Five Year Olds!!

The boys turned FIVE Monday!
My does time fly. I know that every mother says this and it's so true. I just can't believe how big they are. I remember them as my little squishy big headed babies!

The boys were so excited to go to school Monday on their birthday. I couldn't help but chuckle and think that this definitely won't last forever. I took Monday off so I could decorate the house and go up and have lunch with the boys and bring cupcakes for their class.

They decided early on that they wanted a "Toothless" Birthday, meaning they wanted it all to do with "How to Train your Dragon". Let me tell you, this was a feat. Apparently they did market this movie when it originally came out, but there is hardly ANY toys on the shelf anywhere for it. It's such a cute movie, we actually took them to see it when it came out in the theater (back when they didn't scream about how loud it was). I found out that WalMart had some toys on clearance and I ended up breaking my golden rule of never stepping foot into WalMart. I ended up going to three WalMarts in one day. I think it's the most I've been there in years.
I found them each a small Toothless dragon and each a Hiccup toy. They also had little plate sets and got them each one of those and the movie, which I was surprised we didn't have in the first place. They also had a giant Toothless dragon that makes all sorts of noises on super clearance and of course they only had one. The scramble was on to find a second one and I ended up having to order it on Ebay.

Anyway, so I got the decorations up that morning and then headed to their school for lunch. It was so adorable. I got to see them go through their lunch line and was so happy with their choices for lunch. The boys have been buying their lunch even though I would prefer to pack it they really like being able to choose what they want and I have trusted that they would make good decisions with how we've raised them and they sure do.
Sure, Callum has chocolate milk everyday but they chose the fish option of lunch that day instead of a hotdog or a grilled cheese sandwich and they both chose carrots and a banana with their lunch. I was so proud.

Their classmates were so cute and talked non stop during lunch. The boys were wearing cute rubber bracelets that said Happy Birthday that the teacher gave them. Ms Davidson their main teach came up and hugged me so hard I thought she was going to squeeze all the air out of me! She told me what a joy they are to have in class and thanked me for bringing them to her and how much they love them. It was so nice and reassuring to hear that from their teacher. It was good to know that they're so loved at school when I have my freak outs about them being in school!

After they came home from school I had to go and take a Pharmacology test and then left school right after my test so I could come home and see them open presents and have more cupcakes.

They were so stoked on their presents and it was awesome to watch their faces light up. Josh got them viking helmets and I am pretty sure that was by far their favorite.
After dinner and cupcakes we watched "How to Train your Dragon".

The boys birthday party is tomorrow at KaZoing at 4:15 and they're so excited. Taylor asked specifically for a place they could bounce. We didn't invite any of the kids from school since we would have had to invite ALL of their class, all 47 kids. Since they just started and I don't really have contacts for any of the parents I figured this will be our last year of inviting our friends and their kids exclusively and after this year it's going to be all about their schoolmates.