went to my mom's today. picked up all the baby stuff i had left over there the other night that i didn't get a chance to wash. she was lovely and washed every bit of it. she also bought me a robe to wear in the hospital to cover my butt and washed that too.
got to see my aunt and cousin while i was there. i picked up the camera that i am borrowing from my sister.....but of course my mom didn't know where the transfer cable was....so for now i have a camera, and a way to charge it but no way to get the pictures off.
my mom and i went and returned some outfits to the children's store that i didn't like very much....wow that place is pricey. i got two little hoodies in different colors, two sleepers and two little hats and spent all of the money put back on the gift card. then, mom decided we would go to lunch at the cheesecake factory at the mall. it was fabulous! she also decided that i shouldn't walk far and had the car valeted when we got to the mall to begin with. she really knows how to spoil me these last few days!
we shared chicken pot stickers for appetizers and i got the lunch portion of the cobb salad which was SOOO good. i love their cobb salad. mom got the thai chicken and that was delicious as well. we both got cheesecake to go.
i just finished mine up. yummy banana creme cheesecake....i always get that when i get the chance to go there. it's my favorite.

i still have all our blankets and sheets to launder......maybe tomorrow or monday i suppose.

josh and i are going to see talladega nights tomorrow for a matinee while we still have the chance to get out just the two of us for a movie (without needing to get a sitter)

i really woke up on the wrong side of the bed today but my mom really helped change that.
she is so excited to be a grandma soon. it's so cute. it really has given me a whole new respect for her and for floyd and all that they did for us as kids.

I can NOT stop scratching my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!
it's driving me insane.
i have lubed it up a million times today.
my stretch marks are so red and raised it's ridiculous.
i am going to rip off my skin i swear.