Happy Birthday Daddy

Yesterday was the hubby's birthday. The boys and I played outside from the time I got home until nearing their bedtime. We colored with chalk and they played in their cars. They like to pretend to go to work or school. They say bye over and over and give kisses to everyone like I do in the mornings. It's adorable.
We drew a Happy Birthday for Josh and I tried to get the boys to sit near it for a photo to print out for him. That was like wrangling cats! Good lord.
There is no way to keep those two still for more than a second....so I got the best picture I could.
He seemed to really enjoy it last night when he got home from school.

what we drew for daddy.

my attempts at trying to get them together with it! HA





Kissing bye bye

They're so serious about their DRAWING. don't dare call it coloring.
It's drawing.


My peanut

Punkin showing me his dirty hands.


This made me cry

Mommy & Callum

Mommy & Callum, originally uploaded by rhiana_leigh.

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