I feel like i am sleeping completely awake.
i cannot wake up today.
i am not looking forward to grocery shopping...except for the fact that i will have an unlimited supply of my very own drumsticks in the freezer....instead of walking to the corner store to buy them.

i walked up to the corner store last night to buy the said giant drumstick and it was an amazingly beautiful night. i wish it didn't hurt so much to walk.
the cicadas were loud as hell...but it was breezy and beautiful. the sunday concert in the park by our apartment was going on, so walking down the street to the store i heard the cicadas and some sort of jazzy rock music and with the wind blowing through my hair...it was just an amazing walk.
nights like that remind me why i LOVE living here and don't miss florida weather for one second.

i still can't get over the fact that in EIGHT days i will have two sons. not just a baby. but TWO sons. two little guys.
i can't believe it. it's just amazing. terrifying and amazing.