Almost 34 weeks

My baby shower was this weekend. My mom did such a great job. The house looked so cute and everything was great.
I got a ton of cute stuff.
My uncle and aunt gave us the cutest baby's first pooh bears that are just so adorable!
We got our stroller, car seats, bouncy seats, swing, onesies, burp cloths, recieving blankets, some really cute clothes from Old Navy that I picked out and my mom bought.
The food went over like gangbusters and the whole shower with eating, mingling, playing games and opening gifts lasted two hours. I was exhausted by the end of it.
We still have all the big stuff at my mom's to go back and pick up.
We went yesterday and picked up some more things at Target with the gift cards we got in the mail from some of my out of town family and friends. I now have an organizer to put together and a ton of clothes to wash and then put away based on age/size.
I guess it should be about time to get into that nesting mode. I just don't have the energy. It comes in small short bouts.
My mom took a couple pictures at the I'll have to post those once she emails them to me.
Minnie was all interested in all the baby stuff we were putting in the room, Pig could care less and didn't come and see what we were doing once. She was too busy sleeping.

I've got my ultrasound appointment tomorrow at 12:30 and get to see the doc.
I am getting increasingly uncomfortable.
i'm guessing that i am having braxton hicks contractions.
i can't tell if its really them or the babies moving and causing such tightness in my stomach.
but, i could barely roll myself out of my bed last night to go to the bathroom and all i could do was cry out in pain and try to roll myself over and off the bed.
it was awful.
when my stomach tightens like that everything feels so heavy and it's harder for me to walk. i feel like something is just going to fall out.
on a grosser's getting harder to wipe myself.
i think i should get some baby wipes. either i think i've got all i can.....or because of the pressure it just pushes more down or something. it's weird.
i was so uncomfortable laying down to sleep last night. i just cried and then got up and cried laying on the couch trying to find some sort of comfort. needless to say.....i didn't really find it...i just got so tired that i finally went to bed to get some sleep.
i would love to be in my pjs today laying on the couch. i don't want to be in these work clothes. i don't want to go and do laundry tonight....and i just don't want to do anything.
i have to go and register josh's car before it expires though.

33 weeks!

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Yay! Here we are at 33 weeks. My stomach is definitely getting bigger. I need to take some pictures.
....I need a camera! I guess I could try and buy some new batteries for my old camera and see how that works.
Maybe my old rechargables have just gone bad.

Joshua liked his presents yesterday! I was happy. I wish that we could have done more for his birthday but he's been getting up for work everyday around 3:30 and out the door by about 4 something...I am of course sound asleep except for when he gets out of bed and comes in to kiss me goodbye for the day. But, needless to say that makes for a pretty sleepy Josh by the end of the day.
We went and had mexican at our usual place....same place we went for his birthday last year! hahah.

My baby shower is this weekend. I'm kind of nervous. I don't like having all that attention on just me.
It will be fun to just hang out with everyone and eat though!
Mom is making her famous spinach dip and other finger type foods....I know she ordered a cake already.
I guess the best thing is that I don't really have to participate in the games! It's just all for my amusement!! haha.
I really need to clean out my car so we can put in the car seat bases after we get them this weekend and go and have it all inspected.
After that, no more passengers in my car! No room in my little cavalier.
sitting at this desk makes my back ache.
pregnancy makes me tired...but i can't ever sleep.
i went shopping with my mom saturday for baby shower stuff...that was pretty fun.
we went and had lunch and then i spent the rest of the day at her house hanging out with my sister. she did my toes and we just sat on the back porch and talked.
when josh picked me up later we all went back to the apartment and watched some tv and then i vacuumed the whole apartment while josh and evan put together the other crib and rearranged what will be the boys room.
it look so much better than it did before!
my mom decided to not play the dirty diaper (candy bar) game. lol she thought it was too gross.
so she came up with five other games. one she said she is filling up a tray with baby stuff and its like a memory game...everyone has to try and remember what they saw and write as much down as they can remember.....then all the stuff from the tray is mine!
i was amazed to see their whole spare room filled with baby and baby shower stuff.
it made me smile to see my mom so excited for these boys to be here.
she bought some cute bibs at kmart that say i love my grandma on it....with a little precious moments boy on the front....i know she got them because her mom loved precious moments...she got all choked up in kmart over them.
i keep giving her crap about always trying to buy them matching she looked at me as she put two in the cart and said....well they both love their they get one each! haha. ok mom.
yesterday i drove around looking for a new power supply for our keeps crapping out on us. the cheapest one i could find was 79.99. i guess that will wait a while and i will continue to beat, kick or drop the power supply to get it to work.
i got a yummy smoothie from smoothie king and then went home and baked brownies, watched tv and took a nap.
josh's birthday is today......i ordered him a dvd online...but i guess i'm going to go out at lunch and see if i can find anything else that catches my eye.
i feel like he deserves to know how special he is to me...and that i am thankful for the day he came into this world.

32 weeks 2 days

had my doctor appointment today at 11:30. All is well. My blood pressure was a bit lower than usual. But they obviously weren’t concerned with that. Both boys are now breach. They have dug their butts down low and are just hanging out. The doctor pulled in the ultrasound machine to make sure that she could make out both heartbeats and I got to see them both on the screen. She said they look great. She checked my cervix….which was awful. She had to tell me to stop trying to scoot up the table away from her. Man I felt like she was going up to her elbow or something. She said I am all closed up and looking great. I forgot to ask her what she measured my stomach at. My boss wanted me to ask them about when they think I may have to go out of work.....she said with the way I’m going right now, no time soon.
She said as long as I don’t have any preterm labor or any problems with my blood pressure that the latest they’ll let me go to is 38 weeks. It looks like we’ll be scheduling a c-section for 38 weeks. So that is only 6 weeks away! We'll see if the boys decide to move around again before then.
After my next ultrasound in two weeks I’ll be on every week appointments.
Old Navy has some of the cutest little boy t-shirts and stuff right now. I just got my mom to go on and buy a bunch of things that I wanted! YAY!
: )
have some severe issues.
pregnancy has most definitely messed with my sense of smell.
i can't stop smelling rubber bands.
i actually want to go to the auto part store....just so i can smell it.
it's weird.
i guess i should be happy i'm not trying to eat paint chips or dirt.

i had my WIC appointment this morning. all was well. apparently i hadn't gained anything according to what i weight the last time i was there....which was months ago.
i just talked to the lady about how i have been feeling and if i am planning to breast feed or not......and they sent me on my merry way with an appointment for october.
it will be interesting having to go there with babies in tow.

i have my doc appointment tomorrow for them to check my cervix.
i wonder if my eye twitching has anything to do with pregnancy. it won't stop. if i blow my nose it twitches, if i sneeze it twitches. it's driving me insane.
so far no one else has RSVPd for the baby shower. oh well. there will be a few of us and i am sure we'll have fun.

i found out yesterday that we make too much money for child care assistance. that sucks.

32 weeks

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so here's where i'm at today!

my boss actually came up to ask me how i am feeling....i was kind of surprised. she usually just ignores that i've been out.
i told her about the vomiting in my sleep....she thinks it's acid reflux too.
i am pretty sure it is. i guess it's time to start sleeping sitting up.
i have an appointment with WIC tomorrow and then Thursday with the doc. they're gonna do a cervix check and the usual pee in a cup and all that.
then in two weeks i have another ultrasound.
i am becoming increasingly uncomfortable...and definitely growing.
joshua's birthday is coming up next monday.....i have no idea what to do for him...or get him. we're pretty tight on things right now.
my baby shower is not this saturday but the one after.....i am looking forward to it...but nervous...and i have no idea who actually RSVPd so far. i imagine that there won't be many people.
taylor had crazy hiccups last night. i got josh to feel my stomach while he was was so neat.
he had hiccups again this morning as well.
what a strange feeling!

we watched the 16 and moving in last night on tlc. we both watched with our mouths agape and just shaking our heads. he told me to not even think about it. haha.
we watched part of the raising twins and sextuplets. good lord....i couldn't imagine! josh said that if next time i get pregnant if they were to say there were six he may have to start shooting people. ha.
i asked...well what if they said there were two again? he said he could handle that. this from the person who said no more after these two..........sure.........i know he wants his girl!

well, time to go and eat some pear apple sauce and maybe my yogurt.
i'm starving.
i decided i'm staying home today. i woke up in the middle of the night because i was choking, and i realized that i had almost choked on my own throw up. that was the most disgusting thing ever. i don't think i've been able to move that fast in a long time. i sprinted for the bathroom to get the rest out in there and blow my nose. i have an awful migraine this morning.
tomorrow i hit the 32 week mark. the boys are still wriggling all around in there. my belly button is starting to stick out a bit more.
i couldn't satiate my appetite yesterday. the problem with that is, the heartburn and later the vomiting, but i felt like all i wanted to do was eat all day.
the weekend was fairly uneventful. joshua and i went saturday for him to do some measurements at the new shop he'll be working part time at. back to piercing for him. i think he's really excited, he's missed working in a shop and doing piercings. i'm glad he found a second job that he's excited about.
we went and saw pirates of the caribbean. i liked it, i expected the ending since there will be a part three. it was a bit long and i was squirming in my seat towards the end. i wanted to kill the old lady next to me that kept sucking her teeth. she was driving me insane.

got some pretty horrible news about a friend of mine. our friend sam's younger brother eric got into a motorcycle accident saturday night, apparently he had been drinking some after work and was headed somewhere and crashed his bike as he was getting off the freeway.
he had to be airlifted to university hospital downtown, they took his right leg off right above the knee, i guess it was pretty badly crushed. his pelvis and his hip are both fractured in many places. they already had to take his leg saturday night and i think starting today they will start surgeries on his pelvis and hip.
i feel awful that he is having to go through all this, and i have part of an attitude like he knew what he was taking into his hands when he drank and got on that motorcycle and drove recklessly.
he's lucky that the people that saw him crash got back on and off the freeway to check on him and call 911 and his mom.

well i am going to try and drift back to sleep.
my cravings for smells have been so weird.
i LOVE the smell of rubber or new plastic.
it's sick. i spent yesterday smelling a rubber band and i just couldn't get enough. when we go to pep boys i just want to stand there and inhale forever.
it's so strange. i seriously was contemplating on trying to get a job at pep boys after the boys are born because i was so into that smell. how weird am i?

i have been having such a hard time sleeping. the night before last i tossed and turned and moaned and cried all night. last night i started that shit all over again and i got up and took my pillows and was heading out of the room. josh woke up and asked me where i was going. i told him i was going to lay in the living room so he could get some sleep. he told me to turn around and get back in bed, that i shouldn't be worrying about him and come lay back down. so i lay down and i am at that point crying like a baby and he just turned over and wiped my face and kissed me and told me to not worry about him, he'll be fine and to do what i can to get comfortable and just worry about me and the boys. he told me he loved me and just held me for a while. apprently it was just what i needed to hear and i actually didn't get up to pee until like 4am last night. it was the first time in a long time i slept almost 5 hours straight without waking up.

i've been so exhausted....but at nights i just can't get to sleep. my body is so damn sore.
i can't imagine having to go til 37 weeks or more.
my boss's daughter in law was just put on scrict bedrest for preeclampsia at about 33 weeks, she is expecting just one. i am thankful for being healthy thus far.....but i am just soooo tired.
Yesterday we just spent the day in our PJ’s watching tv and just laying around the house. I took a three hour nap at some point in the day and then spent half the night flopping around the bed trying to get comfortable to sleep. Needless to say my sleep was restless and I was extremely uncomfortable and finally cried myself to sleep at some point. I know I got up to pee at least 6 times. I have no idea how Josh gets any sleep with me in the bed with him.
So…here we are…another Monday at work. Boo.

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The first picture is the only picture they could get of Taylor since he was heads down and facing my back….so that was the picture of his hand he had behind his head.
The second is of Callum’s profile..and it looks like he’s blowing bubbles!

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Both of these are of Callum. The first one looking right at his face. It’s so amazing to see and kind of alienesque at the same time! The second one was the tech trying to get me some 4D shots…but to be honest they were more creepy than anything.

Doctor Visit

Well, I had another ultrasound and doctor visit yesterday.
It all went real well. Callum is still transverse with his head up near my ribs and his feet down my right side. Taylor was heads down and facing my back so we didn't get to see his little face yesterday. He wasn't budging. He was flailing those arms though. No wonder why I feel like I'm being punched down low! I am!
It was so funny to see that they are both kind of on the right side so there was this jumble of all four of their feet in one area. I forgot to bring the ultrasound pics with me to work today so I can scan them. The tech tried to get some of the 4D shots for me, but because Taylor wasn't facing us we couldn't see him at all and Callum kept putting his hand up to his face and made the 4D look insane. We could see that Callum has little chubby cheeks though! It was so cute.
The tech says they're still boys! haha. I have to ask everytime just to be sure.
Their heartrates were good...I can't remember the exact numbers today.
They are both weighing in real close to each other this time. Taylor is weighing approx 3lbs 4oz and Callum is weighing 3lbs 3oz! They said that I am doing really well. I mentioned the extreme muscle soreness I've had in my butt and the feeling of being kicked in the crotch....she said that's all perfectly normal. Her analogy was trying to sit a bowling ball on top of a very small bowl.......that bowl is going to show some stress. My bowl is definitely straining!
I was at the doctors for nearly 2 and a half hours. The wait between the ultrasound and to see the doctor was excrutiating. I was going crazy sitting in that waiting room.
I've finally gained weight. From when I was in there last, three weeks ago I gained 6 pounds. total so far from pre-pregnancy weight to now I've gained a total of about 15 pounds. When the doc measure my tummy she said that I am measuring at 36 weeks. So this is what I would look like if I was pregnant with just one and at 36 weeks.
Amazing....I never realized I would be such a small pregnant lady. I figured I would be a house.
She said I just hide it real well.
I promise to bring in the pictures Monday to work to scan so I can upload them for you to see. They're really only pictures of Callum and one of Taylor's hand.
I have an appointment in two weeks for them to check my cervix and then two weeks after that for another ultrasound.
They are pretty certain that I will be keeping them in as long as possible.
We discussed my options of vaginal birth to C-Section. She told me about how sometimes if Baby A is headsdown and Baby B is still transverse that I can try to do a vaginal birth, but sometimes they have to end up doing a C-Section to get out Baby B anyway. If that's the case I would rather just go C-Section all the way. No need to have double the trauma to my body. But, we still have time to see how they decide to move and situate themselves in there.

30 weeks

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omg! wow, 70 days left!

so far today has been a nice relaxing day. josh slept in until about 7 or so and i got up at my usual 9. he wanted sausage gravy and biscuits but we didn't really feel like going out out for breakfast, so he made a run to DQ for his biscuits and made a stop at McD's for some flapjacks! They were delicious.
I just ate a huge baby spinach and romaine lettuce salad with egg and cheese and the best croutons ever.
I am contemplating getting into the freezer for the last klondike bar.
Josh is napping now and I am flipping through the channels and watching some Dr Phil.....there isn't much else on.

It's raining and thundering now for the past couple hours, Minnie has been hiding in her crate because thunder terrifies her.
Piggy of course is snuggled up with Daddy under the blankets and taking a nap with him.