wedding thoughts

so the other night Joshua asked me while we were laying in bed if i had put any thought into what i want to do for our wedding.
all of a sudden i realized that with all the baby stuff and being sick, i hadn't even started tho think about it.
it was so strange to say that out loud. no, i haven't really thought about it.
i guess i have never really been the girl to dream about her "perfect" wedding or anything like that.
i asked him what his thoughts were and if he had thought about it. we have a date set.....April 13th 2007. it's a Friday the 13th.
we have no idea what we're going to do exactly, where it will be, what it will all entail....but we know that it will be that day. I will be Mrs. Spriggs that day.
how weird!
he also had been thinking about options for rings....obviously we will have many other finances to worry about than having a huge wedding or buying expensive rings, we will have two little guys in our lives that will be more important than those things.
so, the options going on for our rings, or at least for Josh's selection of rings. he does welding for a living so he can't have gold (it can melt), titanium (can be welded), tungsten steel (hard to cut off). so with his line of work, we are sort of short of ideas of what would be safe for him to wear on a daily basis. he told me he had been thinking of getting something tattooed on his finger. not just a black band, because he doesn't want it to look like he's trying to cover up something....some sort of design, but we're not sure yet.
he asked if i would be hip to that, i said of course.....then he asked...or do you want a ridiculously huge diamond ring! haha. i said the diamond! no, just kidding. i told him that i always thought that i would want a huge diamond. but to be honest, that really isn't what it's all about. marrying him is all i need, i really could care less what is on my finger.
i started looking up pictures of diamonds tattooed on people....maybe i can get a diamond tattooed on my finger and a band tattooed, and i would wear the band he proposed with, or my great grandma's wedding ring to work, since i have to "fit in" in the corporate world i work in.......
so...i have rambled long enough.
all of that being said. i can't believe i haven't even given all this one thought before...and now all i can think is, in addition to baby stuff, where we're going to do it...whether it be just at the courthouse, in someone's we want a reception? do we want attendants? do we want something just us and private?
all this stuff to think about!
in the end, i will just be happy to know that the man of my dreams is by my side.