Pappaw & Callum

Pappaw & Callum

Floyd is such a great Pappaw.
He's always been there for me. I'm glad that he'll get to be there for the boys as they grow up too.

New kicks


Copying off the lovely Nikki I just went on journey kids and bought the boys these vans! I bought a size 7, so they won't be for them to wear for a while....but how can you pass up bats and 9.99 a pair?!
I think we have two year molars coming in. We have two extremely clingy and cranky children right now.
Callum is refusing to nap during the day...and Taylor refused to leave my side last night, he slept all cuddled up to me with his fingers wrapped around my hair.
I can't believe how overwhelming it is to love these two little guys as much as I do.
I love them more than anything.
I really appreciate the nights that I can just sit with them and take it all in.
Poor Callum was so mad at us last night for waking him up after he fell asleep at 6. I brought him into our bed and laid with him and calmed him down. He finally fell back to sleep and I just kissed his face and smelled his sweet baby breath and cried.
One day these little guys will be grown men and I hope they won't be embarrassed to hear how much their mom loves them.

Merry Christmas!

spriggs holiday 2007 hi-res

The boys were all crazy's like they just knew that it was Christmas Eve.
After they went to bed I cleaned up their playroom and the living room and set out all the presents under the tree and our stockings all filled.
I'm so excited to watch them tomorrow morning.
This is what Christmas is all about as you get older. It's definitely more fun getting to see the joy in kids eyes.
We didn't really do anything today. I finished wrapping and doing Grandma Brag Books...I had to run to Walgreens to pick up the pictures and metallic pens. It was insane. I'm so glad I didn't have to go anywhere but there.
It's so strange to not have anything to really do on Christmas Eve. I was so used to over the years having a big family party on Christmas Eve.
I think maybe we'll start our own tradition in the next few years and do something like that on our own. Do like a big open house Christmas Eve.
That way we can see everyone that we can get around to on Christmas Day.
I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and Santa is good to you!!
Taylor bit me last night and drew blood....on my boob.
I also have about five or six little holes in my arm where he decided to take his hands and pinch up my arm removing skin.

My sister came in last night. She looks great. I can't believe how tall she is.
She's about 5'11 and weighs nothing!!
She came bearing gifts from my dad and my Aunt Cordy. Aunt Cordy got the boys each a pair of high top converse in a size 7 (so it will be a while before they fit) each a pair of gap jeans, shirts, and pjs. They were all so cute.
Dad sent each of the boys gift cards to Target and sent Josh and I some money and a gift card to California Pizza Kitchen.

My eczema is at an all time annoyance. I've contemplated removing my skin, burning myself with boiling water and just scratching it all off to help this feel better.
Oh eczema how I loathe you.

O Christmas Tree


I love our plain Christmas tree.
We don't have very many ornaments, any that we do have are unbreakable.
This is our first year as a couple and a family to have a tree up.
The boys are loving it.
The weekend was good but uneventful. We got to get rid of the cat hair infested couch that was driving my allergies crazy. My mom gave us one of her couches since she has the plan to get all new living room furniture soon.

We have one very sick boy on our hands. Callum has been coughing something terrible. His cough is so phlegmy and painful sounding. I called his doctor yesterday and they said just make sure he gets lots of fluid and make sure he doesn't get a fever. Josh went last night and got a vaporizer and he didn't seem to cough as much last night. I woke up every thirty minutes or so to make sure that he was sort of elevated. Mommy definitely didn't get much sleep the last couple nights.

I really need to get cracking on Christmas gifts.
We finally got a tree up! The boys now walk around the living room saying "pretty" and a form of "tree" It's TOO cute.