I had a good doctor visit.
The ultrasound lady gave the boys 8 out of 8. They are doing everything that they should be.
They had heartbeats of 130 and 140. I still have one breech. The appointment on the 29th is still a go.
I paid $30 for a stupid FMLA form to be filled out. I was pissed when I saw it was just basic information I could have filled out and had them sign. Grrrrrrr.
Oh well.
We didn't get measurements today. So, I'm not sure what their estimated weights are this week. But, of course I have another appointment scheduled for next Friday for more sonograms and another doc visit.
I am meeting now solely with the doctor that will be doing my c-section. I like her.
I asked her questions about breastfeed and meeting with a lactation consultant. She said each room is equipped with a pump so I will be able to use it while I am in the hospital and they will direct me where I can go to rent a pump until I am able to get to WIC. I already talked to the WIC lady and she seemed really helpful. She told me to make sure to tell them that I had twins..which they should know....but that I am going to need the hospital grade one to keep up my supply.
I asked the doc about their procedures on circumcision and whether or not they give a local. My mom really wanted to make sure that they would be given something. I feel bad for not having thought of that sooner.
They are happy with my weight gain...which is now only about 28 pounds total. She was really happy with my blood pressure and my protein levels. She said that I am making this look too easy! haha.
I told her I could complain more if she wanted.
I asked her about my feet since they have been SO awfully swollen. She said that since my BP is fine and my protein is as well...it's just normal swelling...no pre-eclampsia.
So that's that!!
I do have some sonogram pictures to share! Taylor was the only one cooperative this time and she got tons of great pictures of his face. We only got one of Callum and that is of his hand. He wasn’t up for picture taking today!

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Taylor’s cutie face!

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More of Taylor

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The one of Callum’s fist!