.

my mom sent all of the baby shower invites out. i'm pretty nervous. i don't like things like that where all the attention is on me. it's not for another almost whole month. i just hope that the boys stay in and keep growing until at least august.

i still feel like someone punched me in the vag. my muscles are so sore everywhere.

they have been so incredibly active. i can't wait til our appointment next week so i can see them again!

29 weeks

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Here's where we are today!!
It's so crazy to look at that and remember in the beginning when I was watching them change each week and still being so far back on the scale!

I had a rough night last night. My whole body is still sore. My lower back is just killing me and I could do nothing but cry and try to get comfortable.
Josh has been working in Lexington since last week. They are driving there every morning and back every night. Thankfully they are taking a work truck there. Josh's switch that they put in this weekend to run his fan starting to get so hot yesterday that he burnt himself trying to turn it off when he got home last night and it wouldn't shut off. So, we got to go back to Pep Boys and buy another switch with higher amperage and volts and that seemed to help. I like actually knowing some least I can help (sort of) while he was putting in the new switch and suggest help while he was trying to ground it.
Makes me feel a little useful. Josh also got a kick out of our last couple of trips to Pep Boys because I LOVE the smell of auto part stores. I just love all the rubber and product smells. I can just stand there and do deep inhales like ahhhhh......I need to work in a car store. haha.
Thank goodness he got the fan working properly again....and it seemed to not being so hot that it was going to catch on that was good.
No need to set one our cars ablaze.

early contractions.

I called my doctor this afternoon to ask about all the tightness i was feeling. they had me come in and do an NST (stress test). i had a few good contractions while they were monitoring Taylor but none while they were monitoring Callum. i saw the nurse practitioner and she checked my cervix, no dilation but they decided to send me to l&d to have me monitored for a longer amount of time.
the boys heartrates were great, i did have some more contractions so they eventually came in and gave me a shot of brethine? i think it was. it made me feel like i was going to have a heart attack but i haven't felt any contractions since i've been home. thank god that feeling like i've been on a coke binge wore off and i got a small nap. i was supposed to go to my mom's to do laundry tonight because i am totally out of clothes, and bring back their vacuum cleaner and get a haircut. josh didn't get home til after 6 and i just started crying and felt so overwhelmed with the day and everything that still needed to be done that he demanded i call in tomorrow and relax and not worry about laundry just yet. he took the vacuum to my mom's and made me stay home and relax.
he's been working so much i feel guilty about not being able to pull my weight.
poor guy has been out of bed at 4am and doesn't get home til almost 7.
well now they are just hoping to get me to 36 weeks. i'm all preregistered so that's good at least.
this saturday is the baby shower.....i'm excited but nervous.
i just hope that i don't get any more contractions and the boys stay put for a bit.


I had a pretty nice weekend this weekend, besides the stress of Josh’s car breaking down Friday morning. I met up with him once he got back from Lexington and I followed him to my parent’s house to leave his car there. Floyd said he would help him fix it at some point in the weekend. We figured it would have to be Sunday since Josh had to work Saturday from 5am until god knows what time that day.
We went and met my sister and brother in law for his birthday at Ramsi’s Friday night around 8. It was nice to see everyone. There was about eight of us I think and our service was terrible, but the company was good and the food was great too.
Josh and I went home after dinner since he had to be up at 4am and I had to get up at 4:30 to drive him to wherever his coworker was picking him up from for them to drive to Lexington for the day. I was able to get out of bed pretty easy and get dressed to take him. I was surprised at how alert I can be if I have to at 4 in the morning. I of course got a horrible calf cramp before I could get out of bed…that was no fun.
After dropping him off I went back home and crawled into bed and slept with the dogs until about noon. Shortly after I got up he called me to come and pick him back up from where I dropped him off because they were on their way back. They went and busted ass and were coming home already. Haha I slept through his whole work day.
We basically just vegged all of Saturday and watched the UFC marathon and then passed out. I woke up at 9 on Sunday for us to get ready and go to my mom’s so that he and Floyd could fix his car and so my mom and I could fill out baby shower invites. It was a pretty nice day. My sister and Matt came over also. We brought the dogs so they could run around the backyard all day and they just loved it. I got all our laundry done at mom’s so I don’t have to go to the mat this week! Yay!
Josh and Floyd worked on the car most of the day and then did an oil change on both of our cars and changed our spark plugs.
They’re a bit worried about something going on with my car…I wasn’t too happy to hear about that. Floyd started talking about helping us look for a minivan or SUV or something soon.
I was so exhausted last night from all the laundry and invitation writing but I hard such a hard time falling asleep last night. The boys were soooo active last night that I grabbed Josh's hand while he was sleeping to put on my belly so he could feel what I feel when I am trying to fall asleep!
They were just all over the place. I love being able to feel both of them move so much. It makes me smile and puts me at ease to know they are wriggling all around in there.
Today my whole body is sore.

I have a new picture for everyone’s viewing pleasure!
My mom took this last Wednesday when I went over to her house for Shannon and me to go to Babies R Us.
I kind of like it…but my hair is really out of control.
I need a haircut BAD!

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So I figured that I should take some pictures of my belly today.
I took them sitting in the car, one with my shirt on and then two sitting at my desk here at work. They are all on my camera phone, so they aren't all that great quality...but it will give you a general idea!
Today I am 28 weeks and 3 days.
They have been SO active today. I had my little Piglet (my doggy) laying on my stomach last night like she likes to do...just staring up at me and they kept kicking her in the face. She didn't even react at all! I am sure she could hear their heartbeats since dogs have such great hearing...I wonder if she suspects anything or just thinks I have three heartbeats all of a sudden.

this first one is from a bbq the sunday before memorial day at my mom's house. i was 24 weeks and five days in this was so damn hot that day! my mom and aunt were in the hottub and i took the big ole umbrella that was spiked in the ground out to stand near them to talk to them!

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today in the car with my shirt down
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at work with the shirt up
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and another with the shirt looks like my belly button is really poking out...but it's just cause i was holding the top of my stomach. you can see more of my stretch marks....weeeee
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just can't get comfortable tonight. to fall asleep i have to lay on my right side, even if i end up sleeping on my left the rest of the night i just can't fall asleep any other way. well taylor has decided to just keep kicking my right side tonight and i can't get comfortable feeling all these little kicks on the side i'm laying! i don't know if he's telling me, mom get off there you're squishing me, or he is just super active tonight. i'm sitting here typing and i feel kicks and nudges all over the place. they are both busy bodies!

with the humidity aside i love summer in kentucky. we live in the city and i still can go out front to take out the dogs and sit on the front steps and watch all the lightning bugs. they still amaze me! they're just so pretty.
last year when our friends still had their pool i used to love floating around and watch them in the forest of trees across the way from her house. it looked like the trees were all lit up with twinkling lights. it's so calming to me.

we still have tons of bunnies hopping all through the neighborhood. one scared me the other night, i just saw this face coming up the hill in our front yard and i thought maybe i was imagining things until i realized what it was.
28 weeks.
it's amazing how fast it's starting to go.
they have been so incredibly active in there.
i probably don't talk to them as much as i should. i apologize for when i curse at people in traffic though. thank goodness they can't come out talking...oh the horrible things they would already know how to say! haha.
we have so much work to do in their room. it's such a mess. we have the other crib to put together even though they'll probably be sharing a crib for a while...and before that they'll be in our room either in a crib or if we get the co sleeper i registered for.
sometimes i get so excited to meet them and see their little faces i just can't wait! and then there are days that i am totally freaked out that i am going to be two little guy's mom! it's so exciting though!
i'm nervous about giving birth. mostly just not knowing how it's all going to go. it's pretty much up to them and if they turn or not. it's scary to know that even if Taylor is heads down and i can deliver him that i may have to get a C section still for Callum if he is breech.
i know that mentally i am ready to be a mom. now, financially and emotionally....i'm not so sure.

i can't figure out what i want for lunch. i'm really craving some thai food. i may have to just go and give in to the craving.......hey....the boys want thai!
i miss having lunch partners though....hopefully they'll have a paper or something i can grab to read while i sit there.

last night i had the hardest time ever getting comfortable. i layed in bed and cried for a while until i finally just fell asleep. my hips hurt, my legs ached and no matter how i turned i couldn't get comfy.
i'm glad i finally fell asleep. i was going to move to the couch if i didn't....i would hate to keep josh up all hours of the night when he has to be up at 5.

ok....on to lunch!
I am sure when people ask me how i am feeling or doing that they really don't want an actual answer.
you want to know really?! ok...well this morning while i was blowing my nose i started to gag and threw up in my sink for about 15 minutes before i could take a shower. don't worry, all i threw up was bile and stomach i am keeping food down, but now my throat feels like it's on fire. i haven't had a normal poop in weeks. i still can't eat a lot of food without feeling sick to my stomach. i wake up every morning with cramps in my legs and i toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable. i can barely get out of bed every morning at 7:10 when i'm supposed to. so i am usually late to work. by the time the end of the day rolls around i feel like i can fall asleep at my desk. i feel totally unattractive and haven't had sex in ages. the sad thing is that i don't even care. i have always been the oversexed crazed maniac and i don't even care that i haven't had any or that i may not for months. i have to stop every night when i get home after i walk up the front steps to the house, and the back steps to our door to catch my breath before i can even think about walking up to our apartment.

but.....i'm just peachy. thanks.

i really need some new maternity clothes. all i have to wear to work is sweaters because they are stretchy and cover my belly and it's getting really hot.
to do that i need money. which of course......i don't have.
i may need to suck it up earlier and ask for some help.

now don't get me wrong...with all this complaining comes the good things. i'm glad my babies are growing and thriving. i'm excited to be able to meet them and kiss their little faces. i can't wait to see what they look like and how much they look like me or their daddy.
this is just really taking a toll on me. i'm so exhausted and somedays i just want to cry.
i have to keep trekking through the days because we need the money and i have to work.

27 weeks 1 day

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So, here is where we are today.
It's amazing to see them moving up on the little scales. Awesome to see that they are getting some baby fat on them and can hear and recognize my voice!

I had a total freak out moment last night of worrying about if I was going to be an awful mom.
I know that I am going to love them with everything I am.
But, I guess it's normal to go through that terrified, freak out. I don't even know what exactly I'm worried about....just worried I guess. It's scary to go to a mom of none to a mother of two. I know that we will do just's going to be a huge adjustment. But, I'm ready for it.
I have been so exhausted lately. I seriously have zero energy to do anything at all.
I wanted to go home and clean up the kitchen yesterday, scrub the stovetop, clean up the bathroom....clean up the living room. Pfft........I went home and didn't do a damn thing. When I got home Josh was doing the dishes and starting dinner. I sat on the couch and we talked about his day and then we ate dinner and watched tv, laughed at the dogs.....our usual night thing. He cleaned up the leftovers from dinner and then we watched more tv.
I had no intention of getting my ass off that couch and doing anything. I just layed there like a sack.
I feel so useless.
I guess at least I half attempted to clean out the mess that is my car yesterday. On lunch I put all the empty water bottles, gatorade bottles and paperwork from when we were looking for apartments into a garbage bag. So, I can actually have passengers in the back seat now.......sort of.
Goodness. I really need to find energy....anyone want to lend me some?
I came in an hour late this morning because I just had to sleep in until 8. There was no way I could get up at 7 this morning. I just couldn't.


I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Another sonogram, visit with the doctor and my one hour glucose test.
To be honest the glucose test really wasn't too bad. Maybe I just like sugary stuff....or I was extra thirsty but I drank that stuff down in no time. They gave it to me real cold and it tasted just like a sunkist soda.
I drank that stuff as soon as I got there...and then went back to the sonogram area. My sister Shannon and Evan met me there and came in to see the sonogram. Both the boys are measuring right on target! Taylor (baby A) is weighing at 2lbs 2oz and Callum (baby B) is weighing at 2lbs.
I was so happy that they have seemed to close that wide gap in their weight difference. At my last appointment they was a 5 ounce difference between the two of them. Their heartrates were 161 and 133. They were really happy with how both of them looked. When she measured their femurs I noticed the estimated weeks and days went a lot higher than when she measured their bellies or it seems they have some long legs!
After all the baby measurements I told Shannon and Evan they could wait outside since we had to do the dildo cam and check out my cervix. They are still pretty pleased with seems to be long and holding in there.
I forget what the exact measurement was now.......but about where it was last time I think.
After all that fun stuff I got to head back to the lab and have them draw my blood and then head into a room and wait for my doctor. She was happy to see that I am feeling better and able to eat again. I am down another pound from last time I was no weight gain yet...but as long as the boys are gaining weight and getting all they need that makes me happy. total from when I was sick to now that makes it a 10 pound weight loss for me.
They're supposed to call me this week if there is anything wrong with the gestational diabetes test....if so, I'll have to go back for the three hour. I am keeping my fingers crossed....but at least I know the stuff isn't all that bad.

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Taylor’s profile

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Callum’s profile
I finally found pictures of the cribs that we got online. They had pictures on Walmart's website for the honey color, ours are the natural color....but same crib. We got them at Target for a real reasonable price.
We have one together and the other still in the box in our hallway!
Also, after lusting after the Zanzibar bedding set at Babies R Us...and just not being able to add two of the really highly priced sets to our registry...because that much money times 2 was just silly to me. I found something really comprable and I love it....It's from Target too....

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this is the crib that we have....we haven't put together our trundle drawer yet...and our cribs are a natural color and not as dark

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a picture of the crib converted into a toddler bed.

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the adorable bedding set that is now on my target registry!


stats for today

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i've been feeling increasingly better thank goodness.
i can actually eat food and not feel too terrible.
i am having the worst heartburn ever no matter what i eat....but other than that it's all good.

we have been putting off going to the laundry mat for days, i finally have run out of clothes and we HAVE to go tonight so that i can have something to wear to work tomorrow.
apparently we aren't staying at work long tomorrow, my boss has deemed the day a gift to us and she is taking us all to Churchill Downs for the day. i've never been to a horse race....and never really had any interest in it at all until i saw derby this year.
so i guess tomorrow we will be having lunch at the track....and i am sure everyone other than me will be gambling and hopefully winning money.
we definitley don't have money to be wasting on gambling....and i am not one to gamble anyway.
if it weren't for the fact that a couple people are going to be leaving us next week i would probably ask to just go home when they all head to the track. but, because some of my favorite co workers are moving or taking other positions it's really my last chance to hang out with them for a bit before they go.
i wish i had a camera to take with me. i would really love to save up for one before the boys are born.
we have so many other things that i have to save for though.
i don't have any paid maternity leave....and that is going to leave us really high and dry to say the very least.
my paycheck pays our rent and a lot of our major bills.
i have to still pay the OB before i give birth and i know that we have at least $300 left on that bill. i have my ticket coming up that will be due to be paid in july or i'll end up with a warrant out for me....that's only $150 so that shouldn't be too bad.....this is just the worst possible time to be short on money....with me missing all that work, it's really making things a lot more difficult than i would like.
either way....we'll find a way to make it all work.

wedding thoughts

so the other night Joshua asked me while we were laying in bed if i had put any thought into what i want to do for our wedding.
all of a sudden i realized that with all the baby stuff and being sick, i hadn't even started tho think about it.
it was so strange to say that out loud. no, i haven't really thought about it.
i guess i have never really been the girl to dream about her "perfect" wedding or anything like that.
i asked him what his thoughts were and if he had thought about it. we have a date set.....April 13th 2007. it's a Friday the 13th.
we have no idea what we're going to do exactly, where it will be, what it will all entail....but we know that it will be that day. I will be Mrs. Spriggs that day.
how weird!
he also had been thinking about options for rings....obviously we will have many other finances to worry about than having a huge wedding or buying expensive rings, we will have two little guys in our lives that will be more important than those things.
so, the options going on for our rings, or at least for Josh's selection of rings. he does welding for a living so he can't have gold (it can melt), titanium (can be welded), tungsten steel (hard to cut off). so with his line of work, we are sort of short of ideas of what would be safe for him to wear on a daily basis. he told me he had been thinking of getting something tattooed on his finger. not just a black band, because he doesn't want it to look like he's trying to cover up something....some sort of design, but we're not sure yet.
he asked if i would be hip to that, i said of course.....then he asked...or do you want a ridiculously huge diamond ring! haha. i said the diamond! no, just kidding. i told him that i always thought that i would want a huge diamond. but to be honest, that really isn't what it's all about. marrying him is all i need, i really could care less what is on my finger.
i started looking up pictures of diamonds tattooed on people....maybe i can get a diamond tattooed on my finger and a band tattooed, and i would wear the band he proposed with, or my great grandma's wedding ring to work, since i have to "fit in" in the corporate world i work in.......
so...i have rambled long enough.
all of that being said. i can't believe i haven't even given all this one thought before...and now all i can think is, in addition to baby stuff, where we're going to do it...whether it be just at the courthouse, in someone's we want a reception? do we want attendants? do we want something just us and private?
all this stuff to think about!
in the end, i will just be happy to know that the man of my dreams is by my side.

26 weeks

So, I had my first stranger notice I was pregnant and actually say something about it.
Up until now I haven't really looked pregnant. Just a little chunky. But I think my tummy is starting to poke out more.
All I ever hear is OMG you're 6 months!!!! You don't look like it..... Joshua and I went to WalMart last night because we were lazy and didn't want to do laundry, so we went to buy him some more tshirts for work....haha.
We were walking through the kitchen gadget area and then past the candles and this young black boy with a huge afro turns and looks straight at me and says awww....she's impregnateded.
All I could do was smile and then laugh for the next eight aisle until men's clothing.
So, that was the first time a stranger noticed and said something! haha, and they used the word impregnateded. just like that with the extra ed at the end.

That of course made Josh laugh because I couldn't stop laughing. I just thought it was the funniest thing I had ever heard.
After WalMart we drove through Sonic and I got a blended root beer float....SOOOO good, and a kids corn dog meal. I ate the whole corn dog and one or two tater tots.
I drank almost the whole float.....and then had heartburn the rest of the night!
But, my float and corn dog were delicious.

We watched the season finale of Big Love last night.....I was so pissed! We couldn't believe that was the didn't wrap up anything at all.
So now I think we are officially out of shows that we religiously watch.

25 weeks 5 days

well the nurse came last night and unhooked my IV, yesterday morning i woke up and did my flush and injected my meds and then a while later my IV stopped dripping again. i tried to flush out the line with the saline again and it burned like hell. well if the saline burns, that isn't good and usually means that the line was coming out of the vein. so i called and they told me to disconnect and they would send a nurse later that day. i called them around 10 since i got up around 7 or so, they didn't send a nurse out until almost 6. i was so happy to get the thing out of my hand. she checked my bp and had me pee on a stick to check my keytones and make sure that it was negative. it was! yay, so that means i wasn't peeing out fat anymore. i was officially rehydrated.
i ate a grilled cheese yesterday and some fig newtons, and kept them down!
my hand is still real sore and hurts if i hit it on anything.
so far today i've eaten some frosted mini wheats this morning, a piece of grilled chicken, some cheesy cauliflower and an ice cream cone from dairy queen!
i am so happy to be eating again.
they boys have been SO active.
we tried to walk to the bookstore today and good lord i felt so out of shape, my back was killing me and i just wanted to sit down and give up. it's only about two blocks from the house so i just sucked it up and ate my popscicle that i brought with me! my stomach has been a little upset, but that could be because i haven't had a real bm in days. it's seriously been like rabbit turds! haha.
i have my zofran to take every eight hours now, it dissolves on my tongue so i can't throw it back up. they seem to really been working so far.
so back to work tomorrow i guess!
i'll be happy to be out of the house again.
my sister shannon and evan were awesome and came and let the dogs out and visited me, my mom called constantly and usually caught me when i was throwing a fit and crying about being sick of being sick.
the patient is doing well i guess
i spiked my new bag this morning without a hitch, i did throw up this morning and got blood backing up into my line, that was pretty creepy. i called the nurse to be sure of what to do, because the blood backing up stopped the drip, it ended up clearing itself out and started dripping again, she said next time just clip off the line, unhook myself and do a saline flush and then hook back up to the IV.
no problem.
i'm pretty bored.
i'm actually hungry. i would love a grilled cheese. i ate some pudding this morning.
i have a sweet little IV stand to wheel around the house with me. it's a pain to roll on carpet though.
almost easier to just carry.
wow, i have peed so damn much lately too. i'm glad to feel like i am getting normal body functions back.
since i'm bored i took a picture of my hand and my IV bags.
i'm having my moments of feeling sorry for myself, or i move my hand weird and it makes me cry.
i keep getting nose bleeds. so i am off and on feeling more positive and just being emotional.

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i just did my meds again and holy hell that really really HURT this time. i cried for a good half hour and finally had to calm down when i realized i was making my blood back up in the line from all that bawling.
i think i do better when someone is here watching me do it because it makes me suck it up.
so, i am hooked up. i got all the instructions on how to change my bags, flush the line and give myself the medication they prescribed through my IV. It's hard to type with this in my hand, so i'm sorry in advance if i don't answer many comments. i have to change my bag every 6 hours and give myself the meds every 8 hours. so, i get to change my bag tonight at 12 and wake up for meds at 3am and then change my bag again at 6am. thankfully my sister is going to come over tomorrow afternoon to let the doggies out so they don't have to go all day stuck inside. it would be hard to carry my IV bag downstairs to let them out.
the meds they gave me sure burns like hellfire going in. this'll be fun for the next two days.
well, they prescribed me something for all my nausea and vomiting yesterday.
all it did for me was make me want to sleep, or fall asleep.
needless to say it didn't help me have an appetite.
so, like they told me i called the doctor's today. they had me come in and my bp was good, i've lost two more pounds....a total of 9 pounds lost since i've been sick. and......i'm dehydrated. so, they're sending a home person to come and hook me up to an IV for the next 48-72 hours depending on what they want to do. so i guess the lady is going to come out, hook me up and then give me a schpeel and leave me here attached to an IV for the next few days. it's going to have some medicine in it to help the nausea and get me all hydrated again.
they prescribed me another medicine for the nausea once the IV treatment is done that dissolves on the tongue so i can't throw it up.


i think josh is scared, he didn't have much to say about the whole thing. just if i wanted him to come home.

my mom asked if i was worried about working trying to fire me. i told her not really, but i am worried about all this time off without pay. we have bills to pay man. she told me not to worry about that stuff, and to tell her if we need any help at all. that was sweet of her.
i have no idea how this IV thing is going to be the next few days, needless to say i will be home bound and stuck up here.
i'm a little nervous about having an IV.