Way Back Wednesday

I think about how teenagers dress nowadays.
So many are scantily clad or go out in just sleep bottoms or sweats and a tshirt.
I am just appalled....until I look at old pictures.
I wonder who let me out of the house thinking I looked DAMN cute!
I got a perm so I could make my hair bigger.
This just never ceases to crack me up.

Rhiana Valentine's Dance 1990

Makes my Monday


The boys love to pick flowers and give them out.
They always have to stop and pick a flower for someone.
I love being the recipient of their thoughtfulness.

My Little Helpers

The boys love helping bake, clean, pretty much anything you ask if they'll help they're all about it.
This morning for breakfast we made cranberry/orange muffins and they were a great help. They didn't even scream about not having breakfast ready right when they got up because they wanted to eat the fruits of their labor.

This evening we made brownings. They were very excited of course because they know they get to lick off the spoon.
They did a great job and had so much fun in the process.
I had a great time with them too.




Two for Tuesday

The boys really have enjoyed themselves the last three days.
My dad and stepmom Lisa are in town until Wednesday.
We spent Thunder Over Louisville at my sister and brother in law's house on Saturday.
They stayed up really late and got to watch fireworks.
Sunday we drove up to the Newport Aquarium.
Monday we went to the Louisville Science Center.
We've been going non stop and they've loved it.
In fact Callum cried about having to come home Monday night after dinner and wandering Target.
He wanted to go somewhere else. I am sure we will have something else in store today and they will be just fine with it.
I can't think of a better week for this to hit on than

National Turn off your TV week

Here they are enjoying the "being in a bubble" exhibit at the science museum today.


Shopping with toddler twins.

Momma was brave last night and took the boys to the grocery store alone last night.
We had a little talk before we left about behaving and that they would get to ride in a car cart.
Callum was so cute and said "we'll behave for you mommy".
They did! I was so proud.
They were so well behaved and just so good during the whole visit at Kroger.
They amazed people by talking about wanting salad and carrots and different veggies in the produce department.
Apparently not a lot of two year olds ask for salad.
We got home and the meltdowns began, it was almost 9 which is their bedtime.
I made sure to do the positive reinforcement and told them how proud I was of them and that I had a great time taking them out.
Yay for overcoming some of my twin fears. I can do this.

Slumber Party


One of my very best girls started her own company with Slumber Parties.
She has lots of awesome products for sale.
If you're interested in "toys" or body products check it out.
She's very discreet and private.
She can do parties for anyone that is local, or you can go on her website and order from the privacy of your own home.
I love love love the body dew product.
It's so awesome. It's a spray on body oil that does leave you or your clothes greasy and does wonders for tattoos.
I've also bought some other things that I won't mention!
Check it out!!!

Way Back Whensday

It's almost been five years since I've been back to California.
I won't lie. I miss it something awful.
I have days where I daydream I'm back there.
The last time I went was for my brother's wedding, the first week in May 2004.
That trip was a pivotal time in my life. It was the best vacation I've ever had and it's when I chose to finally move closer to my family after spending so much time with my sister and brother in law. When I got back from that trip I started planning and moved in June to Kentucky.
Everytime I see pictures from that trip I'm brought back to a certain mind set.
We had such an amazing time.
With our trip to wine country, Pismo Beach, Great America, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Disneyland it was just the best time.


a view from our hotel in Pismo


a very blonde and long haired me at Hearst Castle.

All of us Disney
all of us in Disneyland.

Easter 2009

The boys really had a great Easter.
Even though they had quite a few meltdowns and freak outs.
When they woke up and found their baskets in the living room, there was no coaxing to eat breakfast.
It was mostly sugar for the rest of the day. I've already made a mental note to include a lot more healthy snacks in next years basket. I've learned my lesson.

After consuming tons of sugar we got ourselves ready to go to Mammaw's for a day of fun.
We had Pappaw & Daddy head out back with their bunny mission.
The boys kept sneaking peeks outside and saying that the bunny hadn't been there yet.
They wanted to wait for Aunt Ash and Uncle Matt before we headed out back.
Callum knew right away what to do during the egg hunt.
He had lots of eggs right out of the gate before Taylor really figured it out.
I think they really had a great day.
The weather was gorgeous, a little chilly when it was still windy but overall a wonderful day.
Floyd made amazing food. His pork steaks were awesome.
The boys passed out at 7:30 that night and I wasn't far behind them.





an indication of Callum's mood for most of the day.


the boys loved the egg tree in my mom's front yard


Callum on the hunt

Taylor means serious business

the loot

my momma

Callum loved the bubble gun


Daddy & Callum

my sister Shannon and Poppa Floyd





Two for Twos-days

I've just started playing along with some of the other mom's with themed blog days.
I think it will help give me some content to post about.
There are Two for Twos-days where you post pictures with two people in it, Way back Whensdays to post things from the past. Make my Monday, where you just post about something that makes your day.
I wanted this blog to be mostly about our family and our daily journeys, also to keep family updated on what's going on with the boys.
But, I have to make it fun for me too so I will want to update regularly.

So here is todays Two for Twos-day!


The boys can fight like any siblings can, but they also love each other so much.
Here Taylor was giving Callum a hug because Callum was coughing and Taylor wanted him to feel better.

Our Second Anniversary

My husband and I have been married two years today. We were married on Friday the 13th.
I feel so incredibly lucky to have found the one for me. He is an incredible friend, amazing father, and the best husband, lover I could ever wish for.
I really hit the jackpot.

true love

Meeting the Easter Bunny

We took the boys to Oxmoor Mall tonight to meet the Easter Bunny, or as we've been lovingly referring to him as Mr. B.
The boys were really excited and have been pumped for Easter for the past couple of weeks.
They've been sick so I've put it off until last minute.

As soon as I caught a glimpse of the Easter Bunny from far away I was severely disappointed.
The costume looked old and dingy and just terrible compared to some that I've seen in other's pictures.
Those bunnies definitely outdid this lame-o mall bunny.
I don't know if it's because I'm older and had to pay $15.99 to get a small picture, and two keychain pictures, or that the sparkle of magic just isn't the same for me as it is for the boys.
Maybe it's a combination of all three.
I found myself walking away bummed at what this bunny lacked.

Callum still ran up to him and was very excited to meet Mr. B in person.
Taylor was like me and was really not impressed by him.

He didn't even gesture wildly to the boys and try to look excited and do that cute person in a costume stuff like put his hand over his mouth and things like that.
He sat there the whole time exactly like he is in the picture.
He barely moved. Well he waved a few times to other kids.
I was proud that the boys didn't want to sit on his lap.
It would have been easier for the picture to have them closer together, but the mom in me was supremely happy that they weren't sitting on some strangers lap that I couldn't even see who was under the mask.

I think in the end the boys were more excited that they got to hold giant glitter eggs out of a huge basket than being impressed by the bunny himself.
When we got home Taylor exclaimed that he was supposed to be white.

Easter 2009

Nope they look nothing alike!



Can you tell who is who?

Thankful Thursday!

There are so many things in my life to be thankful for.
I want to make sure that I write them down and remember it regularly.

  • the boys demanding hugs and kisses before bed and before I leave the house
  • my loving and wonderful husband.
  • my Mother in Law for taking such awesome care of the boys while we're at work
  • my family and all of their support on a regular basis.
  • being able to depend on my mom to be there. for anything.
  • getting to see my dad in a week.
  • spending Easter with family
  • to have two running cars! even if it is just for now.
  • loving my job.
  • having great friends that I can rely on.

Way Back Wednesday

With Easter coming here is a look back at the boys last two Easters!

the boys and their baskets
Their first Easter

Last Easter

As a mom and a wife I know that I still have a lot to learn.
I need to work on my patience and how I handle things around me.
I'm really trying, but it's proving to be more difficult than I had imagined.
I just have to come to terms that there are things that I want to and need to change to be a better wife and mother.
I want our boys to have a comfortable upbringing and not have to worry about things that they shouldn't have to worry about being so young.
I don't want them to see Josh and I argue. I don't want them to see me losing my temper.
I'm hoping that there are things I can work on, for their sake so they don't have to inherit my quirks that I would rather not pass on.
I'm happy that I can admit this and realize it rather than living in la la land and thinking that I'm perfect.