my feet hurt and I've lost my sense of humor

we had a good weekend. got a lot of things done. got the stroller and bouncy seats put together. we did a lot of rearranging (we meaning josh moved everything i apologized for not being to help). we got our little library nook all set up. i love it.
the house is semi uncluttered and it makes me feel much better. we got the other window unit from my mom's saturday and got that put in yesterday (you like how i use this we so freely) haha.
i still have things to return to target....and more things to buy. i still feel unprepared. tomorrow will be exactly two weeks to go! holy!

i got some birthday money in the that was pretty awesome. we hung out with kristen & jesse on saturday and that was fun. i totally overdid it and we walked a lot on saturday....needless to say my legs feel like hell now. it hurts a ton to walk.
we went to st. joe's church's this orphanage that's been having picnics for like 150 years to raise money for the orphans.....basically it's a lot of food, gambling and drinking. so we walked around....played some dime and quarter games and people watched. goodness do they all come out of the woodwork in kentucky for things like that. it was really amusing! haha.

we of course have tons of laundry to do.........which i SO don't want to deal with.
last time we dropped our clothes off at the laundry and paid them per pound to do it all. maybe we'll do that again. but, we have sheets and blankets and stuff to wash this time too.
i just hate sitting at the laundry mat....and i hate folding.
so maybe if i can scrounge a work outfit together for tomorrow we'll make them wash our clothes anyway.
ok...i'm rambling now.
i want to go home and sleep.