it's getting ready to storm.
lots of flash flood warnings across the screen for other counties.

we went and saw talladega nights today. it was pretty funny...and probably the last time we'll get out to a movie for a little while.

i'm nervous.
josh started making his list of to do while i'm in the hopsital since he said he's sure he won't be able to sleep.

i found our duffle bag and have some things to pack, like a robe, slippers, camera, brush, toothbrush, cell phone charger....uhhhh i dunno.
i know i asked this before.
but i totally forgot....and i don't really want to overpack.
of course a to wear home outfit.
i guess i don't care if i end up wearing a hospital gown the whole time i'm there....i can bleed and mess up their sheets and pjs.
i am still debating whether or not to pack specific baby coming home outfits or not.
i guess i can always make josh bring something to the hospital if i change my mind.

i do HAVE to go and wash sheets and blankets tomorrow at the laundry mat.
i just realized that if i do pump and use the bottles we have i should sterilize those....and then realized that we have nowhere to store said bottles.

we totally need more shelving...for our kitchen...and for our bathroom.
we need so much more storage.

i am just freaking out and feeling really overwhelmed.

i'm scared for tuesday too.
not too bad.....but a bit nervous.