Preschool & Furniture!

Today was the boys first official day at preschool!
It's so weird to not just call up Nana to see how they're doing.

Callum was up and ready to get dressed this morning and Taylor was dragging his feet, begging to stay home and that he was too tired to go and would have NO fun today.
He finally relented and was happy as a clam once we got there.
It's so nice to have the school so close to our house.
Nana will walk up there and pick them up between 12 and 12:30 each day after they have lunch and before they have naptime at school.

We went in on Friday for them to meet the teachers and to see their classroom and ended up staying for a few hours Friday, they didn't want to leave!
I think once the novelty wears off some they may cry once we get to school.
Today was very smooth though, as soon as we got there they went to their activities and basically ignored me!
I'm so glad that it's been a seemingly easy transition so far and has been easy on me since they aren't screaming when I leave them.

Josh and I went and bought new couches this weekend!!
I'm so excited. This is our first big furniture purchase together besides our bed, and our first living room piece that isn't a hand me down!
My skin will also thank me once I don't have to sit on the faux leather couches we have.
The actual purchase was so easy. We both agreed on the same one basically straight away!

new couch!

Our House on a Nightly.

The boys have taken to the Wii like woah.
The first thing out of the boys mouths when either of us get home is not "hello mommy or daddy" it's "can you put on Batman?"
If we let them they would play for hours and not say a word, so we've taken to setting a timer for them to play in smaller increments.
The Batman game is really for 10 year olds+.

Callum he plays like you would think any three year old would play a video game. He's interested in just running around, beating up the bad guys and jumping off ledges and killing his character over and over.
Taylor is a different story. He has really amazed us, he really gets it. He runs around and does the storyline, puts the legos together to make things to advance the game. He's figured out how to open up areas that you have to throw your batarang? to open and is exploring the game like a true gamer.
I know it's just a video game, but seeing how quickly he's picking up on what needs to be done is just awesome to watch. You can see his little gears turning to figure things out.

I had to tell his Aunt Ashley right away about this development. I knew she'd be excited to have a little budding gamer to teach.
Now to try and find an educational game for the wii that's just as fun.


Snow Day!

We finally got an accumulation of snow!
If we even get two inches here it shuts down the whole city.
It's kind of ridiculous.
I was still able to go to work yesterday and today as well.
So, the boys went out with Nana yesterday to play in the snow.
They were so excited. We had told them Wednesday night that we were supposed to be getting a lot of snow, enough to play in.
Callum's first words when he woke up Thursday morning was "did we get a bunch of noe?"

I was sad that I didn't get to go out and play in it with them, but Nana was awesome enough to take pictures of them for me.

getting geared up







Sipping on Hot Chocolate once they were done to warm up


Nana brought them in a bowl of snow to play with!


Going Ons.

The boys are signed up for preschool!
I am so nervous for it, but thankfully the boys are pretty excited.
The school wasn't really on my radar as far as top choices, but it was very convenient for us.
I didn't want to send them to a chain daycare and preferred quite a number of other schools.
Nana wanted to make sure that we start them with just half days for now to ease them into school.
We figured it would be a hassle for me to have to take my lunch break to pick them up early, bring them home and then come back to work.
Instead of doing all that we went and looked at the place up the street from us.
I really liked the teachers and felt comfortable there as well.
It will be so easy to drive up the street to drop them off and Nana will pick them up before the nap time at 12:30.
I just hope that once they're in the school that it will still be a good idea.
I really hope that it helps them thrive and become a little more socialized.

I had to buy the boys a bunch of underwear, I'm hoping that they'll go along with the excuse "you have to wear underwear at school".
Right now they hate underwear and usually just wear their pj bottoms and go commando.
We'll see how that goes over.

Josh is going on his second week at his new job, and is really liking it. I can tell that his stress level is really down.
It also helps that he's not in school anymore as well.
He got out of his old job in the nick of time. He talked to one of his old co-workers and they told him that they're not paying any of their health insurance and have taken away paid vacation this year!

I've had to pick up our family health insurance, that's a big hit to my paycheck....but now Josh doesn't have it coming out of his.
I have to pay something like $150 a week for the four of us to be insured. eesh.

I'm doing pretty good. I had to work Sunday for our end of year inventory, but not Saturday so I'm thankful since a lot of people had to work both.
I need to finish filling out my application for school. I would be starting in April.
I'm super nervous about it.
The fact that I'll be going back to school after 14 years...and I'll be missing all three of my guys something terrible.

Here are some pictures of the boys from New Years Day.
All the swimming they did with Nana while they were at the hotel that night really suited them!
Their hair was so cute that day.

Callum is such a goob! He will hardly ever stop and smile for a camera anymore. This is his crazy person fake smile.





Taylor is a big old hambone and requests for his picture to be taken.