35 weeks!!

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Here's where we are today!

I am hoping for some baby droppage soon. They are so *up* in my ribs it's become so uncomfortable.

I stayed up last night until after midnight watching too much tv. I love Gene Simmons and his family.
His son is ridiculously tall...and I can't believe his daughter is only 13...thank goodness I'm not having girls.

We went shopping for groceries at Super Walmart last night. Needless to say my left ankle is so damn swollen...I have never seen it so fat. It actually hurt to walk because of how fat it was. The klutz that I am dropped a can of juice on my toe...on that foot and cut my toe open...that was fun.
The bottoms of my feet hurt from walking. I am just exhausted.
Josh thinks it's absolutely adorable that I am totally waddling now.
I told him to shut it.