Dental Work

Yesterday was the second half of Taylor's dental work.
This time he had already been once and knew kind of what to expect.
I went into work in the morning and Nana gave him the "loopy juice" before I got home.
He was pretty brave and ready to go. We headed out with his blankie (pink me) and were on our way.
He was mostly concerned about what he was getting for going.
Once we got there he played with toys for a while then just sat in my lap until they came out and called his name.
He started freaking out then knowing that they had come for him to go back for more work on his teeth.
He started screaming and crying for me to go back with him and watch. I told him that I couldn't and that I would be right out in the waiting room for when he was done.
The doctor came out when it was done and told me that he done so well, even better than the first time and was only a little freaked out in the beginning and then relaxed and they got it done really fast.
He was really happy to see me when he came out.

While I was in the waiting room I had met another mom waiting for her son.
She pretty much told me her life story while we sat there. She was very nice but a little too forthcoming about all her life details.
It was sort of strange, but what she said when we were done talking that struck me the most.
She told me that I seemed like a strong independent woman and felt very comfortable talking to me.
I thanked her and told her she would get there herself.
She said she was impressed with how I handled Taylor going back and not crying myself.
That surprises me most, I always thought I would be more emotional about stuff like that.
I always seem to hold it together though.
I probably do it mostly for them so I don't scare the boys when they're going through things that scare them enough without their mom freaking out.

Taylor's request as we were leaving was to go and get milkshakes, we went through McDonald's and got him an orange shake and he told me we had to bring home one for Nana and bubby too.
He's such a thoughtful kid, always making sure that if he gets something we bring something back for Callum too.

They warned us about watching him chewing on his cheeks because he wouldn't be able to feel it for a while so I kept talking to him about not chewing on his cheek because he could really hurt himself.
I ended up taking the rest of the day off and napping with the boys and cuddling with them.
I really treasure that time, I know that it will end abruptly one day and I am really going to miss it.

When we got up from nap I realized he hadn't chewed on his cheek but he did indeed chew on his top lip on the side they told us would be most numb.
The poor thing now looks like he's been in a boxing match.
It's SO swollen.
He says it doesn't hurt, but we've been giving him lots of Popsicles just in case.
He wasn't as mean coming out of this drug haze as he was the first time.
I was thankful for that.

Callum has been such an instigator lately, and even knowing his brother doesn't feel good hasn't stopped him.
That got him a bite on the face yesterday.
He finally bugged Taylor so much that Taylor bit him right on the face. You can see the bite marks just under his eye and his bottom teeth towards the bottom of his cheek.
I had a hard time really punishing Taylor for it since I knew he didn't feel good and Callum really was pushing his buttons, but he went to time out just the same since I couldn't not do anything about it at all.

Josh is going out of town early in the morning to go and help a friend pick up his daughter in Ohio, so it will be just the boys and I tomorrow and maybe Nana if she stays home this weekend.
I'm thinking we'll go to one of the local parks that has the water stuff to play in too.
They're totally not afraid of sprinklers and stuff anymore which has been great this summer.


We spent a good time outside the other night playing in their pools.
The boys really spent most of the time screaming about bugs being in the water and splashing and kicking.
They demanded I call them Ariel while they were in the pool and would run from the pool to the porch saying they "just had to get out of that water and on land"
It was cracking me up.

Ah to be a kid again

IMG_1654, originally uploaded by rhiana_leigh.

Taylor relaxing and enjoying a nice summer day.

1st Half Dental work and other stuff.

Taylor had his dental work done yesterday. Well part one anyway.
He had to have a few fillings. I still feel terrible about it, but we have one that has perfect teeth and the other had cavities...they both eat the same and both brush everyday, twice a day.
Not much we can do about it.
I just didn't want to take him.
We couldn't go back with him and knowing they were going to pappoose him I just couldn't handle it. I would rather Josh take him since he is much more calm than I am and can give that vibe off and not freak him out beforehand.
Taylor was so good.
He went back with them with no problems, just said OK.
Afterwards Josh said you could tell he had been crying but he wasn't hysterical at all.
Nana called me throughout the day and told me that he was in a FOUL mood.
He was whiney and just plain old MEAN.
I'm going to blame it on the medication and the gas they gave him, but we all know he is usually our grumpy old grandpa of the two anyway.
He told his Daddy "Don't talk at ME!" then Josh tried to calm him and rub his arm and he screamed "Don't touch me!" "It's not your job to touch me!"
He also asked his Nana this morning "Where's my damn juice?!"
But that part is done and he has another appointment next week for the last of it.

My wonderful amazing bestie Kerry made the boys some AWESOME birthday invites.
I'm totally stoked on them.
We finally decided to go ahead and do it at Pump It Up since we didn't want to have to deal with all the setting up and cleaning and such this year at our house. I really like doing home parties, but with how Josh is feeling still it just doesn't seem like a good idea. We have too much pre party stuff that needs to be done, like yardwork and such that he just can't do right now.

Speaking of the accident, we finally got our check for his car...we have yet to purchase anything, but have some things lined up to look at.
I've been bumming rides from Shannon all this week.
It's nice to spend the time with her and the boys love seeing her.
Josh has been going to therapy still regularly, he went to an ortho and they think it's all soft tissue damage which they just have to keep up at therapy and hope it gets better basically.

I've been trying to get the boys outside everyday that I get home. It helps to wear them out and let them run around, they've been so active and incredibly hyper lately.

Enjoying Summer

We went to my mom and Floyd's this week to have dinner and to "swim" in their hot tub.
My mom turns the temp way down so it's more like pool water.
The boys really like it since they can walk all the way around and we showed Callum that he can actually stand up in the middle and still have his head above water.
I never would have guessed that out of the two he is ending up being the more adventerous of the two.
We had a great time and enjoyed a great dinner.
The boys love being able to walk back and see their garden, and they got to enjoy some very fresh yellow tomatoes with dinner.
They're such great eaters and scarfed those down like no tomorrow.
We're so lucky to have two good eaters.
The only problem with eating time is Taylor is sometimes too busy talking to eat and Callum does everything on "Callum time" but it's been that way since he was born.
He does it on his own time and doesn't care about your agenda.




Playing with Pappaw's Cars







Wordless Wednesday


Motorcycle Accomplishment!

I've been working in a motorcycle dealership for over three years now.
I've only ever ridden an ATV that was manual and I don't think I really knew what I was doing.
For the past three years I've been explaining to customers how to go about taking our ABATE course.
It's a beginner's motorcycle course that the State of Indiana puts on almost every weekend in the summer in our parking lot.
I've always seen them come in on Friday nights to start their two and a half day course.

Finally after working on it for years they were able to put a class together for the employees free of charge!
They came around and asked who wanted to take the class with limited space.
I jumped at the shot, as well as my two sisters.
Last week was the classroom portion of the class. We had about 162 questions to answer in the book during classtime.
There were a lot of things I didn't know or understand in that book.

Monday morning we got here bright and early to begin our riders portion of the class.
I was extremely nervous but hellbent on doing it because it's something I've always wanted to do and have promised myself I would learn one day.
It was a hard day, but so much fun.
It was HOT outside and even more so on the black top of our parking lot.
They gave us the basics about the friction zone on the clutch first thing and had us learn how to let the bike take us across the parking lot in the "friction zone" as a power walk.
After we learned the feel for the clutch they had us try to start riding with our feet up!
By the end of the day we had practiced U-Turns, turning in small spaces, corner, swerving, weaving in and out of cones and of course shifting and braking properly.
I had a great time even though I was probably tense the whole day making sure not to screw up royally in front of my other co-workers that would never let me live down dropping a bike.
I did sit out two of the exercises and had thought I was going to be a motorcycle class dropout because I felt like I was going to pass out from the heat and my ears were ringing.
Some of the guys rallied for me and had the instructors let me take the final riding test since in reality I had already ridden the whole day except for the last maybe thirty minutes.
The eight of us that started the class all took the test one by one and passed!
I was scolded throughout the day for not going fast enough and making sure to look where I was going and not down at the ground.
I think that what I learned if I do ride again will be invaluable information.....especially since I've never REALLY driven anything manual.
We took our written test after the driving which was 50 questions multiple choice and I got a 94, missing three questions.
There is something to be said about doing something you've always wanted to do and actually succeeding at it!
I'm pretty proud of myself.

I am now able to go and get my permit with the state written test and hold that for thirty days and then I will have an "M" on my licenese and be officially motorcycle endorsed!
I may not ever ride again, but knowing that I got that "M" is a pretty big accomplisment for me.

Happy Fourth of July!

We had all intentions of getting out and being social for this 4th of July.
Then reality hit.
Josh has been having some really bad pain from the accident in his hips and back and has had a headache that is lingering for weeks now.
Poor thing had to take all his pain meds and a nap.
He was still feeling pretty bad later in the evening so we decided to forgo any plans that we had and stay home and hang out with just us and the boys.
While daddy slept a bit we watched Superman Returns, Spiderman 2, Tarzan and some of Happy Feet.
I bought some fireworks with plans of bringing them to wherever we went so we didn't show up empty handed so we asked the boys if they would be interested in going outside for fireworks since they kept talking about it all day.
They were actually really keen on the sparklers and had fun with them.
I was kinda of shocked, I bought two small boxes thinking that I would be the only one playing with them and that they would want no part of it.
Interestingly enough they loved the sparklers! I had to keep reminding them to stay clear of each other.
Taylor still came away from it with some singed hair from his brother getting too close, but nothing terrible.
They really liked the roman candles Josh was shooting off until he came across some that were different and sparkled a lot more and made a lot of noise, after a few of those they were done and wanted to go inside.
I brought them inside and we watched the rest of the fireworks getting shot off from inside the living room where the noise wasn't so loud.
They seemed to like that a lot more.
In theory they were really excited about fireworks today, but they're still too young to really enjoy all the noise.
I was just happy to see them have so much fun with the sparklers.

It was so cold and damp outside that my lense kept fogging up.







They stayed up where they felt safe to watch fireworks from the porch


This is when they decided they were over it and wanted inside.



Capturing two toddlers.

Its getting increasingly more difficult to have the boys cooperate to have their pictures taken together.
Now that they each have their own personalities one is usually up and running and one is trying to help me by keeping the other in the picture.
The other night I attempted to take some of them together. This time it was Taylor that was trying to be good and Callum had a game with it.
It was pretty funny actually.

Taylor trying to hold Callum by his face


Callum trying to hold Taylor this time.


Callum tried to leap off the couch


The best I could get of them together


Then we moved on to nose picking and sticking out tongues